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“I guarantee you that when the Clintons got to the hotel room last night ashtrays and lamps were being tossed all over.”

“The efforts by the American left in this country to secure defeat have themselves been defeated. The stamina and the staying power of all of you people in uniform… you guys really are a tribute to the best and brightest this country has.”

“As I commented yesterday, there is no such thing as good news allowed in the American media. We could have news today that cancer has been cured and the Drive-Bys would put four experts on about how this may be bad news.”

“I’m asking myself during all of these laments about the angst and the insecurity in this country: What happened to good old self-reliance? What happened to the can-do spirit? What happened to the notion that we live in the greatest country on Earth?”

“It’s not just that Hillary didn’t even get 30%, it’s not just that she came in third place, it’s that 70% of the state voted against her! This is profound!”

“Look, folks: I have more appreciation and understanding for your potential than you do. You can be so much better than you are; we all can. But you’re not going to get there waiting for a candidate to come along and pay the electric bill, damn it!”

“I have problems with my cat, I have problems with doors that don’t fit, and I have problems with ants running around portions of the house — but I fix it! I don’t wait for some politician to say, ‘I, too, have ants.'”

“What I fear is that people are confusing populism with conservatism, and populism is a political figure telling you whatever he thinks you want to hear.”

“Name the child in the last 35 years who Mrs. Clinton has helped who has come forward and said, ‘My life has been changed because of Mrs. Clinton.’ Now that I bring this up, they’ll probably find a couple people: ‘When I was eight years old, Mrs. Clinton saved me from a predatory father.'”

“I am not here to write campaign brochures for these candidates. If you have listened to this show for any period of time, you know full well where I stand on the issues.”


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