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Hang in there. I know you can beat this. You are my mentor and compass. I look forward to your return and the new level of awareness and sensitivity you will bring to the conservative institute. You are the master of masters.

God Bless


Dear Rush,

Stay strong, you have millions of the best friends in the world who are standing with you and are anxious for your return, when you’re ready.
All the Best,


Hi Rush!

Glad to hear you are taking care of business and getting better. We all miss you out here in the “Country of Conservatism” and look forward to hearing you again. I get a real charge listening to you during my lunch via the internet. Good luck and listen to you soon!

Miss your insights on sports as well.

A Loyal Listener



We have a large group of family (29 of us – our 3 children and their combined 21 grandchildren!) and we are all praying for your recovery and the ability to manage those recurring pains in your back and neck.
I do believe the foolish pundits who are so gleeful in their self-righteousness have forgotten the adage – ‘what goes around, comes around’ – [back to them, huh?]

We are thankful for you and your conservative principles. We have been 24/7 and The Limbaugh Letter since their inception and all of those issues of each of them have only helped to solidify our understanding of the ‘battle of ideas’ in which our US of A is embroiled.

We are confident that your steadfastness is being in treatment, and the steadfastness of our President in this time of the war on terror will redound to a good outcome in both situations.

May The Lord Bless You and Marta in these days.
Jeanne and Wayne



Counting the days until you will be back. Praying for your recovery.




Our prayers are with you – Our hearts hurt for you – Our brains already are stagnant without you.

Hurry back

Love Jane



We love you and miss you terribly. I feel like I have known you, for so long. We’ve listened to you, since 1988. This is the first time I have ever communicated to you. Just want you to know, we the people out here in radio land are anxiously awaiting your return.

Keep the faith,
Larry & Dorothy


I will continue to listen daily to WBAP in Dallas/Ft. Worth from noon to 3 p.m.! I love, adore and support Rush completely and thank the WBAP station for broadcasting Rush Limbaugh for the past 15 years! Keep up the good work and I will anxiously await Rush’s return to the EIB network. Love you, Rush!

Argyle, Texas


Dear Rush,

I suspect you are in misery and pain and I want to send you a word of encouragement. We pray for your recovery every day. Please stay determined to beat this thing. We need you because you are our inspiration every day. We want you to be well, and we want you to come back to us stronger than ever.

I am on my knees praying for you. God will give you strength.

Love and prayers,
Gloria and Robert
Tucson, AZ


Hi Rush,

I am an avid listener and send my best wishes to you. Proud of you! Go, man, go.

Thank you for your daily insights!
Camarilo, CA



Stay strong, be tough. We’ll be here when you get back.



Hi Rush,

This is the first time I have ever emailed you although I regard you as an old friend after many years of listening to your show. Thanks for showing me how to be a better critical thinker (This has helped me with national issues, family issues, and my job as an ER nurse). Now is the time for me to offer encouragement to you. Chronic pain is such a difficult situation. However, do your best in rehab. I hope you can make pain medications a part of your past. My husband and I are praying for you daily. You have overcome many obstacles in your life, this one can be overcome, too. It is my hope to meet you and your wife someday. I was a stay at home mom for 10 years while my husband worked hard at his job as an airline pilot at USAirways. Since 9/11 and a bad financial picture at USAirways, I chose to return to nursing. I have a critical care background but thought ER would be a nice change and change it was!

Rush, do your best. You are missed and loved.

Your friend, Julie
Sylvania, OH



There have been times, regretfully, when I couldn’t catch your show. But like a good friend, you were always there when I got back to the radio. Now, like a good friend, I will be here when you get back to the radio. I was beginning to wonder if you were human. I guess you are. My prayers and thoughts will be with you through this thing, as I am sure millions upon millions of your loyal fans’ will also.

Have a great day Rush,


Hi Rush!

Just a note to say you’re in our prayers and we miss you and think the world of you! We know you can overcome this, after all, you’re Rush Limbaugh, the achiever!

Steven & Lyn
Pasadena, CA



I spend my lunch period listening to your program and while I enjoy the replacements, I miss your voice, logic and presence. I pray that you will be restored to health and return soon.



Mr. Limbaugh,

I know you’re going to get hundreds of thousands of emails while you’re away, and you may not even get through enough of them to even get to this one. But in case you do actually get a chance to read this one, I really wanted to express my gratitude for your radio show, and all that you stand for. I can only imagine what you’re going through right now. I was born with spinabifida (mild case) and suffer from back pain myself on a somewhat regular basis. I know you’ll come out of this a much stronger, forward-looking person. I appreciate the honesty you showed on your program and look forward to your return. I’ll continue to pray for you and your family. You’re a true American that we all could take lessons from. Be strong, get well, and we’ll all be waiting for you when you return to your radio program! God Bless you and God Bless America!!!

Roxboro, NC


Dear Rush,

I’m a huge fan of honesty, decency and morality and you fit that mold to a tea. You take care of yourself, get well and know that millions of people are praying for you, and I can tell you this, I’ve never seen prayer fail anyone.

God Speed your recovery,
Sandy from Michigan


Dear Rush,

I have been a listener for the past 10 years, however, this is the first time that I have attempted any communication with you. Rush, I am proud of you! As Americans, we see so little integrity and therefore just automatically expect people to try and weasel out of responsibility. Thank you for not doing that Rush. I am praying for your speedy recovery and look forward to hearing you on the radio soon.



Hi Rush,

God Bless you!
Thanks for everything my friend.

Tom in Santa Barbara



Having had a family member with migraines experience what you are going through, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife every day. Our family worked hard to beat this, you’re strong and you will, too.




I am proud of you entering the program to end your dependence on drugs. My deceased husband did that ten years ago; got clean, and lived many happy years. Way to go! I will be praying for you.

A devoted listener,


Dear Rush…

I’ve been a listener since 1988 and I must say you have been, and continue to be, a very valuable teacher in my life. My wife, who voted for Herr Wilhelm der Schlickmeister not once, but twice, is now a Conservative and fan of yours as well as Sean Hannity. Thank you for helping me bring her around and may you return to the radio waves in victory over this drug demon. And so I say to you:

May God bless you and keep you.
May God make his face to shine upon you and bless you.
May God turn toward you and grant you peace.

In Jesus’ name we join the millions of other prayers from across the fruited plains and around the world in hopes of your recovery.

Hurry back to the airwaves and Gurkha

Perfecto dittos our friend, James, Lisa, Asher and Brynn
Elsie, Michigan.

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