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RUSH: East Hartford, Connecticut. This is Clifford. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Thanks for taking the call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Uh, I just wanted to, uh, express an opinion from listening to you for a while, uh, and with particular, uh, reference to your launching of, um, the Reverse Operation Chaos and your support for what the Republicans do in the Senate. I think that, huh —

RUSH: What? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute. Hold a minute. Hold a minute. Hold it —

CALLER: — tyranny of the minority.

RUSH: Folks, I’m sorry. We have an antiquated phone system here. What support for Republicans doing in the Senate? I want to understand what you’re talking about. That escapes me.

CALLER: I think that that Republicans for the most part are misusing filibuster. It is supposed to be something minority rights are — are able to be part of the process.

RUSH: What are we talking about here?

CALLER: We’re talking specifically about what’s happening in this country when it comes to Republican policies and your support of them and, uh, the, uh, election and what’s happening in the election now.

RUSH: Which is what? We haven’t had the election yet.

CALLER: I understand that. But when you talk about Reverse Operation Chaos, what you’re doing is looking to suppress the Democratic vote.

RUSH: Yeah, exactly.

CALLER: Yeah, I know, but that — that’s… So what you’re looking for is less of a minority voting in the House and Senate races. And, as I said, in that manner, you’re working toward tyranny of the minority.

RUSH: If I were in favor of tyranny of the minority, I’d be supporting Obama.

CALLER: No. No. Obama was elected by… He’s the only person of this country that had an electorate of the entire nation and he won by — what did he win by, 52%?

RUSH: No, he didn’t win by 52%. He won by 8%. He won by 8%. Look, Obama — in terms of support for Obama’s agenda — it’s a majority oppose. Nobody wants Obama’s agenda.

CALLER: No, no, no, no! Now you’re talking about public opinion polling. I’m not talking about public opinion polling. I’m talking about electoral policy.

RUSH: Then wait for the election in November. You’re gonna find out next week what the American public thinks of the Obama agenda because it’s on the ballot, it’s going to be smooshed to smithereens.

CALLER: Dahhhh, I don’t know what’s going to happen —

RUSH: ‘Dahhh,’ just wait and see.

CALLER: — come Tuesday. And if you elect 60% — not 60%. If you elect 60 new Republicans they’d still be a minority and you’re looking for them to control the House.


CALLER: That’s what you said.

RUSH: Ah, what are you talking about? The House?

CALLER: You want them to be the guiding force for the Republicans in the House, so you want 60 new House members to control the majority of the rest of the House.

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: Don’t you?

RUSH: Let’s see now. I want you to realize: With most hosts you would have been vanished to the ether five minutes ago. I’m still trying to figure this out.

CALLER: Okay. When?

RUSH: You’re telling me that if the Republicans win the House it’s the tyranny of the minority that will be governing and I’m supporting that?

CALLER: Uhhh, when you talk this — in the beginning of the show about how the — you have problems with the idea that the Republican, uh, leadership would, uh, impose their will a lot on the other 60% — not 60%, other 60 new members — that that would be a problem for you.

RUSH: Look, I want you to do this. Call back on November 3rd and we’ll talk then. I think you are profoundly confused here. You are talking about the staffing, you’re talking about Operation Reverse Chaos, you’re talking about all these as a coordinated effort here on the part of the EIB Network, and they are separate entities. Operation Chaos has one objective. The staffing of the House is an entirely different thing, and it relates specifically and expressly to the Tea Party and what it represents and how there are efforts in Washington to neuter the Tea Party once it gets there. I know what you’re saying.

Even if the Republicans win 60 seats, they’re all Tea Party and that’s a minority in your view, and so I am supporting 60 Republicans to totally blow up the House of Representatives and that’s tyranny of the minority in your view. I know what you’re talking about here. But it’s absurd. (laughing) It’s just absurd. Now, let me explain this leadership and this staffing business, because if you just are joining the program, and you’re listening to Clifford here in East Hartford, Connecticut — and if you haven’t tuned out, I thank you. If you’re still here after listening to Clifford try to make his point about this (which I patiently waded through and now understand what’s going on here), Operation Reverse Chaos is not aimed at suppressing the Democratic vote.

That would be the ultimate result of it but that’s not the aim. Operation Reverse Chaos is an outreach to Democrats who think Hillary got the shaft in the 2008 campaign, and who now realize that Obama is destroying the Democrat Party and who think Hillary might be able to save it. And I’m just trying to say, I… You know, Operation Chaos was originally designed to keep Hillary alive. Operation Reverse Chaos is oriented toward keeping Hillary’s hopes alive going forward, because she was mistreated by the guy. The press and the guy all joined together to hit the girl, and that was Hillary. So Operation Reverse Chaos is for people who think Hillary got the shaft, Hillary got screwed (politically speaking, of course) and it’s her turn now.

It’s rightfully here turn, and if she wants to re the nominee for 2012, to run against Obama, the Democrats are going to have to sit home. If she really wants to be president, 2012 is it. This 2016 business, that’s too far down the road. Anything can happen. But 2012 is tomorrow, and we know her ambition is to be president and Slick Willie’s ambition is to get her back in the White House, outta Chappaqua, outta wherever. He wants to get her back in there, he could be appointed envoys to a whole bunch of places and do for them what he’s done for Haiti: Cholera, who knows whatever else. But the only way that’s going to happen is if Obama is at risk in getting the nomination himself in 2012.

