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RUSH: Here’s Bill in Texas. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello.

RUSH: Hello!

CALLER: Good morning. I just… I’m so glad I got a chance to get through with your speaker there. I mean, with your connection guy there. He — he has a serious problem, but I just wanted to ask you this morning since I have you on the line: ‘How many black people do you know?’

RUSH: How many white people do you know?

CALLER: There’s no such thing as white people!

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: There are Caucasians, but there’s no such thing as ‘white’ people.

RUSH: All right, then, how many Caucasians?

CALLER: Cars can be ‘white,’ things can be ‘white,’ but humans can’t be white.

RUSH: Okay, fine.

CALLER: Now that we’ve educated you on that —

RUSH: (laughing) Yeah!

CALLER: — let’s move on to the black part.

RUSH: Yeah, okay. (laughing)

CALLER: How many ‘dark-skin-ded’ people do you know personally?

RUSH: How many black-skinned people do I —


RUSH: Dark-skinned.

CALLER: Yeah! All black people ain’t black.

RUSH: It’s a hearing problem out there, Bill. Just bear with me.

CALLER: Oh, I forgot that you had that problem. I’m sorry.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: You got electronic response. I forgot. Let me ask you this.

RUSH: (laughing) Would you —

CALLER: The reason why I’m doing this, Rush, is the simple fact that you keep stipulating that all — what do you call us, Democrats?

RUSH: Yeah, Democrats.

CALLER: All Democrats are stupid. Okay. Aren’t there some Democrats over there fighting in that war, some young men that are Democrats?

RUSH: Uh, I never said ‘all Democrats are stupid.’

CALLER: You don’t stop at the point saying that Democrats are stupid. Doesn’t that mean all? You don’t say, ‘I know some that are.’ You say, Democrats —

RUSH: Qualify this constantly. That’s why I separate ‘liberals’ from ‘Democrats.’ Bill, what did you call about here? I’ve now learned there aren’t any ‘white people.’

CALLER: Yeah, and I’m quite sure you should understand being as educated as you are.

RUSH: Yeah. Um… Okay. So does that mean white is not allowed in polite discourse now when describing race?

CALLER: Well, you shouldn’t if you’re smart enough to understand that there’s no such thing as a white human. You can have ‘light-skin-ded’ people, but I don’t think their skin is going to be white, unless they’re — okay, let’s say —

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: — humans have another kind of white skin — white, other than white.

RUSH: I’m starting to understand why the call screener, Mr. Snerdley, was having difficulty with you.

CALLER: I’ll bet you you were, because he’s programmed by you!

RUSH: I don’t know why you called yet.

CALLER: I told you why I called. I asked you how many black people or ‘dark-skin-ded’ people —

RUSH: You know, many people have tried to trick me —

CALLER: It ain’t no trick. I’m asking you a question.

RUSH: It’s a total trick. It’s no different than… You’re trying to get me to say, ‘I have lots of black friends.’ I’m not going to say that.

CALLER: No, I don’t want you to do that. I want you to —

RUSH: I’m not going there, Bill.

CALLER: — tell that truth thing that you always do.

RUSH: Bill, let me tell you something, pal. Do you want to hear it straight from my mouth, what I think about race in this country, or do you not?

CALLER: Go ahead. Let me hear your speech on race.

RUSH: You know something? I love this country, and I want everybody in it to be educated so they have the opportunity to access life in America, because it’s better here than it’s ever been anywhere else, and there are people — liberal Democrats, and a lot of people with so-called compassion who I firmly believe, with government programs and policies, and other ill intent — who have destroyed elements of the black family that prevent many blacks in this country from achieving the American dream and happiness, and it breaks my heart. I have been reading about the plight of urban education this morning, and it is a crime what’s being done to young black kids in school. Not requiring them to learn, not even requiring them to show up, it’s a disservice to them, and it’s embarrassing to me that my country has people in it that are completely comfortable with keeping a certain percentage of our population poor, ignorant, and dependent, for their own political gain. It infuriates me. It breaks my heart at the same time.

