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RUSH: As you people remember, one of the first items on the agenda for the Nancy Pelosi Democrat House was legislation to expand the use of human embryos for stem cell research. They passed that legislation on January 10th, a week ago today, 253 to 174. It has to go to the Senate and then to the president. It will be vetoed — well, hell, I can’t say it will be vetoed, but it’s got a tough road ahead. There’s one inarguable fact about embryonic stem cell research, and that is in order for scientists to manufacture the stem cells that they want for research, the embryo must be destroyed. Notwithstanding that, the new House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer claimed that the Democrats’ legislation did not seek to destroy life. “No, no, we’re not destroying life when we destroy those embryos.” What are they doing? Well, he insisted that the legislation preserved and protected life. He said, “We have a moral obligation to provide our scientific community with the tools it needs to save lives.”

So, see, this is how the Democrats define moral obligation. You snuff out the embryo, you slice it up, you smash it, you kill it, and you wipe it out. You don’t even bury it, you just wipe it out, and then you save lives in the process, even though no research indicates that that will happen yet. Six days after the Democrats passed their bill — and you heard about baby Noah? AP ran this headline: Embryo Saved After Katrina is Born. The long and short of the story was that in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, extraordinary measures were taken to rescue 1400 embryos frozen in canisters of liquid nitrogen at a New Orleans hospital which was flooded and was sweltering, and one of those rescued embryos was later implanted. And yesterday, in the early morning hours, a baby boy named Noah by his parents was born. Of course, everybody was all warm and fuzzy and touchy-feely and, “Ah, ah, isn’t it wonderful! They named him Noah, after the flood of Katrina, oh, oh, oh.” And it was. It’s a beautiful thing, don’t misunderstand, not making fun of anybody here. A lot of people congratulated the parents. A lot of people were moved deeply and emotional by this. But what had to happen? An embryo was not destroyed, folks. An embryo was implanted. Embryo became Noah.

I can only imagine that our newly elected friends in the Democrat Congress have to be unhappy here. Noah was a potential tool to cure diseases, and Noah was just stolen right out from under them. Steny Hoyer ought to be flipped out today. The minute Noah was born, when he found out that there were 1400 of these frozen embryos, “Look at the possible research tools there!” Instead, one of them was saved and implanted, we’ve got a human being named Noah, a little boy, and you’ve seen his picture on TV. What does he represent? The denial of a research tool to the Democrat Congress! If they were honest in what they actually say and believe, they would be outraged today that Noah exists.

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