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“Do you think Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty has noticed the problems in Senator McCain’s campaign?”

“I had the most unbelievable e-mail: ‘Rush, what does Lakoff rhyme with? I don’t get the joke.’ Needless to say, folks, I did not reply. If you don’t get it, go ask your mom. No, actually, don’t do that.”

“The biggest threat that we face right now, besides the ongoing threat of another attack, is the continuing collapse of any kind of manhood in the United States Senate.”

“Jack Murtha is like so many damn Democrats today — so eager to immediately believe the worst about the people you are supposed to love and support: the United States military.”

“What is this talk, Senator Kerry, that ‘terrorism was happening before Iraq’? Did you clear that with Cindy Sheehan? Did you clear that with Pelosi and Reid? You’re off the page here, Senator.”

“Jeff, you also are a slothful slob. You sit around in your cab all-day driving along, eating all that junk and so forth, taking drugs to stay awake at night. But great to have you in the audience.”

“So the Democrats are going to go to the ‘gay debate’ on the Logo network. I didn’t even know there was such a network. Is it on DirecTV? I’ll have to check the listings.”

“I am not going to have any bureaucrat or company tell me how little or much toilet paper I can use! This stuff is getting out of hand. I’m close to profanity here.”

“Now you liberals say that the president isn’t doing a good enough job of explaining what’s at stake? How about September 11th, 2001? How about Madrid? How about London? What more does anybody need here?”

“So John Boehner called the anti-surge Republican senators ‘wimps.’ Nothing wrong with that — we like facts on this program.”


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