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RUSH: Colleen in Bergen County, New Jersey. I’m glad you called. It’s great to have you with us.

CALLER: Okay, longtime listener, second-time caller, Rush. I’m very nervous.

RUSH: Well, don’t be.

CALLER: You’re the best. You are; you’re the best. I just want to talk about the program Planet in Peril that I watched on CNN last night. I don’t know if you watched it.

RUSH: Nope. I know what it’s going to be; I know what it’s going to say; I know how they’re going to lie; I know how they’re going to get things wrong. I know what Anderson Cooper did the other night claiming 40% of Greenland is melting, when it’s not. So no, it’s a propaganda series. It’s no different than a Michael Moore movie.

CALLER: Exactly. No, I agree. But what I came away with was that this has nothing to do with the planet melting. It has to do with the extinction of wildlife.

RUSH: No, no. It’s a series. And last week, in promoting the series, Anderson Cooper said that 40% of Greenland is melting, and it’s not. Forty percent of the Greenland ice shelf is melting, is how they promoted this thing. We just had a story here about how if the world warms up too much, that 95% of all species will go extinct.

CALLER: No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s man who is killing the animals. That has nothing to do with — it’s got nothing to do — I’m not saying this program —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You’re telling me, what you watched, Planet in Peril, has nothing to do with global warming. It has to do with how man is wiping out wildlife?

CALLER: Yes, that’s exactly right.

RUSH: Oh, well, this is a new one. What wildlife is being wiped out?

CALLER: Well, they said that there are only 5,000 tigers left in the whole entire world —

RUSH: That’s in the zoos.

CALLER: In the wild.

RUSH: Well, then there’s that many in zoos, too, we got it handled.

CALLER: No, but they were saying how it’s, you know, what is that again, when the animal feeds and the animal kills, and what the animal feeds off, and even the insects that feed off of the animal that the animal killed, and the plants that grow, if one animal is missing from the planet, what happens. And I do believe that.

RUSH: You asked what’s that called when the animals eat each other and the insects then take over the carcass?

CALLER: Pain of life or whatever.

RUSH: Well, it’s two things. If you’re watching CNN, it’s called destruction of the habitat. If you don’t watch CNN, if you have a brain, it’s called the food chain.

CALLER: The food chain.

RUSH: It’s been around ever since there have been things to eat.

CALLER: Yeah, so do you believe if you take away animals from there, meaning if man goes in and starts killing off — like they showed in Yellowstone Park when they put back the wolf because they had taken the wolf away from Yellowstone Park and they put the wolf back in, and all of the plantation that flourished because the food chain of the wolf coming in and eating the elk —

RUSH: Now, this is something I know something about, and it’s a shame. If you’re telling us what CNN did — the mistake in the first place was the hubris of a bunch of forest managers taking the wolf outta there.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Talk about natural habitat. We move the wolf because the wolf was eating other animals that visitors to the park wanted to see and so we were worried that the wolves were going to wipe out the bison or buffalo, whatever it was, I don’t remember — so we took ’em outta there. Then the animals that the wolves were eating started thriving and trampling everything, so they had to bring the wolf back in. They admitted the mistake. Now they’re compounding it. The wolves are in there doing what wolves do. They’re eating vegetation; they’re trampling all over it. It’s nature. It’s nature, Colleen, and when we start trying to manage this stuff for reasons other than our own survival and thriving over the obstacles that the environment presents us, we’re not capable of this. This kind of management is ludicrous, and the fact they took the wolves out of there and now have to bring ’em back in and are now upset they brought ’em back in, it ought to be so illustrative as to illustrate the folly of all this.

CALLER: You’re the best, Rush. You really are.

RUSH: We are not wiping — look, have you heard that the polar bear population is dwindling?


RUSH: It’s not.

CALLER: No, I believe — no, it’s not.

RUSH: The polar bear population is growing to the point it’s becoming a problem in certain places. It’s moving, too, because of the so-called warming. The polar bears, they’re not idiots, they’re not just going to sit there —

CALLER: Exactly, right.

RUSH: — and let their habitat go away. They’re moving to where they can thrive. This is what every species does.

CALLER: Yes. Rush, you’re the best. You really are, because I was afraid when I was going to say that you were going to think I was liberal because the last phone call I made with you I think you thought I was liberal in my thinking, but it was about —

RUSH: No, that’s not what I think. I remember you, Colleen. I’m glad you called me here for some counseling.

CALLER: I’m an animal lover.

RUSH: I know you’re an animal lover, and that’s the hook. They do this show. Man is evil. First we’re destroying the planet with global warming. Now we’re wiping out tigers. We’re wiping out the polar bears. And if you have grandkids who saw this or kids that saw it, and they come in, ‘Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, we’re wiping out the polar bears.’ You don’t want the kids to be unhappy, so you have to do something about saving the polar bears. It’s a hook. It’s the way the liberals get to your heart, because we all love animals. We think they’re the cutest little things, and we don’t want to harm them, other than when we need them to eat to stay alive, which, you know, we’re all for that.

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