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RUSH: In the Los Angeles Times today, Maura Reynolds, the info babe reporterette — this is unbelievable. The ‘Democrat majority’ is still the talk of the capital? Yes, you heard right, ‘The ‘Democrat majority’ is still the talk of the capital. Here’s the opening line, the lede: “Will President Bush put the ‘-ic’ back in ‘Democratic’?” That was the hot topic around Washington on Monday after the president was asked why, during his State of the Union address last week, he referred to Congress’ new ‘Democrat majority.’

“That was an oversight,” Bush said in an interview Monday with National Public Radio. “I’m not trying to needle. I didn’t even know I did it.”

This is maybe three pages printed out, and get this paragraph. “Whatever the initial impulse or rationale, the term became controversial as far back as the 1950s. Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis.) famously used it to deride Democrats during his hearings investigating whether Communists had infiltrated the U.S. government. During the 1956 Republican convention, the usage was so common that it prompted the New York Times to report that dropping the ‘-ic’ had become official party policy.” Now, this is stunning!

The Los Angeles Times has gone back 50 years — five-oh — 50 big years to a Joe McCarthy speech or a 1956 GOP press release, and the story also goes back 20 years back to Reagan speeches to do an in-depth study into the oh-so-crucial origins of Democrat Party. Yet, the Los Angeles Times will not go back a few years to tell us what Hillary Clinton actually said about Iraq before the war started. But they have devoted who knows how many man-hours, how much research, and how much newsprint and ink to research a story on why it is and how it got started that the Republicans call the Democrats the Democrat Party. You gotta love these people in lighter moments, ladies and gentlemen.



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