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RUSH: Here is Julie in Kodiak, Alaska, as we head to the phones. Hi, Julie. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Yeah, good morning. How are you, Rush?

RUSH: Never better. Thanks much.

CALLER: Me neither. We have Ms. Palin back so we’re happy here. I had a question about what I see as an unusual amount of pressure by the Obama pre-elect staffers and how much they’re trying to get done prior to Obama becoming the actual president. Do you see this as different in situations in the past, that there is an excessive amount of pressure to get Bush to do things that he wouldn’t normally do such as more aid and bailouts and stuff?

RUSH: Yeah, absolutely. It’s very thuggish behavior on the part of the Obama transition team. It reminds me of what Bill Clinton said back in August that Obama and his people have ‘the instincts of a ‘Chicago thug.” To go into the White House after being graciously and decently invited, just to go in and say, ‘Here’s your new office,’ and Willie Brown said, I don’t think there was much policy discussed or we can learn much. Mr. Mayor, I’m sorry. I think Bush could teach Obama a lot reality about what’s going on in the world. I’ll bet there was some of that, but we’ve heard… Julie, it’s a great question, because do you remember when Senator McCain, decently and graciously suspended his campaign to fly to Washington to save the country during the financial crisis? Do you remember that?

CALLER: I do, and I remember that he was the only one that didn’t necessarily lose it in that meeting.

RUSH: That’s exactly what I was going to say. What happened is they had a meeting in the cabinet room, and the word got out. (laughing) This is the second time that an Obama private meeting details have leaked, and in both meetings Obama was there. (laughing)

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: And in yesterday’s meeting it was just the two of them, so we know who’s leaking. Now, the libs will not call this a ‘leak;’ they’ll call Obama a ‘whistleblower.’

CALLER: There you go.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute. Let me make my point here. So in both these meetings we hear stories of thuggish behavior. The leak out of the first meeting was that Obama walked in and he just took over. He just took over that meeting and it took Bush awhile to regain control. We also heard the meeting fell apart and nothing got done but he walked in there and starting asserting control. Now we are hear — and this has had to have come from Barry himself. Now we hear that he went in there and starting ordering Bush around on what to do with the auto bailout, and Bush hang tough, ‘No, I’m not going to do that unless you go along with this Columbia free trade thing,’ to which Obama said, ‘Screw you, buddy. I’ll just wait ’til I’m inaugurated then.’

CALLER: That’s what I heard on the radio today, that they were saying how dare Bush attach any request to something that they’ve got right now.

RUSH: Look, I don’t want to spend the next two years doing I told you so every day, folks. I really don’t. I could, I will able to, but I really don’t want to do that, ’cause it’s annoying. People don’t like hearing people go, ‘Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah! Told you!’ People don’t like this. But there’s nothing centrist about this group of people. They are bulldozers. They’re going to go in there and they’re going to hit the ground running. After he says the oath of office and gives his speech on January 20th and they get back to the White House, I’m telling you. You better brace yourselves, because there’s going to be more stuff done — undone, if you will — in the first hundred days than you can possibly imagine. So Obama goes in there. We don’t know what really happened. What we know is what Obama has said happened.

It could well be that Obama went into both meetings and didn’t say diddlysquat. It could be that Obama went into both meetings — especially, let’s talk about the one yesterday. He went in there, and it was a kind, gracious little chat for an hour, talked about policy. But what we’re getting is, ‘This young guy, he went in there and he told Bush how it’s going to be! He wasn’t deferential. He’s not tied up in the pomp and circumstance of the office. He wasn’t in awe or dazzled by where he was. He’s too important! He’s too focused. He went in there and he told the president of the United States just what the hell’s up.’ Now, I don’t know which version to believe, but if we were to learn factually that the second version, the latter version is true, I could totally believe it. I think off camera, where we don’t see Obama, I don’t see this acting presidential business.