The only way that Hillary’s going to have any kind of a chance is if the Democrat Party gets shellacked next week. For Hillary to have a chance at what was rightfully hers, before the old boys network in Washington got put together to ace her out of it, her only chance to get what was rightfully hers is for the Democrat Party to get shellacked across the board next Tuesday. Because that would be a referendum on Obama, and that would send a signal to the Democrats: Not only have you lost Congress in 2010, you’re gonna lose the White House in 2012 with this guy, but you might be able to hold on it if Hillary is your nominee. So, yeah, you could say it’s about suppressing the vote, but for what reason?

To Keep Hope Alive for Hillary and Bill, which is what the first Operation Chaos was about. We’re consistent here. The intended recipient of our efforts of compassion is Hillary. It’s her turn just like it was Bob Dole’s turn. It’s Hillary’s turn. It was her turn in 2008, and look what happened. Everybody ganged up. Look at all the black people that voted for Hillary. Bill was the first black president; she was the first black first lady. They all abandoned her for Obama. Well, not all of them did, but eventually they all did. So that’s Reverse Operation Chaos. The second thing: We have learned, ladies and gentlemen… Let’s just use a number. Let’s say there are 60 new Republicans, 60 seats that are gained, and a large portion of those are Tea Party candidates.

We have learned that the House leadership has assigned existing staff to these potential victors under the premise that the new arrivals, the newbies, won’t have any idea how Washington works once they get to the House. They won’t have any idea how anything happens. So to facilitate their getting up to speed, the Republican leadership is going to appoint existing staff to the newbies so that really there’s no lag. There’s no ground lost. In truth, the express purpose here is to keep the newbies from bringing their own people with them. I mean, this is politics. The Republican leadership is going to want its agenda followed, and what better way of doing that than to have existing staff in charge of the newbies?

Then that existing staff can spy on the newbies and report to the leadership what’s happening in the newbies’ offices. Now, this is what I was talking about in the first hour that old Clifford here is referring to as the tyranny of the minority. Now, I am not… I don’t want anybody misunderstand here. This is not something unusual for political leadership to do. I mean, the Democrats do it all the time. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois admitted it. The new arrivals on the Democrat side get dragged into Pelosi’s office or the Speaker, and the riot act is read to them. ‘Okay, here’s what’s going to happen. You want to rise in prominence in this leadership? You want to get some fundraising outside your district? You want to get reelected? Here’s what you gotta do: You gotta vote the way leadership tells you.’

That’s the way the Democrats run their shop. It’s no different; the Republicans are going to run shop that way. Rahm Emanuel did that with the Blue Dogs in spades. The difference here is that the Tea Party are going to resist this. They’re opposing that. The reason the Tea Party exists is to oppose standard operating procedure in Washington, be it in the House or the Senate, and so the efforts of the Republican leadership to staff the newbies with existing staff people is standard, ordinary procedure. The way things happen. But the newbies are probably not gonna go for this. The newbies are gonna want to bring their own people in, whether they know anything about how Washington works or not. That is gonna lead, probably, to some discussion and arguments about, ‘Well, just how much do we need to have people know how Washington works in order to change it?’

Or is the way to change it to bring people who have no idea what goes on there and just start rolling their sleeves up and getting involved in the process? In essence, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It’s a movie that you could look at to get a little bit of a microcosm about what this is all about. Now, he’s saying that this is me supporting the minority GOP, the tyranny of the minority: 60 new seats over the Republican majority. Now, stopping Obama in the Senate, that was the third tyranny that I support. So you got old Clifford here, and I’m sure there are a lot of people that agree with old Clifford, that think that I am engaging here in a tyranny against existing leadership and supporting the minority. Not necessarily. I just simply understand who the Tea Party is.

I know why they exist; I know what it was that caused them to effervesce and bubble up. They’re sick and tired of the way ‘Washington’ does things. They’re particularly tired the way liberalism does things, and they’re tired of Republicans going along with liberals for whatever reason. That’s why the Tea Party exists. They’re not go alongs. These Tea Party people, whoever’s gonna win on Tuesday, they’re not going there to get along with the Democrats. They’re not going there to forge bipartisanship. That’s not why they’re going, and so any effort that’s made to neuter them and send ’em in that direction, and say, ‘This is how we get along here. This is how things work here. You don’t really get anything done unless we work with these people. It’s how we have to do it,’ they’re gonna resist that.

I’m simply telling you what’s going to happen. Look, folks, it’s not my fault that the leadership is trying to staff the newbies with existing staff. I’m not in charge of it; I’m just telling you it’s happening. And that somehow makes me supporting tyranny? The tyranny of the minority is Obama. We are being ruled in this country by a minority, a very small minority. Obama and liberalism in this country represent 25 to 30% of the thinking in this country. We outnumber liberals in all these personal preference polls by two to one. Why in the world are we the ones have to act defensive about who we are? They’re the ones that ought to be explaining who the hell they are and what they’re doing! They’re the ones destroying America, by design or by accident or who cares? That’s what’s happening. In many cases it is by design. But they are the ones. You know, Obama said ‘punish your enemies,’ walking out there. He’s not interested in getting along with us. He’s not interested in compromise or anything. He’s not interested in recognizing where he’s going wrong and the American people disagree with it and all that. This is… In a lot of people’s minds, this is it, where the future of the country is concerned.


RUSH: Boy, if you think Clifford was confusing, you ought to read e-mails I’m getting from people trying to explain what they think Clifford was saying. If you think Clifford was confused — he-he-he-he.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, today, I think, is Hillary Clinton’s birthday, and she is in Austria having nothing to do with whatever the Democrats are doing on the ground to help avoid devastating losses next Tuesday. She’s not going to be back in the country ’til November 7th. She’s outta here. Everybody who backstabbed her during the ’08 race is either going down like the Titanic right now or in the absolute fights of their lives and she is not lifting a finger to help any of them. Operation Reverse Chaos. She’s showing she’s in favor of it, too.

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