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RUSH: The media is twisting itself into pretzels — pretzels! — doing everything they can to deny the obvious reality of Fort Hood. Last night, CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, Special Investigations Correspondent Drew Griffin reported this about the Fort Hood gunman Nidal Malik Hasan.

GRIFFIN: Hasan made NO attempt to hide his religion or his conservative Muslim ideology, which is exactly why some experts are convinced Nidal Hasan is NOT a terrorist.

RUSH: Outrageous on two counts! There is nothing ‘conservative’ about Islamofascism. These people in the media continue to refer to anything they think is evil as ‘conservative.’ Secondly, I know and I have read a lot of terrorists who are pretty open about what they intend to do. They’re out there. I mean, Zawahiri, Bin Laden, any number of them are doing everything they can to let it be known what they believe and what they intend to do and what it is that motivated them. What does this guy mean? He ‘made no attempt to hide his religion or conservative Muslim ideology, and that’s why some experts…’ Who are these experts? Name the names! We need to know who these people are so we don’t listen to them anymore. Now, do you remember it wasn’t long ago that the State-Controlled Media very, very, very concerned, ladies and gentlemen, (gasp!) very concerned that the forces of talk radio and the right-wing news bloggers were ginning up potential violence against President Obama and others in society — and, oh, what had happened to our civility. Well, Anderson Cooper 360 broadcasts an American Muslim threat against President Obama. Revolution Muslim Brother Yousef Al-Khattab said this about Osama Bin Laden and President Obama, and they broadcast it on CNN last night.

AL-KHATTAB: I love Osama Bin Laden, I wallahi (swear to Allah). I love him! I love him like more than — more than I love myself. Is [President] Obama a murderer, a tyrant, a scumbag? Absolutely he is. If they killed him, would I shed a tear? Absolutely I would not.

RUSH: There you go, now CNN putting it all out there, folks, while worrying and wringing its hands throughout the summer about the ‘teabaggers.’ Even President Clinton has gotten into that vulgarity game now, calling tea party attendees teabaggers. We’ll get to all that in mere moments. Special investigations correspondent Drew Griffin had this exchange with revolution Muslim Brother Yunis Abdullah Mohammed on CNN again last night.

MOHAMMED: We’re commanded to terrorize the disbelievers.

GRIFFIN: Commanded to terrorize the disbelievers?

MOHAMMED: The Koran says very clearly in the Arabic language: ‘Terrorize them.’ It’s a command from Allah!

GRIFFIN: So you’re commanded —

MOHAMMED: To terrorize them.

GRIFFIN: — to terrorize —

MOHAMMED: Doesn’t mean…

GRIFFIN: — anybody who doesn’t believe?

MOHAMMED: You define terrorism as going and killing an innocent civilian. That’s what your —

GRIFFIN: And you?

MOHAMMED: I define terrorism as making them fearful so that they think twice before they go rape your mother or kill your brother or go onto your land and try to steal your resources.

RUSH: This guy, Drew Griffin, just has this conversation with this guy. Now, go back and play sound bite eight. He just heard this guy say what he believes terrorism is and what his commandment from Allah is. This is after he reported this…

GRIFFIN: Hasan made NO attempt to hide his religion or his conservative Muslim ideology, which is exactly why some experts are convinced Nidal Hasan is NOT a terrorist.

RUSH: Well, let me tell you something: I’m an expert in media and I am entirely convinced as to why CNN has no audience. Zip, zero, nada.


RUSH: Kelsey in Hurricane, Utah. Hello.

CALLER: Hello Rush how are you today?

RUSH: Fine and dandy. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, it’s great to talk to you. Real quick, I wanted to get back to the CNN reporter —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — and how he was describing Nidal Hasan’s religion. Now, am I remembering correctly, did he use the word ‘conservative’?

RUSH: Yeah, ‘conservative Muslim.’

CALLER: Well, you know, normally if you would want to describe his actions, wouldn’t you kind of use a different word? Wouldn’t you say ‘radical’ or ‘nut job’ or ‘traitor’ or ‘extremist’?

RUSH: Yeah, but it… See, we are the ‘extremists.’ Obama is calling us the extremists. This guy is a mainstream Islamofascist. But, no, your point is well taken. Look, the media calls Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the mullahs ‘the conservative leadership in Iran.’

CALLER: Yeah. Well, you know, I feel like it’s big marketing, you know? We are labeling, we are marketing. We are using rhetoric and trying to convince people that the duck that’s walking like a duck and quacking like a duck is not a duck.

RUSH: Well, I know. But see what you have to understand is we’re the enemy. We’re the ones that need protection against backlashes. Not Muslims. Muslim backlash in this country? There’s hardly any hate crimes against Muslims compared to other religions.

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