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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. We’re up to number 13. This is… Well, it’s a montage of all kinds of media people. These are the same people who made fun of Dick Cheney trying to stay alive after 9/11. Dick Cheney going to war room, Dick Cheney retreating to someplace. These are the same people who made fun of George W. Bush flying around on Air Force One after 9/11, being a coward, refusing to come back to Washington. These are the same people who are glorifying Wisconsin Democrats in their ‘undisclosed location.’

SGT. SCHULTZ: (protest noise) They are at an undisclosed location!

MICK TREVEY: (protest noise) On cell phone in their undisclosed location…

SHEPARD SMITH: They’re cloistered away in an undisclosed location.

JOHN KING: (protest noise) They are at an undisclosed location.

KATHLEEN PARKER: Undisclosed locations over state lines…

LARRY O’DONNELL: An undisclosed location…

RACHEL MADDOW: secure, undisclosed location…

RUSH: They all know where they are. Last night on CNN’s Situation Room fill-in host Candy Crowley interviewed State Senator Jim Holperin, Democrat from Wisconsin. She said, ‘So you’re gonna stay out until what happens?’

HOLPERIN: We would hope that the governor of the state would do now what he should have done originally, and that is to sit down with the public employees in Wisconsin and talk this out. I’m a Democrat, and I support public employees paying more for their pensions, paying more for their health care. I think public employees would agree to help the state out of its budget difficulties, but they were never asked. The governor needs to sit down and talk with them.

RUSH: Whoa! Whoaaa! Here’s a senate Democrat who supports the endgame (New Castrati impression), ‘But they need to be talked to! That’s right, they need to be talked to, Mr. Limbaugh! These people have feelings, too. They need to have this discuth’sed with them.’ I don’t think they’re surprised by any of this. Do you think the public employees had no idea this was coming? They’ve known it since the campaign. That’s right. They’ve known it since last year. If you want to know the real truth about this, this is not — if you get down to brass tacks, this is not — about paying for more of their pensions or health care.

What this is really about is the union leaders don’t dig this business that they have to renegotiate every year. The union leaders, the Muslim Brotherhood, they don’t tell the fact that they’re losing some power to negotiate and eventually shut things down. That’s what they don’t like. But here you’ve got this Democrat: ‘I support public employees paying more for their pensions, paying more for their health care.’ Then get yourself to that chamber and vote for it! You mean you’re holding out because the governor won’t talk to them? That comment right there shows you that this senate Democrat knows exactly what public opinion is, and he didn’t need a focus group, did he?

He didn’t need a poll. He knows! This guy wants it known (not where he is), Jim Holperin, ‘I support public employees paying more for their pensions, paying more for their health care. I think employees would agree to help. But they were never asked.’ That’s… You know a politician, you know a politician. This guy has just told us where public opinion in Wisconsin is. I mean if this guy’s gonna run away to an undisclosed location, it would be just as easy to curry favor with his supporters: ‘I totally support the protesters! I don’t think they ought to be paying another dime!’ He didn’t say that, did he? Candy Crowley, same guy, Jim Holperin, the senate Democrat, Wisconsin. ‘So, where are you now? How do the governor and your Republican colleagues coax you back to work?’

HOLPERIN: Well, we’re not that far from the capitol. We are at an undisclosed location but we could arrive in a very short time. I think if the governor would agree to just meet and talk with public employees — I’m not at liberty to speak for all Democrats but I think for myself — that would be something that would need to be done.

RUSH: Okay, let me ask this. Do you think if Governor Walker agreed to have a meeting with, say, a representative number of people from that mob outside that all of a sudden it would be over? The mob would agree? The senate Democrats would come back and vote for it? I don’t, either. Do you know the public sector employees in Wisconsin were, as part of their deal, given Viagra? Viagra was part of the benefits package, and it was suggested, ‘Maybe you should pay for your own Viagra.’

