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RUSH: Now, we’ve got a montage. This is MSNBC, Chris Matthews, Norah O’Donnell, Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, Rachel Maddow, and Reverend Eugene Rivers all talking about Obama and his family.

MATTHEWS: This is the Bill Cosby family! This is the family Bill Cosby talks about.

O’DONNELL: Michelle Obama has to make this the Huxtables.

ROBINSON: Present the Huxtable image of the Obamas.

MADDOW: Making the Obama family into the Huxtables.

RIVERS: There you have the classic example of the Huxtables.

RUSH: It’s embarrassing! They get on this thing and it never changes. The Huxtables. Well, Bill Cosby, for you people in the Drive-Bys don’t know it, Bill Cosby is being destroyed for going out there and advocating that black families live like the Obamas apparently do, according to Michelle (My Belle)’s speech last night. The black civil rights leadership is trying to destroy Bill Cosby. So now the Drive-Bys, they gotta go out and say this. Why? Why be like the Huxtables? If you have to be like the Huxtables, it means you’re not the Huxtables, and that’s what we have properly and correctly analyzed earlier in the program. This was a speech that she made last night to show everybody, ‘Hey, we’re just like you.’

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