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RUSH: Our buddy Barney Frank yesterday on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell, NBC News asked him the question: ‘We recently saw the way you handled protesters at a health care forum. How would Ted Kennedy have handled protesters at a similar event?’ I mean, do you believe the question? Listen to the answer here.

FRANK: I think he would, ehhh, ehh, have allowed them to voice their feelings, but not be intimidated by them — and I think in those kind of situations, uh, he would have been very calm. Now, there were problems early in his life. Let’s be, you know, explicit. This is a man, ehh, two of whose brothers were murdered by political opponents. Uh, extreme and crazy political opponents.

RUSH: Political opponents? Sirhan Sirhan? Sirhan Sirhan — and, by the way, do you know that Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers dedicated one of his books to Sirhan Sirhan? Do you know this? You had forgotten that, but I hadn’t forgotten because I have a flawless memory — and Lee Harvey Oswald was a freaking communist! Political opponents. Barney Frank tries to make it look like the Kennedys were murdered by Republicans out there with this comment, and there are a couple other people doing that. Sirhan Sirhan, a book written by Obama buddy Bill Ayers dedicated to the guy. And of course Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist. Look, JFK, that was either Castro getting even for the Bay of Pigs or it was the mob getting even for all the women that he’d corrupted. I don’t know what it was. It was either mob or a communist. It certainly wasn’t a right-wing political opponent.

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