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RUSH: You gotta hear this. This is The Messiah, Barack Obama, this morning in Youngstown, Ohio, at a campaign event making fun of the concept ‘Drill here. Drill now.’

OBAMA: Instead of offering a real plan to lower gas prices, the only energy — uh, energy plan that he’s really promoting is more drilling. That’s what he talked about yesterday. ‘I want to drill here, I want to drill now.’ I don’t know where he was standing. (laughter) I mean, I think he was in a building somewhere.

RUSH: Keep talking, Barack. Keep making oil the enemy. Keep making energy the demon. Keep demonizing this. Keep making fun of it. You don’t have the slightest clue how ticked off people are about the gas price, and they are not confident this plunge in oil prices is going to translate to much at the pump because they’re not confident it’s going to stay down. Everybody’s predicting 150 bucks a gallon again before the end of the year. I don’t frankly think it’s going to do that, but this is what the experts say. But go ahead, go ahead, Obama, make fun of it, go ahead and make fun of the effort that some think is necessary to increase our supply of oil. If new drilling is bad, Obama, isn’t all drilling bad, shouldn’t we just shut down all drilling? If drilling is bad, drilling is bad. No qualifications. We’re drilling now. We’re drilling in a lot of places. We’ve got even more oil we could get by drilling. But we can’t do that. Why? What is the problem with this? I ask that rhetorically because I know exactly what Obama is afraid of. He is afraid of independent market prosperity. He’s afraid of lower gas prices. He’s afraid of things that will come along to expand people’s liberty. He wants the government in charge of all this. The Democrat Party for the next three or four months want you suffering. They want you angry. They want you in pain. They want you laid off with unemployment benefits. They want you on food stamps. They want you suffering and they want you blaming George Bush for it. And they want you blaming McCain for it because he’s in the same party. So go ahead, Senator, go ahead and make fun of it. But at some point somebody is gonna ask you, if drilling is bad, then why drill anywhere?

One other thing. The New York Times and everybody in the Drive-Bys are trying to explain why the oil price is going down. We discussed this yesterday, ladies and gentlemen. All of a sudden now we’re back to the villain being Big Oil because the speculators apparently are losing money. They’re not, but that’s what it looks like because the price is going down. So the spectators off the hook now. The oil price is going down, big profits renounced by ExxonMobil, so it must be they are back to being the demons. So listen to this passage from the New York Times. All these wizards of smart try to figure out why the barrel price of oil is plunging. ‘While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause for daily market moves, some analysts pointed to weather forecasts predicting that the tropical storm hitting the coast of Texas would bypass major drilling platforms and refineries. That would mean no serious disruptions to domestic oil supplies, which some had initially feared.’ Now, how many of you, upon hearing that explanation from the New York Times, say, yeah, okay, it makes sense. The Speculators are worried the storm’s going to knock out some rigs, now it’s not going to knock out any rigs so there’s no panic.

Let’s make sure we understand the New York Times and the libs correctly. This was nothing more than speculation, where the storm would go, ’cause nobody knew. I mean, we had an educated guess, but it could have veered off; we didn’t know. They had speculation about a disruption in drilling and that was keeping the price artificially high, but speculation about or maybe the reality of drilling is a gimmick that would make no difference? How in the world can the oil price be explained this way if a storm is approaching rigs and all of a sudden it’s not going to hit the rigs and therefore drilling is not going to be interrupted, i.e., if drilling is a good thing, that will keep the price down, then why in the hell does Obama and the Democrats get all kinds of credit for trying to save the planet by stopping drilling? Because the oil price, on speculation, speculation that the rigs would survive Edouardo, went down, meaning drilling would continue. Drilling is good. Drilling would keep the price low. And there’s Obama making fun of drilling. In a sane political environment, Barack Hussein Obama would be a laughingstock, along with much of his party.

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