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RUSH: All right, it’s global warming time, folks. Incredible Global Warming Stack. Here is Algore.

(Playing of What a Horrible World.)

RUSH: Oh, no. Oh, no.

(Playing of What a Horrible World.)

RUSH: All right. Let’s get right to it. The purpose of the global warming update, by the way, is to illustrate the folly, the fraud, the deceit, the hoax, behind the whole scientific claim that humans are destroying the climate and causing it to change. We’ve discussed Heidi Cullen. She is the info climate babe at the Weather Channel. The New York Times did a profile on Ms. Cullen yesterday. ‘Into the Limelight and the Politics of Global Warming,’ and in case you’re wondering, she’s a big manmade global warming believer — yep, it’s happening — and she proposed once the decertification of TV meteorologists by the American Meteorological Society if they didn’t believe global warming, which caused me to call her a ‘Stalinist’ which she was asked about in this piece. In case you’re wondering, how does this woman get this job — she’s never been in TV before; she’s never worked in TV; she was a researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. She got a phone call from an executive at the Weather Channel, which she auditioned for a program on climate and global warming that producers were contemplating. She was a climatologist. She had a doctorate from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University, but she was dubious. She rarely watched television. She had never even seen the Weather Channel.

So they asked her, why did you decide to do this? What do you do here? How do you come to your views? ‘I’ve become a media junkie,’ she said. ‘I read far more widely now than when I was a researcher. Also, I watch a lot of TV, which means all the news programs, ‘Frontline,’ even ESPN, which I watch to learn how to write punchy leads. I also listen to NPR, check out Greenwire and troll the scientific journals like Science, Nature and Geophysical Research Letters.’ She’s a Drive-By news junky! It will do it to you every time. No wonder she buys into this global warming stuff. They asked her later on in the story, ‘Rush Limbaugh accused you of Stalinism. Did you suggest that meteorologists who doubt global warming should be fired?’ Cullen: ‘I didn’t exactly say that. I was talking about the American Meteorological Society’s seal of approval. I was saying the A.M.S. should test applicants on climate change as part of their certification process.’ What she said was that if they didn’t believe it, that they shouldn’t be certified, and if you’re not certified, a television station is not going to hire you. So it’s six of one, half dozen of another. From Kansas:

‘As August arrives, Wichita has recorded zero days this year of temperatures reaching 100 or more. None. Zip. Nada. Wichita hasn’t made it this far into a summer without reaching 100 since 1928. Herbert Hoover was president and the technological innovation sweeping the country was something called radio. Extreme heat has been about the only thing missing from the weather this year,’ and this is the case at a lot of the Midwest. I have all these cities put into my iPhone, and I check the weather every day. I’m amazed at how cool it’s been in Kansas City and in Cape Girardeau where I grew up, and in St. Louis, and how cool it’s been in the Northeast.

In fact, ‘A Summer Like No Other,’ is the headline to a story here: ‘Never before in recorded history have there been less sunshine in Oslo in July, according to Statistics Norway. Clouds blocking the sun also brought exceptionally much rain, making this July the wettest in 67 years.’ The month of July was cool. Nobody is going to the beaches. What is this? Europe is supposed to be baking, not flooding with global warming, according to the models and according to the movies and all the documentaries. By the way, the genie is now officially out of the bottle. One of the things I have told you over and over again is that the primary purpose of the United Nations, the primary reason it exists is to fleece the United States. It is made up of a lot of Third World thugs and dictators, otherwise socialists and liberals, who resent the fact that there’s such a great disparity in prosperity in this country versus other countries of the world, and we are to be made guilty for it and we are to give our money up. ‘Climate change alarmism met the infamous oil-for-food scam at the UN Tuesday.’ This is from our buddies at NewsBusters. ‘If you had any questions regarding why the UN has been the point man on driving global warming hysteria throughout America and around the world, they were all answered. In fact the genie was let out of the proverbial bottle by this Reuters headline: ‘UN Climate Change Meeting Aims at Rich Countries — The first UN special session on climate change focused on the world’s rich countries on Tuesday, as policy makers urged long-standing polluters to shoulder much of the burden for cutting greenhouse gases.”

There it is! The United Nations admits it. They’re not hiding it, just like liberals in this country are becoming more emboldened each day to share with us what they really think. This is nothing more than a fleece, a power grab, and they hope to make it succeed by making you feel guilty of sin for ‘destroying the planet’ with your extravagant lifestyles — and if they accomplish that, then you’ll go along with having your taxes raised and money going to the United Nations.

From the Times Online in the UK: ‘Motorists wanting to buy an environmentally friendly car should choose a diesel model and forgo energy-draining luxuries such as air conditioning, according to a government campaign that ranks vehicles according to their carbon emissions. The Department for Transport,’ i.e., the government, ‘is making an unprecedented intervention [in the UK] into the new car market today by telling drivers which are the ‘greenest’ models in each class…. The only petrol car is the Toyota Prius hybrid…’ Everything else they’re recommending is diesel. The underlying message is that a diesel car is the best option to help to save the planet, unless you can afford a hybrid. A diesel car will typically…’ Do you realize how idiotic this is: to save the planet, diesel is the best? Don’t buy a car with air-conditioning? Do you realize that there are kook wackos that eat this up, and then they go out and do this and then they start demanding you do it, too, because that’s who liberals are. They’re not content to live and let live. You have got to do everything they do. You have to eat what they eat. You have to say what they say. You can’t say what they don’t agree with or they’ll shut you up or try to. Political correctness, hello? Anyone? Now you have to go buy a diesel car, because if you don’t, we can’t ‘save the planet.’ It’s getting more and more outrageous. Now, I actually think I’m very optimistic about this. I was talking about this with Mr. Snerdley and some other people the other day. I think in three to four years, we can stop this. I think in three to four years, this can be illustrated to enough people in this country and the world, exactly what a hoax this whole thing is and what its real purpose is.

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