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“Senator Whitehouse, who died and named you chief of doctors, nurses and hospitals? Who gave you the power over our health decisions?”

“You ever heard of stoplights freezing over? Well, they’re starting to freeze over up there in Wisconsin, Global Warming Snowstorm Algore. They’re new and improved, they use less energy and produce less heat, so the ice doesn’t melt and you can’t tell whether it’s red, green, or yellow, or any color. People are having accidents. It’s just a microcosm of what’s ahead.”

“We got the G8; we have the G7; we have the G20. I have a G550. We’re now talking about the G77.”

“If you think this is about climate or emissions or about anything other than wealth transfers from rich countries to poor countries and establishing a global government, you’re going to miss entirely what’s going on. The numbers don’t matter. The numbers are jimmied from the get-go. The numbers are plugged in; the numbers are faked; it’s a hoax!”

“Tell me, Senator Whitehouse, why haven’t you supported an amendment that would apply the same government health care you would impose on the rest of us on you and your own family? Why are you such a self-serving hack, Senator Whitehouse?”

“What is worse, Tiger Woods paying for sex with his money, or Democrat Max Baucus paying for sex with taxpayer money? Think about that.”

“Tiger Woods can’t raise your taxes. Tiger Woods can’t send your kids off to war. Tiger Woods can’t do anything to you. But Max Baucus can write a piece of health care legislation that can destroy the private sector of this country.”

“If you’re gonna lower the eligibility age to 45 or 55 and cut Medicare $500 billion bucks, folks, somebody’s gotta die or somebody’s gotta be denied coverage, which will cause them to die eventually. And they don’t want to talk about that.”

“What a perfect punctuation mark to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo. One of the reasons Obama got the prize is he wants to get rid of nukes. Vladimir Putin, it seems, had no problem reminding the world in a beautifully timed nuclear ballistic missile test that both the Norwegians and Obama are chasing unicorns.”

“The Democrats are gluttons, except they’re not eating, they are spending money. They just spend and spend and spend and there’s no way to tell ’em to stop, there is no ‘off’ button to manage them in a responsible manner.”

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“When a 20-something Muslim male buys a one-way ticket with cash and has no luggage, that’s not a dot. That’s a fire alarm! He may as well have ‘I’m a terrorist’ taped on his T-shirt.”

“Good Lord, do you people not understand in the media that Obama is responsible for all of these job losses? Government stimulus mathematically, economically, is not possible.”

“I think the Associated Press writes their stories just to amuse me and to get me to mention them.”

“I want to know, ladies and gentlemen, where does the buck stop with jobs? We were told yesterday in an attempt to sound like Harry Truman that the buck stops with Obama, when he really means Bush, on all these terrorist snafus. But where does the buck stop on jobs?”

“I think south Florida is the only part of the country, maybe the only state, that doesn’t have some snow on the ground. I mean we literally have here a deep freeze, totally missed by science and totally missed by the National Weather Service wild guessers.”

“You can’t stimulate an economy by taking $50 million out of it and then putting the $50 million back in.”

“James Carville worried that they could measure his penis in a full-body scan. James, don’t worry. It wouldn’t take long.”

“I don’t mean to be a downer here, but what’s frustrating is that once again this government’s governing against its own citizens.”

“Senior management is always on the clock, but not in this administration.”

“The Dittocam at RushLimbaugh.com is now in HD; and it’s being provided via Flash video, which is a great step up.”

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“Obama’s big line in his speeches is, ‘We want our money back.’ No, Mr. President, we want our vote back. Millions of Americans want their vote back.”

“Would you call what happened to Air America jobs lost? Well, you’d have to say jobs lost. Why couldn’t Obama save those jobs? Air America, Chapter 7, fini. I thought talk radio was so easy.”

“Conan O’Brien has a one-hour-a-night television show and has a staff of 200, a staff of 200! We do a three-hour radio program every day, and we do it with less than ten people.”

“What exactly has Barack Obama done for the middle class? We all know what he hasdone to the middle class. They don’t have jobs. They arefacing massive tax increases. But what has he done for the middle class?”

“Obama is one of these coulda, woulda, shoulda guys. You know what a coulda, woulda, shoulda guy is Dawn? You probably dated a bunch of them.”

“I don’t think Obama has the concept of the role of a president or the limits of his intelligence or abilities, but the good news is that most of the American people now do. It is time, ladies and gentlemen, to regulate Obama. He is trying to regulate us and everything else. It’s time to regulate him, and that’s what we intend to do in November.”

“I could create more jobs in 25 minutes than Obama is going to create in four years.”

“Mayor Bloomberg said we’re going to limit salt. You know the girl with the umbrella on the Morton salt? She’s going to become the next Joe Camel. She’s going to become the next Marlboro man. She’s going to become the next villainess.”

