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RUSH: We’re hearing names mentioned from Joe Biden to John Kerry to Hillary Clinton for vice president. Again, if Obama picks Clinton — he may have to pick Clinton in order to win this thing — the big problem there is he’s going to have to have somebody taste everything he eats before he does. If he chooses her, he’s going to have to have somebody else start his car every time he gets in it, if he chooses her. You know, it’s a mess, and one of the reasons it’s a mess is that everybody’s resume that Caroline Kennedy is inspecting is 20 times that of the nominee’s, Barack Obama, who has a thin resume of nothing and the real stuff that identifies Obama as who he really is — what he did back in Chicago with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers — that stuff’s under lock and key. Nobody can get to it, presumably because it’s so embarrassing and would be such an indictment of his linear, radical existence when he moved to Chicago .

So he’s got a very thin resume. He’s surviving on ‘hope,’ ‘change,’ and all these platitudinous nothings that he says so well, and even those are failing to stir people. So there’s all this talk about the vice president. Now, I know he’s gotta do it quick ’cause the convention is next week. But I think all this talk about his vice presidential running mate is an attempt to distract everybody from the miserable performance he gave Saturday at Rick Warren’s church out in California. I think it is an effort to distract everybody’s attention from the infanticide legislation that he supported that killing of babies, the resurrection of the abortion issue.

The Democrats want no part of that. Barry has given it to the Republicans on a silver platter, and so it’s time to distract. It’s time to go out there and get that Colin Powell endorsement. It’s time to go out there and name a VP. It’s time to do anything to distract. Meanwhile, the Drive-Bys are carrying Obama’s water by furthering the notion that McCain cheated. They will not let it go. We put together one of our famous montages, ladies and gentlemen, of various Drive-Byers speculating on the Cone of Silence. They were obsessing on it from late yesterday through last night. Here’s who we have here: Brian Williams, Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, Ed Henry, Howard Fineman, Tony Perkins, David Shuster, Molly Henneberg, Jeff Birnbaum, Jack Cafferty, all talking about the Saddleback Civil Forum’s Cone of Silence.

WILLIAMS: The so-called Cone of Silence that was supposed to surround John McCain…

BLITZER: What are you hearing about the so-called Cone of Silence?

HENRY: McCain was not in the Cone the whole hour!

OLBERMANN: McCain violated this Cone of Silence!

KING: Three little words that are getting bigger by the hour: Cone of Silence!

FINEMAN: It wasn’t a Cone of Silence.

PERKINS: The Cone of Silence.

SHUSTER: He was not in the Cone of Silence.

HENNEBERG: The Cone of Silence!

BIRNBAUM: McCain was not in the Cone of Silence.

CAFFERTY: The entire event has been overshadowed by the Cone of Silence.

RUSH: There you have it: Drive-Bys obsessing. They know their guy is in trouble, and they’re doing everything they can to buck him up and to help him by accusing not only Rick Warren of lying, but McCain as well, because it’s Rick Warren that came up with the term Cone of Silence. So Rick Warren yesterday had had it. After two days of the Drive-Bys challenging the integrity of his event, he went Hannity & Colmes last night, and Colmes said, ‘Did you know McCain was not there yet, and would you have phrased it differently had you known?’

WARREN: It was just a joke! It was just being silly, ‘the Cone of Silence.’ We knew that the moment he came, the Secret Service was with him the entire time, and then they put him immediately in the other building. So I wasn’t even sure that he hadn’t arrived by the time we were moving on stage. I knew probably ten minutes before the time that he wasn’t there yet, but by the time he got on the stage I assumed he was there.

RUSH: There wasn’t a Cone of Silence. That was a phrase that Warren used to suggest that McCain would not be listening to what Obama said. So it is patently obvious, ladies and gentlemen, that the Drive-Bys know that Obama is in trouble from this performance on Saturday night, and they’re trying to do everything they can to erase from people’s memory the fact that McCain did so well and practically eliminate from people’s memory the event occurred at all.

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