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North Carolina has moved to bring the 34 jobs answering calls for the state’s food stamp program back from India, “possibly diffusing an issue that has drawn criticism from Republicans.” But Rush, why don’t they give the welfare recipients the operator jobs? Well, you can’t make people on welfare work because liberals don’t want them off welfare. I’m sorry to laugh about this, but it’s funny to me.
At one point, only 28 cents of every dollar spent on welfare reached the recipient. The other 72 cents went to the administration. So this outsourcing might’ve saved Arizona taxpayers and welfare recipients money. I don’t think welfare still costs that much to administer since the GOP Congress passed and Bill Clinton signed welfare reform. That bill has been an overwhelming success and one of the biggest nails in the coffin of the left ever. The alternative explanation is that the welfare system is so complicated they can’t find any natives to explain it to recipients.

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