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RUSH: You know, folks, we’re learning more and more about what’s in this book Game Change and as I go through this I am stunned, I am stunned to see how little about Obama is in this book. There’s hardly anything about Obama. It’s loaded with stuff about the Edwardses. We didn’t get to that yesterday. I still have it in the stack. But they are finished, both of them. If you have any doubts about it, what a couple of frauds, both of them.

Here’s a thought for you to process. Not that we can do anything about it. But as you know, ladies and gentlemen, John Edwards called a press conference when it was learned that his wife’s cancer had returned, and all of the pundits, all of the inside people said, ‘We hear that Edwards is going to drop out of the race.’ Remember this? And then Edwards called a press conferences, showed up with Elizabeth, and far from dropping out, they said they’re going to keep going, despite her illness, and they used it as a sympathy play to raise money, campaign money, and it worked. It worked enough to keep Edwards alive into the Iowa caucuses. And he ended up being a spoiler in the Hawkeye Cauci, enabling himself and Hillary to split the opposition vote to Obama and Obama won the Hawkeye Cauci by importing out-of-state voters and ACORN people, and if Edwards had gotten out, that may not have happened. We’ll never know. We’ll never know.

Do you remember the rumor that there was a tape of Michelle Obama using the word ‘whitey’? Hillary believed it, and Hillary was urging her staff to get it out there. And that Sidney Blumenthal, Sid Vicious, was responsible for perpetrating as many rumors and so forth about Obama as possible. And of course Clinton, everybody is starting to ask now, ‘Okay, Clinton was having an affair. With who?’ These guys obviously know it. The authors of the book obviously know who it is, and the people in the book who were afraid of Clinton having an affair. I mean Cheryl Mills was in charge of managing the whole thing. Just like Betsey Wright was in charge of bimbo eruptions in the ’92 campaign, Cheryl Mills was charged with keeping a lid on whatever Clinton was doing. But everybody knew it. They were convinced it was happening, and a lot of people said, ‘Well, who was the woman?’ ‘Cause everybody wants to know who it is.

What people are concluding now, since the Clintons have not responded, people are concluding that the Clinton staff, former Clinton staffers are the sources. We always wondered, ‘Where are the Clinton tell-all books?’ They never happened. Every administration has turncoats that write books after they leave to tell what really went on but it never happened during the Clinton years, everybody is scared to death of them. Now all of a sudden sources have to be Clinton, Hillary and Bill staffers and insiders for some of this data and information to have been printed in the book. And the Clintons have not responded. They have not said a word. Washington officials, the Democrat Party, are concluding that this is it, this is the end of the vaunted and feared Clinton machine; that it no longer exists.


RUSH: Hey, Snerdley, would you grab me a cup of coffee? You are supposed to fetch coffee. You go fetch coffee because you are a Negro, and that’s what Bill Clinton said that Obama was doing just a few years ago. He’s talking to Ted Kennedy (doing impression), ‘Hey, hey, Teddy! Come on. Come on, man. You don’t want to endorse this guy. A couple years ago this guy would be fetching us our coffee.’ I did something last night I haven’t done in a long time. Since there was no Monday Night Football, I decided to really punish myself and I watched Monday night cable talk TV. I’m channel surfing around there, and Lawrence O’Donnell’s up there, and he’s talking to Eugene Robinson, who was designated the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist of the Washington Post.

And Lawrence O’Donnell sitting in for the uber-dork was asking this guy, ‘And how come there was no fallout from Rush Limbaugh calling Obama ‘the Magic Negro’?’ No fallout? I didn’t even call him that! It was the LA Times that did it. Pretty soon they’re going to say that I’m the one that called Obama a Negro and a coffee fetcher. Before this is all over, I’m going to end up being the one who said that in the Drive-By Media. (interruption) You mean Heilemann and Halperin? Who’s going after him? (interruption) Who? Who! (interruption) Oh, the bloggers, the leftist bloggers. Well, the leftist bloggers are going after the authors now for releasing this tidbit Clinton? (laughing) Well… (laughing) I don’t know. It’s fun to watch. Look, these people are so arrogant and condescending. They have all this power now that they’re not even bothering to put a mask on themselves so we’re seeing what they really are, all of them. They’re nuts. They’re kooks, they’re liars, they’re freaks. They really are.


RUSH: Okay, to the phones we go, to Albert in Bedford, Texas. We’ll start with you today, sir. Albert dropped off. Oh, no! Oh, no. Tell me what he was going to say. Hm-hm. Hm-hm. Hm-hm. Hm-hm. Hm-hm. Hm-hm. But it was Bill Clinton that said it, not Hillary. Bill Clinton’s never been a senator. Old Albert from Bedford, Texas, was going to say that what Bill Clinton said to Teddy Kennedy was not racist because that’s just the way it is in the Senate, junior senators — that makes no sense. Bill Clinton said to Ted Kennedy, (imitating Bubba) ‘Hey, come on, Ted I mean a few years ago this guy would be fetching us coffee.’ But that’s why I wanted to take the call. I wanted to hear how that is not racist. I saw Willie Brown last night. Willie Brown was on one of the cable shows and I was surprised at how little attention the Clinton comment is getting. Even on Fox it didn’t get much comment. Everybody is focusing on what Harry Reid said. But this Clinton comment, ‘Come on, Ted I mean, you know, a couple years ago this guy would be fetching us coffee.’ Hardly any attention paid to that at all. Willie Brown said there’s not a racist bone in Bill Clinton’s body. How can you say that after the campaign of 2008, the primary campaign? For crying out loud, the Democrat Party was full of nothing but racism and bigotry and debating whether or not Obama was authentic. Anyway, these people are good at circling the wagons. They do not throw their own people overboard.

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