Nope! Nope! Wisconsin public sector employees would not even give back their free Viagra benefits. It was part of their health care. So they wouldn’t give back their free Viagra benefits, and we’re supposed to believe they would agree with a meeting to pay a little bit more for their health care and pensions if they woulda just been asked? Well, they were asked to start paying for their Viagra, and they’re still fighting the Viagra givebacks, as far as I know. I’ll double-check that. The Viagra lawsuit’s from last August. You didn’t know that, I’ll bet. Fighting the Viagra giveback.


RUSH: Never again, ladies and gentlemen, can it be said the Democrat Party cares about the middle class. Never again can it be said that Obama is an historic president or a president who’s a force for good. It cannot be said that Obama is a force for true reform or a force for unity. He is the opposite. Again it’s real simple. If he meant it Monday when he said, ‘We must all live within our means, gotta get serious about our deficit,’ he’d be encouraging people like Governor Walker. Instead, he is siding with people who would undermine a governor who is simply following the Wisconsin state constitution. The state must have a balanced budget. Barack Obama is just as angry inside as the protesters in Madison.

He’s just as hateful of this society as the teachers carrying those signs. He is just as contemptible of the hardworking taxpayers of this country as are the public sector unions. This exposes Obama for all to see. That’s what’s going on here. Don’t doubt me.


RUSH: By the way, one little note: This Democrat senator sound bite that we played that he is all for the teachers paying for more of their benefits and so forth and he’d vote for it? He doesn’t have to. He just has to be in the chamber. The Democrat vote is not needed. The Republicans have the vote covered. The Democrats can’t stop it except by vanishing, as they’ve done. Not one of their votes is needed. That’s why this guy can run around and say whatever he wants to say about it.


RUSH: Here’s some audio, back to Wisconsin but it was actually in Rockford, Illinois. We have a couple sound bites here from a Tea Party founder, David Hale of Rockford, Illinois, and the Wisconsin Senator Jim Holperin about why he wasn’t in Madison. This is the Tea Party doing the job the State-Controlled Media used to do. This is what ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ought to be doing but they aren’t doing it. They are in solidarity with these runaway senators so it’s left up to the Tea Party citizens — on YouTube! That’s where you see this. The Tea Party is going and finding the senators and asking ’em questions and posting the video on YouTube. Here’s the first of two sound bites.

HALE: Excuse me, sir. Why aren’t you doing your job in Wisconsin today?

HOLPERIN: I’m leaving right now to do my job in Wisconsin.

HALE: Why didn’t you do it earlier today, sir?

HOLPERIN: We believe we did do our job in Wisconsin.

HALE: But you didn’t. You didn’t. You were supposed to be in the House, to at least be on the House floor to allow them to have a vote, and you didn’t do it. Why not?

HOLPERIN: I’m not so sure that’s my job today. My job today is to delay, uh, a vote on a piece of legislation people of the state have said, ‘We have not had time to consider the consequences.’

RUSH: Oh, so the senate’s now saying, ‘No, no, no! Our job is to run away from this vote because the people of the state of Wisconsin have said they haven’t had time to consider the consequences. We are doing our job.’ So here’s a Democrat senator from Wisconsin, Jim Holperin, admitting, ‘Yeah, I’m doing my job. I ran away.’ But David Hale, Rockford Tea Party founder, continued.

HOLPERIN: This is my friend from the Tea Party.

HALE: What’s your position —


HALE: — in the Senate, sir?

HOLPERIN: — we need to get going so we —

HALE: Senator, why aren’t you in Wisconsin doing your job?

SEN. ROBERT JAUCH: I was. I was there —

HALE: Why —

JAUCH: I was there at three o’clock in the morning.

HALE: Why did you —

JAUCH: I was there at —

HALE: Why did you —

JAUCH: — three o’clock in the morning. I was up at —

HALE: Why did you flee the state, sir? Why did you flee the state of Wisconsin so you wouldn’t have to do your job, sir?

JAUCH: I’m doing my job right now!

HALE: What’s your name, sir?

RUSH: This is what the media would normally be doing: ‘Why aren’t you doing your job?’ ‘I am doing my job. My job is to run away. My job is to avoid the vote.’

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