You don’t come out of the neighborhood, the Chicago political machine. You don’t come out of that neighborhood a cream puff. You don’t come out of there a polite guy when you’re dealing with political matters. You come out of there ham-handed, two-fisted, whatever it takes, and the people he’s put together — John Podesta, the transition chief? He was ragging Bush two hours before the meeting. This guy was Clinton’s chief of staff. I mean, these are hard-nosed heavyweight fighters, folks. They are in there pounding each and every day. So I tend to believe that the leaked version of what we got out of there is true and that’s what they want us to think, that Obama went in there and took charge. I’m just predicting to you that in Obama we do not have — and, by the way, this is why Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw are saying they don’t know who he is.

This is why all these media types say, ‘Well (grumbling) it’s an interesting question, really (grumbling). Has he read any books Obama? What books Obama reads?’ They know who he is, they know exactly who he is, and they’re gonna have to be in the business of propping him up and supporting him when he behaves in the typical Chicago machine way. So just mark my words here, folks. There’s nothing mild-mannered; there’s nothing messianic here. There’s nothing cool. This guy is cold. I told you, I warned you people back during the campaign. The adjective they attached to this guy is he’s ‘cool.’ He’s calm. He is a cold tactician out of the Chicago political machine. Look at his associates, look at his allies, look at the people he’s chosen to run the show here. This guy is cold.

There’s something ‘creepy’ about the guy. In fact, he has created this ‘creature’ that we all see. I’m quoting Newsweek here, by the way, if you’re just tuning in. Jon Meacham, Evan Thomas wrote he’s creepy; very creepy, very singular. He makes that acceptance speech and kicks the kids and the wife backstage. Scram, Michelle! Get the hell outta here; it’s my time now! You come back when I’m finished. And, by the way, go unlock Biden, he’s in the bar. And when he go off the airplane yesterday in Washington to go meet the president, got off the plane alone. We know Michelle was there because she ended up getting out of the limo at the White House. (interruption) You gotta be kidding me! You have got to be kidding. I did not know that! They took separate flights? They took separate planes? He chartered…?

I found out Obama chartered that American jet. That’s an MD-80. He chartered it and he didn’t put his wife and kids on it, or wife? (interruption) Did she…? (interruption) Well, I…? (interruption) Well, no, no, no, no, no. Wait a second, now. Don’t tell me she had to go visit schools while he was busy, ’cause she walked into the White House with him. They met up in the car? They took separate flights, met up in the car? (interruption) No. At the airport? That car did not stop once it left the airport. So what had to happen is that Michelle’s flight had to land early and they got her in the car. Nobody knew where she was. I’m sure this was just a security precaution. Security precaution. Unless, you know, in case something happened to Obama’s plane, the mother would still be around.

You know, sometimes it’s the way people with families think. There’s something creepy about this, though, folks, I must admit. I am stunned. I am shocked. I’m… I’m… Well, I’m not speechless. That never happens. But they took separate chartered flights, because you know she didn’t fly commercial. There was no way she was going to fly commercial. So he chartered two airplanes. She has to have gotten in early. She’s waiting for him in a limo, he gets off the airplane waving singularly — very, very creepy — and he gets in the limo, and she’s there? And then they’re drive there? Oh, well, I know she was in the same limo because they got out together. But, there was a decoy limo as well.

Folks, do you not admit that this is strange? This is very creepy. This is strange behavior even for the ‘creature’ that Obama has created here. Man. I didn’t… (interruption) Snerdley, where did you hear that? I have not seen that anywhere. (interruption) AP story? Buried? A little paragraph buried in an AP story. I cannot believe that I missed that. Well, I’ve been so shocked and stunned over the news that Mr. and Mrs. Obama arrived on separate chartered aircraft. One thing we have not referenced upon hearing this news is the size of the carbon footprint created by two people. I mean, he coulda chartered a smaller airplane. Why do you have to charter an MD-80 that seats 120 when he and maybe three others are the only people aboard? Why do you have to do that? I thought that was strange in and of itself yesterday.


