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RUSH: Okay. I’m going to hold up this picture. This picture is from today in the UK Sun. Right there it is, ladies and gentlemen. It is two polar bears trapped on what this UK Sun story says is a melting iceberg. It is a story of tear-jerking proportions. It’s a mother and cub polar bear, and they’re floating out to sea and there’s nobody to save them and they had to take time out from hunting the seals and they’re 12 miles offshore, and, oh, it’s terrible. And this is just more fraud that we get from the Four Corners of Deceit, that is science, that is the media, and so forth. That’s just an ice floe. It’s not a melting iceberg. It is not a melting glacier. It’s just an ice floe. Polar bears can swim 60 miles. They’re okay. The polar bears are okay. I’m telling you, they’re okay. But the picture is another one of these fraudulent things. I just saw this right before the program started. The polar bears are not going to die. I turned the Dittocam off so I can zoom back out and get back to our regular proportions here. The polar bears are not going to die. The hoax continues. They’re doubling down on this.

‘A polar bear cub is comforted by its mother as they drift TWELVE MILES out from shore on a rapidly shrinking iceberg after hopping on board to take a rest from hunting seals. The future looks bleak for the bears as they balance perilously on the ice that was bobbing around under their weight — but amazingly experts said the pair probably made it safely back to shore.’ I’m sure they did. They can swim 60 miles. They’re polar bears. This is designed to make us think that global warming is melting the icebergs, and these poor bears are going to die out there. Polar bears do this and even if they did, no great loss. There’s a polar bear explosion in terms of population out there.

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