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RUSH: You know, speaking of this ‘coarsening of the culture’ business, one of the things that caused me to reach the boiling point — and it takes me a while to reach the boiling point, I should tell you, because it happens all the time and to me (sigh). Well, when you get in this arena, those are the kinds of things that are going to happen. This is the big leagues. It’s hardball out there, and I’m not going to spend every day whining or moaning or complaining about this stuff, but there are just certain things that cause you to reach a tipping point or a boiling point, end up harboring some of these things for a long time. One of the things that led me to (sigh) my outrage in the previous half-hour was this thing of Barack Obama yesterday, The Politico blog’s Ben Smith talking about Obama’s comments about Virginia Tech and Imus and there’s a common link and it is the incivility and talk radio, ‘verbal violence’ on talk radio. Verbal violence on talk radio! He was praised for his larger-than-life view, comparing verbal violence on conservative talk radio with what happened at Virginia Tech. The only connection that what happened at Virginia Tech has to anybody on the radio (that would be Don Imus) is N-B-C, ladies and gentlemen!

NBC is the network that is coarsening the culture at this point with this story, but after commenting on Obama yesterday — and I said, ‘We’re going to have to hold his feet to the fire on this because this is outrageous what he said,’ a guy named Jon Sanders, a policy analyst and research editor at the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh, N.C., has a little piece here. ‘Obama, the Humanity! — Hours after the Virginia Tech massacre, Barack Obama spoke at a campaign stop in Milwaukee. Obama could have shown compassion unalloyed with politics, what one hopes to find in a leader when disaster strikes. But he didn’t. In the grand tradition of leftist orators, Obama repackaged the awful news of the day to ‘reflect’ on his own political themes. ‘I hope,’ the candidate said about the massacre, ‘that it causes us to reflect a little more broadly on the degree to which we do accept violence in various forms all the time in our society: we glorify it, we encourage it, we ignore it, and it’s heartbreaking,” and he mentioned ‘verbal violence’ and he cited Imus. ‘In other words, some deranged madman just perpetrated the greatest shooting massacre in the nation’s history, and Obama wants us to ‘reflect’ on whatever ‘violence in various forms’ that he can say we’re responsible for,’ and that was my point yesterday.

He just indicted his whole country for this episode at Virginia Tech with that statement. We’re all contributing to it, he said. We’re all perpetuating this culture of violence. ‘While people were crying on each other’s shoulders in Blacksburg, tensely waiting by hospital beds and telephones, or gathering in candlelight vigils across the nation, [Obama] was in Milwaukee trying to put the national nose in a corner to think about what we’ve done… Because some deranged lunatic just shot up a college campus in a way never before witnessed in America, candidate Obama thinks we need to use the occasion to reflect on Imus and pensions and the minimum wage and’ other verbal violence. This is the American left! They see this violence out there, and, of course, in their perverted worldview, the country’s responsible for it. Because America, ladies and gentlemen, is subpar! America is flawed, and so when a single deranged madman conducts something like this, these visionary, farsighted, smarter-than-the-rest-of-us liberals, blame all of us — not himself, because he’s smarter than the rest of us.

No, no, no, no! Blame the country. Then, of course, you have these sponge-brained liberal media types who hear this and go, ‘Oh… Oh! Oooh!’ and they have an Obamagasm, and they squeal in joy at how brilliant and farsighted his stupidity is, his insulting stupidity! You think that doesn’t coarsen the culture, with the American left every day trying to tell all of us how rotten our country is, how rotten all of WE are because, after all, what is our country if it’s not us? Our country is immoral; it’s destroying the world with its prosperity, and global warming is the result, and we’re destroying poor peoples of color in Iraq and in the war on terror — and we’re ‘creating enemies’ with our actions in the Middle East, when everybody with half a brain understands that we were attacked on 9/11, and for 25 years prior, without doing diddly-squat about it — and we weren’t attacked for anything that we’ve done to these people. We’re attacked because this is an ideological battle. Militant Islamofascism, is an ideology, and they’re very blunt and open, they tell us what their plans are. Wipe us out! Some people have trouble accepting it because they don’t think it’s possible.

‘Ah, come on! These guys? They’re going to wipe us out?’

Well, in the UK, you can no longer can teach the Holocaust because Muslim students are offended because they don’t think it happened. In the UK, in schools, kids are being told, ‘Don’t stare at the Muslims! It might set ’em off. It’s not polite.’ There are a number of different ways things can go bad. One of the most dangerous, because it’s so slow and seductive, is passivity and it is all over this country, sponsored and bought and paid for by the American left.


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