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“If you Republicans don’t mind McCain’s positions, then what is it about Hillary’s positions you dislike? They’re the same!”

“A brief break here at the top of the hour. I will take more remedial measures to try to bring back my voice with a combination of greasy potato chips and chocolate doughnuts.”

“The one time Chris Matthews gets something right, and he apologizes for it because of pressure from a Hillary front group, Media Matters for America. So Hardball became Suckball last night.”

“The only difference between this country and a bag of dog doo-doo was the bag after four years of Jimmy Carter.”

“The Clinton, Inc., war room has no boundaries whatsoever and they will use the full force and power of the federal government against individuals who are not supporting what they want to do. Think 700 FBI files.”

“As far as liberals and a lot of their voters are concerned, business is to be screwed, business is to be gotten even with, business is to be cut down to size.”

“The Tyra Banks show? I know Tyra Banks is a model, but I didn’t know she had a show. It’s a syndicated TV show? You know, it’s stuff like this… it just really, really impacts my optimism on the future of the country.”

“Mr. Snerdley always thinks a woman might have sabotaged me by putting something in my coffee.”

“At this point, given the way things are shaping up, beating Hillary is not a priority to me. Conservatism is the priority, and if what we do to beat Hillary destroys conservatism, what the hell.”

“I don’t eat Jell-O. I make fun of it.”


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