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RUSH: Now, this is just prior to the immaculation, I predicted this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Closing Gitmo isn’t going to happen. It’s not going to happen. It is not going to happen. They’re not going to close Gitmo. I constantly suggest to people that they not doubt me. Don’t doubt me. I checked the e-mail during the time-out. People think that the left in this country is going to be outraged when they find out that Obama won’t close Guantanamo Bay for four years. They won’t hear that. It’s in the Washington Post today, but that’s where it will die. What they’re going to hear is an executive order announced to close it.

RUSH: All right, that’s enough. That was January 16th when I predicted they’re not going to close Club Gitmo. Sunday morning This Week, George Stephanopoulos talking to Robert Gates, ‘Major story in the Washington Post suggesting the president’s deadline of January 22 for closing Gitmo won’t be met. White House officials tell me at least some prisoners will still be there on January 22nd and beyond. How big a setback is that?’

GATES: The question was, ‘Should we set a deadline?’ I actually was one of those who said we should. ‘If you don’t put a deadline on something you’ll never move the bureaucracy.’ But I also said, ‘and then if we find we can’t get it done by that time but we have a good plan, then you’re in a position to say it’s going to take us a little longer but we are moving in the direction of implementing the policy that the president said.’ And I think that’s the position.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s where we are. So the deadline of January 22nd will not be met?

GATES: It’s going to be tough.

RUSH: And January 23rd will not be met, and January 24th will not be met. And January 25th will not be met. They’re not going to close Gitmo. They don’t know how. They don’t know what to do with the people that are there. So, again, my friends, don’t doubt me.

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