“Ordinary people do and can accomplish extraordinary things. But rarely have I ever seen any ordinary person bring such extraordinary achievement in such a short time. In political time it’s a nanosecond. Senator-elect Scott Brown has not even been sworn in yet but he already changed Washington as liberals thought they knew it.”

“Obama’s not cracking down on the banks, folks. He’s raping them.”

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“For those uncomfortable with the favorite words of leading Democrats, ‘Negro’ and ‘retarded,’ I have a question: Are you comfortable with the words or with Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel?”

“Obama can manipulate the jobs numbers all he wants. But he cannot manipulate the real money on Wall Street.”

“I feel for the New Orleans Saints. I’m sentimentally pulling for the Saints but they’re destined to lose because Obama’s picked them. He’s worse than Clinton. He should just shut up.”

“If it’s a contest between Politico and Sarah Palin’s spokeswoman, I will believe Sarah Palin’s spokeswoman. No question about it.”

“I used Harry Reid’s words and Rahm Emanuel’s words, not mine, to expose and punish their behavior. I used satire to wash their mouths out with soap and made an uncomfortable point because the State-Controlled Media would have run any Republican out of office, as in George Allen and Macaca.”

“I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for Saturday Night Live or late-night comments to treat Democrats the way they treat Republicans. If some would choose different methods to expose Reid and Emanuel, fine, we share the same goals and both are useful in getting results. And aside from the State-Controlled Media, everybody involved got the point, and so did they. Their outrage is totally fake and totally predictable.”

“America is no longer in the driver’s seat of our economic bus. This is why there is all of these little silent protests, tea parties and what have you, effervescing out of across the fruited plain. We don’t control our economic destiny anymore.”

“Word to the wise: Never trust the information coming out of closed societies, never. And ours is rapidly becoming a closed society. Never trust information coming out of a socialist government.”
“The Washington Times is telling us that the ChiComs are lying about their boisterous economic growth as well, and if this become popular knowledge, I shudder to think what’s going to happen on Wall Street. So my question is, is Obama creating a Jobsgate? Jobs data being manipulated for political purposes? Who would doubt it?”

“We never get a day off in the news with the Obama team constantly at a full sprint.”

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“People ask, ‘Rush, how long are you going to do this?’ I won’t retire ’til every American agrees with me. Well, Obama is making that happen!”

“When there is less snow, the alarmists say that’s because of global warming. When there is more snow, they say it’s because of global warming. Now, you cannot have it both ways, otherwise you’re contradicting yourself and proving that all you are is on a political mission.”

“You think of all of the billions that have been spent ostensibly to protect things and people from global warming, and it’s all been a scam, nothing more than a huge transfer of wealth. It is a giant scam. It is political corruption.”

“Someday — I’m patient — it’s been 20 and a half years behind the Golden EIB Microphone, yet someday, you are going to learn not to doubt me.”

“Snerdley just asked me: ‘Patrick Kennedy’s not going to run. Is this the last of the Kennedys in Congress?’ And I said: ‘Yeah, and if I could somehow get the word to my dad it might bring him back to life.’ It could, folks, it really could.”

“The views expressed by the host on this program make more sense than anything anybody else out there happens to be saying, and there’s always somebody out there.”

“We weren’t waiting for somebody to lower the seas; we were waiting for an elected official in an executive branch to lower the sea of red ink and to get some sensibility back to budgeting.”

“We were waiting for a leader with guts to heal the spending sickness that grips bureaucrats and big spenders in legislature after legislature after legislature. This is the kind of thing the tea party people are demanding.”

“Budgets are going to have to be balanced to avoid bankruptcy, and every time a state’s governor takes the lead in returning fiscal sanity to his or her state, Barack Obama’s going to be made to look that much weaker and that much more ineffective.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, is it wrong to love another man, because I love Chris Christie. He’s taking on rich union contracts. This is what is going to have to be done at the state and city level to balance these budgets. That’s where all of this waste is, that’s where all the stimulus money went that was spent last year. It went to bail out states to make sure that public employee union people were not laid off. But the day is coming.”

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“There’s a reason Democrats are dropping like flies and there’s a reason Republicans are winning elections left and right, and it’s not because they’re going along and being bipartisan. The era of McCain is over.”

“Yes, Snerdley, I’m in a much better mood today. I don’t know why. No, I’m not coming down with anything. Yes, I’m using Zicam.”

“I am more fascinated with the reactions I got from men who watched the Tiger Woods presser versus women. It is hilariously stunning.”

“I learned that Barack Obama gave the Dalai Lama a set of presidential cuff links and a presidential golf ball on the way out the door by the trash bags. Now, as you know, the Dalai Lama doesn’t wear sleeves.”

“My audience is usually smiling.”

“I’m wondering what Bill Ayers thinks of this guy that flew the airplane into the IRS building down in Austin. You think Ayers admires the guy? I’m not implying anything here, folks, I’m just asking.”

