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RUSH: The primaries have the Drive-By Media today just transfixed. They’re going to be going round the clock, coverage starting three hours before the polls close and they’re going to be going all night to provide coverage. It’s a stunning thing to look at because the Drive-Bys know that their party is in big trouble, and the White House is putting out the news that Obama is not gonna watch and Obama doesn’t care, which we know is not true. There’s also a story in The Politico today. Pelosi is actually excited over the potential loss of seats in the House because she thinks she’ll still retain control but get rid of a bunch of moderate Blue Dog Democrats that she doesn’t like having around anyway.

Now, we predicted that this story would run, we predicted that this is the way Pelosi would look at it. We tried to warn the Blue Dogs prior to the health care vote. ‘You know, you guys are going to vote for this thing and Pelosi is going to throw you overboard. She’s going to use your voting for it to campaign against you because she doesn’t like you being there, ’cause she doesn’t like anything but hard, leftist radicals in the House.’ So Politico dutifully reports now and oh, it’s all sweetness and light! She’s gonna be great. It’ll be fabulous. It’s going to be great for Obama. It’s going to be great for Pelosi. She’s gonna still be Speaker by a smaller margin but big deal. She’s going to be surrounded by pure radicals.

So that’s the spin, but here’s Pat Caddell with Neil Cavuto yesterday afternoon on the Fox News Channel. Pat Caddell had this to say about the primaries today.

CADDELL: The Democratic Party is purging the Democrats. A lot of it is just anger, and this is anti-establishment. It is, ‘We don’t like what you’re doing,’ and this is setting up November. This is all a preview of what’s coming. We have never had, in my experience of studying alienation — I started when I was 20 years old in polling, 19 in doing national politics, and I want to tell you: Never have I seen anger as great as it is. And it’s moving. We’re having a moving process. The country is out of the box, and it’s getting more so.

RUSH: Yeah, and he says it’s anti-establishment. To the extent that the Democrats are the establishment, this is true, but what it is is anti-socialist. It is anti-big government and he is right, and the Democrats are not listening to him. His partner in crime here, Doug Schoen, a Democrat pollster from out of the Clinton years has been sounding the alarm bells for I don’t know how long. The Democrats are not listening. Well, they may be listening but they’re not heeding any of the advice. Obama is going to Ohio today but getting nowhere near Pennsylvania. He doesn’t want to get anywhere near Arlen Specter and the Sestak race. He can’t win no matter what happens there. Regardless what happens, Obama does not win, and that’s why he’s staying out of that race.

The only Democrat elections that have been won since Obama took office are elections where he has shown up to campaign and that’s the only thing that augurs well for Specter if you can say that anything augurs well. Now, the voter anger they say is against tax-and-spend politicians. There’s no question that it is. So what part of the tea party do they not understand? They do understand it perfectly and will flawlessly, and that’s why the tea party has them scared — and, by the way, folks, I know a lot of you people engage in drinking games on election night. Take a shot, take a slug, take a swig every time a certain word is mentioned. Let me tell you something: Do not play a drinking game today or tonight if you have to take a drink every time the media say, ‘These primaries are not a referendum on Obama.’

‘Cause you are going to get smashed and you may die of alcohol poisoning. We may have to run you to the hospital tonight. Do not get into that. Play the drinking game all you want but do not sign up to take a swig, unless you want to kill yourself, every time the media says ‘not a referendum on Obama. Obama doesn’t care. Obama’s playing basketball, playing golf. He’s not watching tonight.’

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