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“The American people do not want defeat. The American people do not want to cut-and-run. The American people want to kick the crap out of the enemy and get out of there.”

“How long is it going to be before we are told that embryonic stem cell research may hold the clues to solving global warming?”

“The liberals do not care that this resolution feeds the propaganda mill of the enemy. They don’t care that General Petraeus has said it will demoralize the troops. This is all about playing politics with the troops. And this is something that continually needs hammering.”

“The American people are sick and tired, I maintain, of Democrats talking about how victory is impossible. We’re the United States of America! The idea that we can’t win is just anathema and offensive to the majority of Americans.”

“Nobody will convince me otherwise of this: liberals in this country rejoice at military failure. Any time the military fails they can say, ‘See! That’s not the way to do this! Diplomacy!'”

“‘A conservative version of Islam’? Would somebody tell me what is conservative about a bunch of people that want to blow themselves up and claim victory?”

“Kevin Feederline? Or Federline? How do you pronounce this guy’s last name? I know it’s K-Fed, but is it Federline? Is that how he pronounces it? He’s the John Kerry of pop culture.”

“Ha, ha, ha! ‘What’s so funny about it, Mr. Limbaugh?’ What’s so funny about it is: just eat what you want and die when you’re going to. It’s going to happen to all of us. I mean, people have been eating bacon and eggs for breakfast their whole lives.”

“The best and loudest message you can send to any of these cut-and-run Republicans is to not send them any money. And when they send you solicitations for money, send it back with a picture of your rear end on it.”

“‘Having fun at a dream job’ was cited by 39% of workers as important, with 17% saying ‘making a difference in society’ was most important. Thank God it’s only 17%. Hitler made a difference.”


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