“I wonder what the FALN terrorists that Eric Holder and the Clintons released and gave pardons to, I wonder what they think about this effort by Stack, to fly his airplane into the IRS building.”

“If Sarah Palin had not endorsed McCain, can you imagine what the press would do to her?”

“The Heritage Foundation is one huge think tank of really smart people. They know which economists to consult to filter out the truth, making it easy for everybody, including you, to understand.”

“Somebody needs to tell Barack Obama he’s starting to sound like Tiger Woods. We know that he’s lying, we know he’s lying about everything.”

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“Whenever you hear them say it’s a tie, it means it was a Republican big win.”

“You could combine all the annual profits of the private sector health insurance business and you’d have enough money to buy health coverage for Americans for two days. And yet Obama and the Democrats rail about these obscene profits that are being made by private insurance companies.”

“There’s no such thing as a centrist. There’s no such thing as a moderate. They’re all Democrats. They’re all liberals.”

“When I go out in public and people meet me who only know me by either listening to this program, or, more importantly, through the media image that the Drive-Bys have created, they are shocked, they are stunned at what a nice guy I am.”

“I’ll guarantee you this, there’s no graduate that comes out of Hillsdale College that doesn’t know instinctively that the Drive-By Media is a propaganda machine.”

“That’s the thing that’s not tough enough anywhere is thinking. We just ramrod whatever propaganda, facts, Algore movies we want into kids’ heads these days, and we teach them to react to things in a knee-jerk way, not to think things through and largely because half the teachers teaching today don’t know how to think, either, because they’re a product of the same corrupt institution.”

“You people don’t believe it just because I say it. This audience is among the most thinking media audiences in the country, of that I have no doubt.”

“Look, MSNBC, at some point don’t you think that network would reach a degree of embarrassment and have to do something about it?”

“We cannot find one Obama acolyte. We cannot find one seminar caller. We cannot find one spammer. Now, it’s been suggested that they’re not up yet, which is a valid possibility. It’s also just as valid that there just may not be that many of them anymore.”

“The White House expected this show to be filled with Obama seminar callers ripping the Republicans today and instead it’s just the opposite.”

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“All of this talk of reconciliation is just another head feint. Once the House passes the Senate bill we’ve got Obamacare.”

“The White House is out there saying how good the unemployment number woulda been without the snowstorm. What I would say is, how good would it be without fear of tax increases, cap and tax, Obamacare.”

“The Obama administration at a lot of levels, over at the Pentagon, in the White House, they view their mission as to manage an America in decline.”

“There is not going to be reconciliation. This is Sauron getting the ring and then letting Gollum have it for a couple minutes so he’d get it back.”

“Nobody utilizes precious broadcast moments better than I do. Are you still eating raisins? Do you know what raisins are?”

“Everything coming out of the Senate is a distraction intended to keep your eye off where the real action is. The action is the head count in the House.”

“The cost of doing business in the United States today, as you know, is very high. There’s no economic growth. People are being laid off. People are not being hired. The growth is occurring in the public sector.”

“This is a guy Obama wants on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a guy who thinks the chief justice of the United States is too radical because he believes in private property rights and free enterprise. If Obama picked this guy, that’s what Obama thinks, too.”

“Reconciliation is not the endgame here. The House passing the Senate bill is the endgame.”

“I’ll tell you when it’s too late. I’d be in New Zealand if it was too late. I’ll tell you when we reach the tipping point. We’re nowhere near it. We’re still the United States of America. A majority of American people have clearly expressed they don’t want a shred of what’s happening here, and we will stop it.”

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“The simplest way to explain what’s happening here is that not one Democrat in a leadership position in the House, Senate or White House is telling anybody the truth.”

“The Democrat Party has to have a demon and the insurance industry is the latest demon.”

“It’s just striking. Obama’s ‘strongly disapprove’ numbers are now equal to George Bush’s when he left office.”

“If you don’t believe that Obama’s purposely setting out to destroy the US private sector and take it over in a fascistic sort of way, then you gotta open your eyes and be honest with yourself.”

“If a House Democrat votes for reconciliation, which is deemed to include the Senate bill, you are knowingly voting for the Senate bill, warts and all. This is what the House Democrats must understand.”

“The health care bill is purposely confusing. It is confusing to the point of distraction.”

“Obama knows exactly what he’s doing, and the radical left Democrats know exactly what they’re doing. They are destroying the economy.”

“I hate that word ‘reconciliation,’ because it is not accurately describing what’s going on here. This is an amendment package. This is the House changing what they don’t like about the Senate bill in a separate piece of legislation.”

“The bottom line is there are no expanded services, there are no smaller premiums. Nothing that they’re saying about this — Pelosi, Hoyer, Obama — none of it is true.”

