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“Science has devolved into nothing more than market capitalism. There’s less science, and more and more attempts to grab money.”

“It’s just June. A lot can happen in July, really big things can happen in August, and even bigger things can happen in September, momentous things can take place in October, and absolutely unspeakable things can happen in November.”

“Obama was out there praising the Supreme Court decision yesterday on the guns after he had dissed it a year ago. You wouldn’t believe the Drive-Bys trying to sanitize this guy from all of his changes.”

“If you’re a broker and you’re looking at the market right now, we don’t need Obama. All we need is the threat of Obama.”

“Open Line Friday is a golden opportunity for you. It’s always fun. We never know what we’re going to get. A lot of it depends on Snerdley’s mood, but it generally works out.”

“Real journalism does not happen much anymore. Journalism has become a look to the future with an attempt to cement in as many people’s minds the doom and the gloom that awaits us as the hours, the days, the weeks, and the months continue to pile up.”

“The reason Obama needs Hillary by his side is that so she is not standing behind him where he can’t see the knife.”

“The last thing I’d do is wear a diamond. I don’t wear bling.”

“Women get dazzled over diamonds, they really do. They like diamonds like I like my high-definition TV equipment. I can’t get enough of it. Diamonds, to me, are a price.”

“The Supreme Court is no longer just the ultimate authority on legal and constitutional matters. The Supreme Court has now taken upon itself the role to determine and decide controversial political outcomes as well.”

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