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RUSH: Mary in Wichita, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.



CALLER: I was waiting awhile, and I can’t believe how many topics you discuss in an hour and a half. It’s amazing.

RUSH: Thank you very much. You’ve been on hold that long?

CALLER: Yes. Get after Snerdley. (laughing)

RUSH: I’m going to say something to him. That’s outrageous.

CALLER: Well, it is, because I think I have a good story for you, and it was all your fault that it happened to me. I was driving, doing my errands and listening to you. It was about three weeks ago, and you were talking about Harry Reid, and you were getting the hugest kick out of him because he used your term of endearment, ‘Dingy Harry,’ on the Senate floor, and that just knocked you out. So you were laughing and I was listening to you, and I was following this big, white SUV, and I couldn’t see around him, and he was going the same speed that I was. So, finally, I pulled up beside him, still listening to you, and finally we got to a stoplight together, and I was laughing right out loud. Because you were laughing so hard, you were thumping your hand on your desk like you do when you’re really tickled. So this guy rolls down his window and indicates to me I should do that. So I rolled down my window, and I thought, ‘Boy, he’s mad at me because, you know, I was trailing behind and pulled up beside him.’

He said, ‘You must be listening to Rush Limbaugh.’

I said, ‘Well, how did you know that?’

He said, ‘Because you were laughing right out loud and so was I,’ and he pumped his arm in the air like, ‘Yeeeah.’

RUSH: That’s a great story, and your sense of timing is flawless.

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