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RUSH: Cheyenne, Wyoming. This is Julie. Julie, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I haven’t talked to you for about 15 years. That’s when we first heard you. We lived out in California at the time, and we want you to change the subject a little bit because we want to have you become the first recycler of some of your great stuff, and that is Gorbasms. Instead of doing for, you know, Gorbachev, we want you to turn it into a Gore-basm, you know, all this Earth First stuff and the global warming stuff. We want you to start using it again.

RUSH: That theme?

CALLER: Yeah, the theme!

RUSH: Now, that’s a tempting idea, start making fun of Gore by recycling update themes and putting them into different subjects and so forth, but I don’t know. The Gorbasm theme, it’s just so perfect for Gorbachev and the old Soviet Union and so forth, but I like the idea. I think it’s a clever idea to recycle update themes. I’ll think about that. I really will. Julie, thanks much, I appreciate it.

Thinking of Gorbasms and so forth, have you seen this? ‘Scientists on the US Pacific coast are increasingly observing emaciated gray whales in what they fear is a sign that global warming is wreaking havoc in the whales’ Bering Sea summer feeding grounds. The scientists fear that the same phenomenon is cutting back reproduction in the Pacific whale population to the point it could be facing a new crisis, after recovering in the mid-1990s and graduating from the endangered species list. ‘The gray whales are migrating later, not going as far north, and are producing fewer calves,’ Steven Swartz, head researcher with the National Marine Fisheries Service told AFP.’ How do these people know this? Do we have sensitive instruments? Do we have submarines? Somebody tell me! Are we down there counting the number of these things? Are we watching every birth? Do we know where every gray whale on the face of the earth is? Well, do we know where every gray whale UNDER the face of the earth is? Do we know how many there are?

They’re losing weight. The headline is: ‘Warming Causing Gray Whales to Lose Weight.’ Frankly, folks, that’s insane. Warming causing whales to lose weight? This is actually good news. We all want to lose weight! If it’s causing the whales to lose weight, maybe you and I will lose weight because of warming. But do we know? I received a note from Roy Spencer today, the climate specialist, University of Alabama at Huntsville. He said, ‘The one thing that they can’t model…’ and his expertise is in precipitation and the effect that it has on warming. It’s not in the models, either, because we don’t have accurate measures of daily rainfall in all the world. We cannot tell ourselves — we cannot learn, we do not know — how much it rains where, everywhere on this planet. We do not know, and if you don’t know that, and if precipitation is a factor in global warming, then the models that are showing us all this stuff is worthless. Another thing is clouds. If you want to send a meteorologist into a tizzy, ask them about clouds. Ask them what the cloud cover tomorrow is going to be anywhere, and they can’t tell you. Do you know how little is known about clouds? Now, Roy’s note to me said that if there were a just 1% change in cloud cover on a consistent basis, the impact on temperature on the surface would be affected pretty profoundly.

But since we can’t measure cloud cover, either — you can look at it on the satellites and so forth, but we can’t predict it. We know what causes clouds, but we can’t make one when we want to, and we can’t move them around when we want to. We can’t get rid of them when we want to. It’s a giant mystery. So do we know how many gray whales are out there? Do we know how many calves are being born? I want to see the proof of this. How could it be that just ten years ago in the mid-nineties they ‘graduated from the endangered species list’ and now all of a sudden they’re threatened again? What the hell happened here? Global warming wasn’t happening ten years ago? It had to be happening. They’ve been warning about it since 1979 when they threw aside the global cooling crisis. This is the kind of stuff that shows up in the news. ‘Oh, mommy! Mommy, mommy, mommy! It’s the gray whales (whining) babies! What are we going to do, it’s our fault.’ People run around saying to these kids are gonna worry. There are going to be gray whale cartoons now. If there’s a scientist out there that can tell me that there are cold, hard factual numbers on the numbers of gray whales, and where they are, and when they’re having babies, and how many they’re having, and which babies are making it and which babies are not — are they having any abortions? Does every gray whale mom want to give birth? How do we know any of this for sure? Maybe we did, but this story does not tell us. They just have the scientists asserting this. They’re getting smaller; they’re not traveling as far north, and they’re not having as many calves. Why, it must be true. It’s in the Drive-By Media!

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