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RUSH: I have to correct another thing. I was under the impression that Dingy Harry made his undocumented Americans remark yesterday. It was yesterday that I predicted the way the terminology and the language was going on this, that somebody would say, ‘illegal Americans.’ Somebody had told me last night he said it on the floor of the Senate yesterday, undocumented Americans. It turns out that it was on June the 4th, nine days ago, that Dingy Harry said it. I had not heard him say it, but here’s the sound bite. Dingy Harry has gone back and forth. This is long before he pulled the bill. This was when he was all for the immigration bill.

REID: This week, we’re going to complete that legislation. We will hopefully bring to final passage a comprehensive bill that will strengthen our border security and bring 12 million undocumented Americans out of the shadows.

RUSH: (Laughing.) That’s from June 4th. I had not heard him say it. (interruption) Well, twice I’ve been wrong in an hour. Brian, you little smart aleck in there, but you got a point. I have been wrong. But, see, you miss the point. My facts and fact presentation is not audited, it’s my opinions that are audited. And it’s opinions, when you’re right about opinions, that’s what counts. There are too many opportunities to make the factual mistakes with people like you telling me things that are wrong that I don’t check out and repeat and then I have to correct it and take the heat for it. So this will not affect my accuracy rating at all because these errors were not errors of opinion.


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