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RUSH: Want some exit poll data to buttress what I was discussing in the first hour? Senator McCain, the theme, the purpose of his campaign was to go after moderates, to go after these rock-ribbed independents and so forth. McCain lost independents and moderates 60 to 39%. Did you hear that? Do you people hear that? And the wizards of smart on our side advocated this very strategery! Just walk across the aisle.

You walk across the aisle, they break your leg. You reach across the aisle, they break your arm. If you walk and reach across the aisle, they punch you in the nose! McCain lost independents 60 to 39. Yet, get this number, this is nationwide tallies now of exit polls. Obama got 20% of the conservatives who voted in America yesterday. What it says here. Twenty percent — well, it says here conservatives. McCain got 78% of the conservative vote. Doesn’t say Republican here. If McCain would have won 100% of the conservative vote, what might have happened yesterday? Well, look what happened when conservatives supported Prop 8 out in California. The exit polls also show — now, again, these are polls and these are exit polls, but I find this interesting. This is CNN, by the way. ‘Exit polls show that only 22% of voters yesterday claim to be liberal, 34% claim to be conservative. McCain got 89% of Republicans.

Well, looky there. General Dinkins is on the Fox News Channel, General David Dinkins, mayor for life, first African-American mayor of New York City. The birds were chirping nicer tunes that day as well. Hobos were begging from people a little bit more politely. There’s a glorious mosaic, it actually was, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Twenty-two percent in the exit polls yesterday claim to be liberal, 34% claim to be conservative. McCain only got 89% of the Republican vote. He only got 80% of the conservative vote. And therein lies the tale, the recipe offered up by the wizards of smart in the Republican Party and on our side, for whatever reason, whatever reason we have got to abandon our base, and we’ve gotta broaden our base. By the way, I have nothing against going out and getting Democrats and independents to vote for you. But not by behaving like a Democrat or an independent. And not by welcoming them in as a corrupting influence in the party, as moderate Democrats, independents or whatever.

You go out there and you move ’em to the right, and you do that with the core principles and beliefs of conservatism. But you have to also be able to articulate it, and that is also a challenge that we will deal with in coming years, and that’s finding somebody who can actually explain all this. It isn’t that tough. All you gotta do is really believe it. Once you believe it, explaining is easy. It’s when you don’t believe it and you’re trying to fool people, you come off as inarticulate. And that’s why when Obama sounds inarticulate — uh, ah, uh — he’s making sure he doesn’t blow it like he did with Joe the Plumber, making sure he doesn’t give away what he really thinks.


RUSH: This is Kim in Bluefield, West Virginia. Nice to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. First of all, I wanted to say the problem wasn’t Governor Palin, the problem was McCain himself.

RUSH: Now, now, now, now, that’s not what the intellectualoids and the learned smart people on our side say, Kim.

CALLER: Well, Sarah Palin spoke to the things that I was thinking about. But the main reason I called today was I wanted to say, last night Fox News, when they were talking about the election results, they spoke about West Virginia went for McCain and that the people that went for Mr. Obama were uneducated white people.

RUSH: Wait. They said the people that went for Obama were uneducated white people?

CALLER: Right. Right. The poor, uneducated white people in West Virginia of course had went for, no, had went for McCain.

RUSH: Went for McCain. Okay, the Fox News people reported that? Probably citing their exit polls.

CALLER: Well, but I mean the thing about it is, in West Virginia we’ve seen what socialism does. We just were coming out of that when this tragedy has happened. You can come to West Virginia and see what socialized government programs do for people. It’s a trap you can’t get out of.

RUSH: I know, this is the point. People that live in welfare, one of the things that’s very, very frustrating to me is that we’ve got Obama and others who want to expand the welfare state because that’s the only way they think they can equalize things and bring fundamental change. I don’t care where you go, where there’s a welfare state, a neighborhood, a community, or a whole city, and depending on the certain state that you might be in, you see misery. You see abject misery. And then somehow the Democrats turn around and succeed in blaming Republicans for the misery, and Republicans don’t know what to do about defeating this sort of thing or even rebutting it. But your comment about the uneducated white voters in West Virginia voting for McCain, probably exit polling data, but you have to understand, to the elites, what happened last night was enlightenment.

This country finally shed all of its evil and rotten prejudiced baggage, bigoted baggage and the enlightened finally saw the light, and they acted for the best interests of the world and the best interests of the country and the best interests of mankind. And then, look, we’ve got this little pocket of hicks in West Virginia, these uneducated white people, and the media, liberals start throwing those terms around. That’s code word for basically Deliverance types. Well, of course they’re not enlightened, of course they went for McCain, blah, blah, blah. It’s just a continued effort to stigmatize and criticize and hold in a negative light people like you who live in West Virginia. The media aspect of this is another thing. But it is what it is. They’re another entity here that’s going to have to be countered. But eliminating them is not going to happen. That kind of an expectation is just unrealistic.

Yeah, we had a horrible performance, but they got what they wanted, they got what they wanted precisely by not telling anybody about the Democrat Party presidential nominee. They got precisely what they wanted with their polling data and the early voting and the creation of public opinion and so forth. They were aided and abetted because they didn’t have anybody on our side in the other campaign contrasting what they were saying, about him, and about us. There’s a reason why all these things happen. You can always find the reason. They’re not a mystery. These reasons, you have to be honest with yourself about why, and that usually requires self-examination first, and that is what is not happening even on our side right now, at least not honestly.

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