CALLER: Then why don’t you spend time talking about those things, Rush, and those people? Why don’t you name them like you do Hillary? Why y’all hating on a woman?

RUSH: Name what people?

CALLER: I’m going to ask you: Why do you hate Hillary so much?

RUSH: Why do I hate…?

CALLER: What did she do to you personally?

RUSH: You’re not listening to what I’m saying. In the first place, you ask, ‘Why don’t you talk about that more often?’ I just said it to you, and I have said it often on this program, and now after I’ve said that, instead of engaging me in that, you jump off to asking, ‘Why do I hate Hillary?’ I don’t hate anybody, Bill. I oppose Mrs. Clinton because of her policies. I have a little fear about what might happen to the country if she and her husband get back in for another eight years of the Clinton soap opera. I don’t ‘hate’ anybody, Bill.

CALLER: Didn’t nothing happen to the people while we were under there the first time, but under George Bush’s watch we’ve lost several young men.

RUSH: Uhhhhhhh, what are we talking about now?

CALLER: Well, talking about what you wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about race in this country, but —

RUSH: No, no.. What…? I don’t… What…?

CALLER: — you didn’t want to talk about that. You said it to me.

RUSH: Who did we not lose during the Clinton years that we have lost with Bush?

CALLER: Do we have men in the world losing lives every day when Bush is in office — I mean, when Clinton was in office?

RUSH: (sigh) Oh, we were. Bill, you don’t really want to go there. We had 800,000 Rwandans slaughtered in the genocide while Bill Clinton was in office and all he did was apologize for it. Rwandans are black, by the way.

CALLER: I know who they are!

RUSH: Yeah, okay.

CALLER: But they’re not considered Americans.

RUSH: We had troops in Kosovo, they were NATO troops, and some of them lost their lives. Hell yes. Bill, you have a pent-up rage, at something, and you’re aiming it at me today.

CALLER: No, I’m not raging. I want to ask you questions —

RUSH: You’re being contentious.

CALLER: — because you have a rage against black people, which is the reason why you’re fighting Democrats so hard. You know who the majority of Democrats are.

RUSH: What? I know the majority are what? What do you mean by that?

CALLER: You know who the majority of Democrats are. That’s why you’re going at it as ‘Democrats.’

RUSH: Who? I do not know. Who are the majority of Democrats?

CALLER: Yes, you do. You’re smart. Remember, you know everything.

RUSH: You tell me. You tell me, Bill, because I don’t think of Democrats as anything other than people with certain ideological beliefs.

CALLER: Suuuure, ’cause they’re black.

RUSH: The majority of Democrats are not black!

CALLER: You said they were.

RUSH: I did not! I did not!

CALLER: You said there was hardly any was Republican.

RUSH: It’s silly and stupid. There aren’t enough black people in the country to be a majority of the Democrat Party.

CALLER: There are not enough of them to being the majority?


CALLER: How would you know that?

RUSH: The majority of blacks ‘vote’ Democrat in presidential elections.

CALLER: And how would you know that?

RUSH: (laughing) Bill, call Media Matters for America, and just tell ’em I made it up.


RUSH: I’ve been thinking about Bill here during the break. He might have been on to something. (laughing) If Bill Clinton is the ‘first black president,’ then there really can’t be any ‘white people,’ folks. I mean, if a guy is white as Clinton! If you want pasty white, if there’s no such thing as a ‘white human being,’ and Bill Clinton is one, and if he was the first black president, then there aren’t any whites! So, Bill, your problem is solved. If Barack Obama is ‘not black enough,’ as so many liberals have said, I guess there really isn’t any black or white. Bill got off his talking points there. He lost his place at some point in the conversation, but, anyway, Bill, I wanted to commend you. You may have made more sense than I originally thought. Ha-ha-ha.

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