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RUSH: Bill Richardson. By the way, grab audio sound bite number 39. Bill Richardson has spoken. Bill Richardson this afternoon in Santa Fe, New Mexico, unidentified female reporter — (interrupts self) This is why it’s very tough to be an engineer on this program. Just during the show intro theme I said we’re going to start on number 14. Now all of a sudden because this show is total improv and comes off the top of my head, we’re going to do 39. Wait a minute. And we have 40 and 41, just came in. So here’s Richardson, unidentified female reporterette: ‘Governor, it’s been reported the transition team pressured you to withdraw your name. Who’s idea was it to do that?’

RICHARDSON: It was my idea to withdraw. I withdrew because I felt I didn’t want a possible inquiry going on to delay the enormous progress we need to rebuild this economy.

RUSH: Oh, please.

RICHARDSON: Let me just say something else.

RUSH: Please.

RICHARDSON: You know, yesterday I was hurting over this decision.

RUSH: Yeah?

RICHARDSON: I lost a cabinet appointment. But I think we have to focus on what people are losing in this country. The American people are —

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

RICHARDSON: — losing jobs, losing —

RUSH: That’s right.

RICHARDSON: — their savings.

RUSH: That’s right.

RICHARDSON: They’re losing their homes. That’s the real tragedy. You know, mine is minor compared to that.

RUSH: Did he say they’re losing their ‘hopes’? Damn, I was hoping it was ‘hopes.’ Sounded like ‘hopes’ to me. How can you lose ‘hope’ when Obama is the president-select? By the way, Snerdley brought me a gift back from the Philippines. It’s a tiny little pack of ten cigarettes in there, and the name of the brand is Hope, Hope cigarettes. He looked for Change cigarettes, couldn’t find any Change cigarettes in the Philippines. Hope smokes, Hope smokes from Manila. Look, we reported on this show back in December on this problem that Governor Richardson had, the company has to do with the sale of bonds to improve circumstances in cities and states. We reported on this back in December. We’ve known about this, everybody is acting like nobody knew anything about this. We knew about it, and this company that did business with Richardson has done business with governors of other states, too. Now, where is Obama’s vetting process here? How come Richardson didn’t tell them about this?

This guy, Bill Richardson, who I happen to like, ran for president, for crying out loud. Where was the Drive-By Media holding truth to power? Well, of course it’s not there. I really think here, folks, that what’s happened here is this is getting serious, and Richardson’s got some work to do here. Commerce Department, 80% of your work there is over NOAA, the weather forecast people. Don’t forget, 80% of the Commerce Department’s work is weather forecasting detail and all that. It is. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA.


RUSH: Bill Richardson. There’s more to this than meets the eye, and I want to remind that you we told you first about this scandal back in December. The Prowler at the American Spectator has some incredible information. ‘The Obama transition team was aware of … Bill Richardson’s relationship with the firm currently being investigated, CDR Financial Products, because Richardson had introduced the firm’s founder, David Rubin, to Obama fundraisers during the Democrat convention in Denver last August. Richardson withdrew his name from nomination for Commerce Secretary due to a grand jury investigation into possible financial dealings between his New Mexico administration and Rubin’s firm, CDR Financial. But it isn’t just Obama and Richardson that Rubin has ties to.

‘According to federal law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation, federal officials are also looking into CDR’s political and financial ties to [‘Fast Eddie’ Rendell of Pennsylvania], as well as to Democrat state and local officials in Illinois, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania.’ By the way, this outfit also was involved in — I remember the original December story. This outfit was involved in some chicanery in Alabama, I think, as well. Now, Fast Eddie ‘Rendell placed Rubin on a political patronage commission in Pennsylvania, and Rubin was also given a seat on a Los Angeles City commission back in 2002… Rubin has also been a financial supporter of Rev. Al Sharpton.’ Now, Rubin is David Rubin, who is head of the CDR Financial Products company, which is at the center of the grand jury investigation of Bill Richardson.

‘CDR also had close business ties to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, marketing and selling financial instruments created through low-income housing ‘lease to own’ programs across the country.’ Folks, this is one giant cesspool, and it’s not just in Chicago. It is throughout the Democrat Party. The corruption is incredible. However, it is a mistake to bring this up. It will persuade nobody. The truth does not matter right now. This is an unfortunate distraction, and I am simply a small-minded partisan seeking to upset the most historically important presidential inauguration and administration in our nation’s history. None of this (ripping up paper), none of this is relevant, especially now that Richardson has taken himself out. He’s no longer up for Commerce Secretary.

This doesn’t matter. It never happened, it never existed. Obama is too big to fail. ‘[A]fter a number of embarrassing investigations into alleged IRS investigations into back-door deals related to municipal bond financing in Atlanta and other localities in the late 1990s, the firm’s name was changed …’ This bunch has been manipulating the muni bond market doing a bunch of things raising money for these governors in some of these states, cities; you know, mayors and to, and it’s Democrat all the way down to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But, truth right now doesn’t matter, especially if it gets in the way.

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