“The American people are being screwed royally by the President of the United States. There’s no other way to put it. We’re being screwed royally. The big shaft. We are being bludgeoned. This is banana republic-type stuff. This is what happens in dictatorships. This is tyranny. If you ever wondered what it looks like, close up, this is it.”

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“Wouldn’t this week have been a good time for Barack Obama to lower the seas — or at least the Gulf of Mexico?”

“It is clear this guy does not really want to be president. He doesn’t want to deal with the country’s problems. He does not have any desire to manage. He can’t be bothered with the responsibilities of his office. He simply is wanting and is imposing his ideology without distraction.”

“The oil slick is Obama’s Katrina. The problem is he didn’t jump on this ASAP. He waited eight days, folks. There is no excuse for this, none.”

“The amount of time Obama spent on the oil slick today versus the amount of time he spent on those props disguised as human beings and their jobs was fascinating.”

“I’m Mr. Optimism, but it’s gotta be based in fact and truth and reality. Phony optimism is unkind to people. We at the EIB Network focus on truth.”

“Obama is dividing this country two ways. Dividing it on class envy, the haves and have-nots, and dividing it on race. Hitler only did one way, the Soviet communists only did one way, Obama is combining these two techniques, and you see it right before your very eyes.”

“You have to feel sorry for Ted Kennedy. He lost his seat, and then he lost his view — all because Obama ignored the last desires of a dying man. It’s one thing to lose your seat, but then to lose your view?”

“I’m distracted because my iPad is sitting at home and I’d really rather be there playing with the damn thing.”

“Obama is so busy race-baiting, preaching redistribution of wealth, grabbing power, he can’t actually do the job that he was elected to do.”

“They’ve shut down all the drilling out there. When we have car accidents, do we close down highways for months?”

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“I don’t get talking points, and if I did, I wouldn’t open ’em. I make the talking points.”

“Chris Christie, this guy is just doing everything right. He wants to privatize the DMV; he wants to privatize auto inspections in New Jersey; he wants to take all these union jobs out of the state and put ’em in the private sector.”

“Our immigration policy is the most liberal in the world. It’s not broken; it doesn’t need to be fixed. It’s the non-legal immigration policy that is broken and needs to be dealt with and we got a law for it; they just don’t enforce it.”

“I love New York City, but it’s just silly to pay their tax rate. I think it’s partly one of the reasons why LeBron James came to Florida. I have no question whatsoever that the tax bite is part of this.”

“Obama is out saying he’s pro-business. They accuse Republicans of being pro-business. When they say Republicans are pro-business, they’re attacking them. They’re attempting to impugn them. Now all of a sudden Obama wants to wrap himself in the pro-business robe? Ha!”

“I’m going to turn the Dittocam off because the staff does not want to be seen on the Dittocam, a bunch of wusses.”

“Calling everybody who criticizes or disagrees with Obama a racist is just not cutting it anymore.”

“The American people want their elected representatives to stand up for their country, to love their country as they do, to be proud of it, and to seek further greatness and understand American exceptionalism.”

“We got an administration that can’t do anything, can’t fix anything — doesn’t want to fix anything — and is presiding over a nation in decline, while the people of this country love it and don’t understand why anybody doesn’t.”

“Monday is one of my all-time favorite days of the week because I get to come back to work. That’s great.”

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“Electing Barack Obama president is the equivalent of marrying somebody without knowing a damn thing about them until the next day.”

“You just know the Drive-Bys have been going through their Nexus database, they have been trying desperately to find any examples of your host — that would be me — over the past two, three years, whatever — claiming Obama was a Muslim. They can’t find it ’cause I never said it.”

“As much as the media and the Democrat Party hates Christians, why are they trying so hard to makeObama out to be one? They don’t like Christians! Let’s be honest about it.”

“Obama doesn’t understand this controversy about the mosque at Ground Zero or, worse, he does understand it and is just giving us a thumb in the eye.”

“The other day somebody told me that Nancy Pelosi was a Muslim but I didn’t buy that. It can’t possibly be because Pelosi’s born on Mars. I haven’t heard of any Muslims on Mars.”

“Snerdley gave me chicken crap and I had four minutes to make chicken salad.”

“I’m free market. I’m not going to peacefully co-exist with somebody who is anti-free market on some basis of human rights or civil rights. It’s just that simple.”

“You can say what you want about this mosque controversy, but nobody has lost their jobs because of it like they have lost their jobs because of the professional left’s media hysteria and intentional lies about the BP spill in the Gulf. We got a drilling moratorium because of their panic, because of Obama’s agenda.”

“Obama doesn’t strike me as a guy you’d want to go out, have a beer with and chase women after a game, like you would with Clinton.”

“I’m one who follows the news. In fact, I’m on the cutting edge of following the news. I know what the news is going to be before it’s reported.”

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