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‘The St. Louis Tea Party will hold a press conference and peaceable protest at [Service Employee International Union] Headquarters [in St. Louis] at Noon Saturday… The protest is to demand justice for Kenneth Gladney, an African-American conservative who was brutally beaten by 4 individuals, at least 2 of whom were identified as SEIU representatives.’ This was at the Russ Carnahan meeting in Mehlville last night. ‘The beatings included racial slurs and required hospitalization of Mr. Gladney. As videos show, the attack was unprovoked and no one retaliated against the union thugs. This attack followed hours of taunts and verbal assaults by SEIU and ACORN members upon citizens gathered to express their views under the First Amendment. We believe this brutal beating is part of an organized plan to suppress dissent to the Administration’s planned seizure of the medical industry in the United States.’

That’s great way to put it: ‘[T]he Administration’s planned seizure of the medical industry in the United States.’

‘Anyone who believes in non-violent protest, in the rule of law, in the right of black men and women to express conservative political views, in the right to peaceably assemble, to speak freely, and to petition Congress for a redress of grievances is invited to attend. The Tea Party specifically requests the NAACP and the ACLU to come out in support of Kenneth Gladney’s rights which were trampled by [Union] hooligans. We call on Representative Russ Carnahan to denounce the beating. We call on President Obama to denounce the beatings. We call on St. Louis County to prosecute the assailants to fullest extent of the law.’

So nobody’s backing down here. If anything, they’re taking it back to them. St. Louis Tea Party, a press conference and peaceable protest at union headquarters in St. Louis. By the way… (interruption) You want the address? (interruption) You want the…? Mmm-hmmm. No, they just tried to beat him. I watched the video. They just beat him. He’s the vendor. He was the guy selling the buttons and so forth, 38 years old, black conservative. This guy has numerous injuries. In the emergency room, the hospital for two days, they say. SEIU union people. (interruption) No, I don’t think there’s… Well, there were six arrests. I don’t know. There was — this is the place, you know, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter was one of six people arrested. I don’t know off the top of my head if any of these hooligans were arrested. Wait a minute now… (mumbling) I don’t think so.

At any rate, the St. Louis SEIU Headquarters are at 5585 Pershing Ave. in St. Louis. I’m sure the union members ‘acted stupidly.’ The union members were acting very stupidly here. We won’t hear that from the administration. Remember, this is Obama’s army. This is why they were sent! This is exactly why the union was sent out to these things. There was no violence. There were no people being shoved into walls prior to the union thugs showing up at these events, they were all peaceable. They were loud, but they were all peaceable.

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