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“Something happens to Newt when he gets up there face-to-face with these libs. It’s almost like he gets star-struck.””The Democrats won’t have a dialogue with Fox reporters, they will not have a dialogue with the president, but they can’t wait to go meet with a murderous-thug, Islamofascist, state-sponsor-of-terrorism: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

“I, of course, don’t have a spouse, but you can do it for me. You can go home and say, ‘Honey, I just heard the most amazing thing on the Rush Limbaugh show today: shopping is killing the planet.'”

“Pelosi does appear to be buffoonish, but I’ll tell you this: what she is doing is devious and dangerous and it is typical of Democrats. They are undermining the foreign policy of the United States when they are not constitutionally empowered to conduct affairs.”

“Well, poor old Rudy Giuliani: they asked him what a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk costs, and he didn’t know. What’s so funny in there? ‘Just ask the wife’? That’s a real sexist comment, Brian.”

“Reporters need to come up with a new question, such as: ‘What do you think one of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits cost?’ It’s probably pretty cheap since she probably buys them by the gross. Don’t like that comment, Dawn? Ooh, I hit a nerve.”

“It’s a joke, except these people like Sheryl Crow and Laurie David are treated as though they’re Paul Revere. They’re riding across the country: ‘Global warming is coming — and it’s going to kill us!'”

“There’s a Drive-By Media scandal happening out there with Katie Couric’s ‘Notebook,’ and I guess it’s on the CBS website. I don’t think these things are part of the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, but I haven’t watched it since last September. Good point, neither has anybody else.”

“H.R. just said, ‘At least CBS is improving; they didn’t forge Katie Couric’s essay.’ Ha, ha!Good one! ‘At least they didn’t forge it.’ No, they just plagiarized it. They’re moving up in the world.”

“Cliche after cliche after cliche from Nancy Pelosi: ‘Let’s have dialogue.’ Any recent news stories, folks, where dialogue is solving the problem? Is there?”


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