RUSH: Okay, now I understand, now it makes sense, ladies and gentlemen. Here are the details. Michelle Obama flew in on her own chartered jet early. I knew she was going to go see the private schools. I just thought she would do that after the White House meeting. But she got there in the morning and she visited two private schools that the Obamas are contemplating sending their two little girls to. Then she met up with Obama at the airport already in the limo, nobody knew she was there, and then they get out of the limo together after Obama arrives alone from Chicago on his chartered MD-80. And about that, Dr. Roy Spencer, official climatologist here at the EIB Network, says, ‘Wait a minute, Rush, you’re being too hasty in judging Obama’s carbon footprint. After all, he could have chartered a DC-10, he could have chartered a 747, and he chose a very small and tiny MD-80.’ His theory will be that he saved a carbon footprint. Actually, I think I know the reason for this. If you fly a corporate jet into Washington National — by the way, you couldn’t get a DC-10 or a 747 in there, the runways are too short — if you fly a corporate jet, even today, into Washington National, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

The first thing, you have to have a sky marshal aboard. Even if you’re just going yourself, you have to have a sky marshal aboard. If there isn’t a sky marshal at the airport you’re departing from, you have to stop at an airport and pick up the sky marshal and then go to Washington National. They give you a 30-minute window of your arrival time, and if you don’t make the 30-minute window, for whatever reason, they send you back. And by the way, when the air marshal gets aboard your airplane, you have to get off, you have to do the entire security check as though it were a commercial flight. You have to get off, you have to get the wand waving, you have to have pockets inspected, go through a metal detector, just to get on your own airplane. Maybe he didn’t have to do all this since chartering an airliner is technically not a corporate jet. Beats me. I don’t know. I’m giving the guy the benefit of the doubt here. It makes no sense to charter an MD-80 unless you’re big-timing it. He could have easily gotten in there in something smaller that goes in there all the time and uses less runway than a DC-9 or an MD-80.

So anyway, Michelle (My Belle) Obama goes and checks out the schools, and she also stayed later. He flew back alone. She then flew back alone. Creepy. Just creepy. Very strange as they would say in John Kerry’s France, very strange. It’s very, very weird, folks, very, very, very creepy that this happened.


RUSH: We had a long montage of all the Drive-By Media talked about how gracious a man President Bush is, what a decent, decent guy he is because he’s so nice to Obama, when Obama stormed in there for the meeting yesterday in the Oval Office. Which, of course, the details have been leaked, and only Obama and President Bush were in the meeting, so we know that Obama was the leaker. I think he leaked to Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington. This is what she said on MSNBC TV last night.

MITCHELL: Barack Obama came with an agenda, and this was not just small talk. He talked about the economy, and he talked about the fact that auto industry needs more money, that the $25 billion set aside needs to be disbursed more quickly, that there needs to be an economic stimulus package now and this means tax cuts for the middle class all targeted for the middle class before he takes office, and he also talked about foreclosures and the fact that people with adjustable-rate mortgages now face more foreclosures, all this before he even takes office. So he’s basically coming into the living room and the office of the current lame duck president and saying, ‘This is what I want before January 20th.’ A pretty aggressive move.

RUSH: Right out of Chicago thug politics. Now, you know, for her to have that kind of detail, he or somebody had to call Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, and look at how she portrayed it. Obama, he’s tough, he’s strong, he hit the ground running. He walked into the living room and the Oval Office of this lame duck guy and he told him how it’s going to be. He laid down the law. We love Obama. He’s not wasting a minute. He wants Bush to do those tax cuts now. He wants Bush to take care of the mortgages now. He wants Bush to bail out the auto companies now. He went in there and he practically wagged his finger. Now, obviously this is true, to have this kind of detail, at least this is the story Obama wanted in the media after the meeting. It reminds me of a story that Drudge had up over the weekend. Apparently the first time Bush met Obama was when he hosted a breakfast at the White House for newly elected senators. Obama walked in, and Bush put his arm around him and said, ‘Hey, Obama, I wanted to meet you. You’ve got a great future ahead of you,’ apparently as outgoing and nice as could be.

After he shook hands he offered Obama some of that hand purifier stuff that you put on your hands after you shake a lot of hands and so forth, and Obama took it, kind of looked odd about it, but he rinsed his hands with the hand wash that the president offered, and then in the meeting, apparently, Obama got pugnacious again and was trying to take over and very aggressive and so forth, and it rubbed Bush the wrong way. This was the story that was put out.

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