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RUSH: Last Wednesday, CNN, The Situation Room, Suzanne Malveaux was talking to James Carville. ClimateGate. ‘Obviously it’s a political issue. This is up to Congress. What can President Obama do on this issue?’

CARVILLE: Well, uh-uh-uh-unfortunately I hope I’m wrong, but not very much. And I hope that talk radio and the ‘Pollution Lobby’ are right that global warming is not a problem and 940 peer-reviewed, scientific articles are wrong. That’s about all we can hope for, because right now I have to tell you that the Pollution Lobby, uh, and talk radio is winning this battle, and — and — and the will in the United States to do some of this is not what I think it should be but that’s the reality of the political situation as — as I see it right now. The Pollution Lobby is winning! They’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars, and they’re winning!

RUSH: The Pollution Lobby! The Pollution Lobby! James, join us in reality once in a while. The whole thing’s a fraud and a hoax, and even you have to know it now.

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