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RUSH: Yeah, it was at a campaign rally in Philadelphia. They threw a book at Obama, and Obama got streaked. The guy was paid a million dollars to do a Sanford and Son in front of Obama, guy streaked him. Obama didn’t notice either the book or the streaker ’cause he couldn’t take his eyes off the teleprompter. Now, when they threw the shoe at Bush when he was in Iraq, Bush had the athletic reflexes necessary to duck and get out of the way. We still don’t know what the book thrown at Obama was. It would be juicy if it was his own, like Audacity of Hope, smack.


RUSH: More on this book business. Again, Obama’s in Philadelphia. They fired a book at him. Good Morning America, Juju Chang is the correspondent reporting on this.

CHANG: There was in unscripted moment in Philadelphia Sunday. Someone threw a book at the president, but missed him. It’s unclear who tossed it.

RUSH: Unscripted moment is how this is referred to. Unscripted moment? Versus the other ones which are scripted? Unscripted? Everything else is scripted, including the book, nobody knows who threw it. Obama never saw it. As I said, his eyes were on the teleprompter. Now, let’s do a flashback. Remember when this Iraqi nutcase threw his shoe at Bush over there in Baghdad?

RADDATZ: A huge insult in this world. The sole of a shoe, throwing of a shoe.

WARE: Throwing a shoe is the greatest insult, equivalent to a westerner raising the middle finger. This really does show anger.

YANG: It is a severe insult to have shoes thrown at you. It’s a gesture of severe contempt.

CUOMO: This was not meant as a gag. Shoe-throwing is considered a deep insult.

LAUER: In the Muslim world, you throw your shoe at someone it is the worst kind of insult.

RUSH: It’s all the news there was when this happened. And the media was upset that the shoe missed Bush. Here we got a book thrown at the president in Philadelphia, not in Baghdad, and it gets passing mention as an ‘unscripted moment’ in Philadelphia. And it’s unclear who tossed it. I guarantee you, if it had been Bush up there and somebody had thrown a book at him, the media would have found whoever threw it, he’d be a guest and a hero on all the morning shows.

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