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RUSH: Look at the New York Post lead editorial today. The headline: ‘Drive-By Journalism.’ It is a piece on the New York Times piece about Senator McCain yesterday. By the way, we’ve got some audio sound bites coming up of the Drive-Bys analyzing this program and what I had to say about the Times piece and McCain. Many of them that you will hear, claim that they listen to this program every day or a part of it. I don’t know what they’re hearing. All of these people who say I’m 100% behind McCain, how in the world could you get that from what I said yesterday? The AP is even upset that I have abandoned my opposition to McCain, and they’re upset I went after the New York Times and not McCain yesterday. They’re asking, ‘What happened to these good old family values conservatives?’ (laughing) Anyway, here’s how the Post, the New York Post lead editorial starts today: ‘John McCain says he’s ‘disappointed’ with yesterday’s front-page New York Times story alleging — without offering an iota of proof, or even actually saying so — that he had an affair nearly a decade ago with a much-younger corporate lobbyist. Disappointed? Obviously, the de facto GOP presidential nominee believes the Times has high journalistic standards. He’s wrong. This was no failure to live up to high standards. It was a drive-by shooting masquerading as a newspaper story.’

Now, some of you might think that I, El Rushbo, would be greatly perturbed here at the plagiarism. Not at all, ladies and gentlemen. That’s not me. That kind of stuff, that’s beneath me. It’s in the vernacular now. It’s like feminazi. We have put Drive-By Media in the vernacular now. I think it would be wise and timely now to remind everybody just what the ‘Drive-By Media’ is, when it was concocted here on this program behind the very Golden EIB Microphone. Mainstream media are like drive-by shooters. They pull up to a congested area, and they spray a hail of bullets into the crowd. It causes mass hysteria and confusion, mistakes, misinterpretation, sometimes people or their careers actually die after a Drive-By Media hit. The mainstream media then smirks and laughs and they flex their muscles, all of their power, then they ride away in their convertible unnoticed in the excitement heading on down the road to the next drive-by. They are never blamed; they are never held accountable. In fact, they are lauded and held up as heroes, mostly by themselves.

Now, while many are engaged in cleaning up the mess, which is what we do here every day, clean up the mess made by the Drive-By Media, they’re on down the highway in the convertible with the top down laughing and looking for their next victims. This is repeated over and over and over. There seems to be no stopping them and their marauding ways. That’s the genesis of the term Drive-By Media. I’m going to add to it today, because now is the follow-up media. The Drive-By Media did their drive-by yesterday, hit McCain with a baseless, warrantless story, and now the follow-up media, and they always get it wrong, too, the follow-up media discussing what happened yesterday can’t get it right, either, at least where I’m concerned. So the follow-up media is the media that follows the Drive-Bys. In some cases it’s the Drive-Bys who circle back, you know, sometimes arsonists love to go to the scene of the fire to watch. Some of the Drive-Bys sometimes circle back — (laughing) — to smile and marvel at the mess that they have made. But whether it’s the Drive-Bys who circle back, or the follow-up media, they always get the story about me wrong.


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