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RUSH: All right, we got a Global Warming Stack. Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. Get to it.

(Playing of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.)

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, the wicked witch of the east, from the Wizard of Oz and our global warming update theme, one of three that we rotate here. All right, from today’s UK Daily Mail. Headline: ‘Wrap Up, it’s Going to be a Very Cold Winter,’ warns the Met Office. ‘Time to dig out your coat, prepare to don your hat and scarf, as forecasters have warned that Britain should brace itself for cold temperatures this winter. There’s already a chill in the air. It looks like there’s more cold weather on its way. Although the Met Office’s official forecast predicts this winter will still be warmer and dryer than average, some extremely cold snaps will mean temperatures far lower than last year, the second warmest winter since records began in 1914.’ This doesn’t quite fit the pattern here, does it? Warning people to get ready for cold temperatures in the midst of a global warming scare?

This is the big news today, and this is oh-my-God big news. The atmospheric chemists had even convinced a number of unbiased climate scientists that we understood stratospheric ozone completion. It now turns out — and this is a story from the journal Nature.com. It turns out that a key chemical reaction that was part of the theory that manmade chemicals are causing destruction of stratospheric ozone has been found to be almost ten times weaker than assumed. As a result, at least 60% of the stratospheric ozone loss in recent decades can no longer be explained. However, the last paragraph of this story illustrates quite plainly that these scientists are nevertheless circling the wagons around the Freon ban saying they still think that manmade chemicals are to blame in some way even if they don’t understand the mechanism. So the faith of the disciples of Freon destroying the ozone remains unshaken, despite the fact that we can no longer explain 60% of the ozone depletion in the stratosphere. Yes, there are biased scientists out there, and these in this story in Nature are a number of them.

I really want to try to emphasize what has been learned here and what’s happened. We have banned Freon. We banned a number of other things that scientists just knew were leading to the destruction of the ozone hole, and you remember the scare involved. We were all going to get skin cancer. It was going to grow, and grow, and grow; we were destroying the ozone. I can remember at the time, folks, we couldn’t if we tried. There is no way we could destroy the ozone. How come the hole fills in periodically? Even before we banned the Freon, the hole would fill, then it would open up. ‘Yeah, but it’s getting bigger every time it opens up.’ It fills up! I’m a layman on this stuff, but common sense interceded. You know what creates stratospheric ozone is the sun. You talk about a chemical reaction, the sun creates it. There’s no way we could deplete it. It’s made every day. Now we find out that the main culprit — how many times has this happened in health issues or science issues where they’ve told us, for example, eat oat bran to clean you out, make you healthier, don’t do this and do that, and how many times years later have they had to revise it?

Coffee was going to kill you. Nicotine was great because it may prevent you from getting Parkinson’s. On the other hand, the mechanism to get it into your body, cigarettes, is going to kill you, over 40 years maybe. We have these health scares each and every day, these science scares. Now after banning Freon — and I gotta make this point about this, too — we never used to have foam insulation dropping off the solid rocket boosters on the shuttle launches and putting nicks in the shuttle and the heat-resistant tiles, which led to the explosion on reentry of one of those. We came up with a whole new way and refrigerant because of Freon, because of the ozone depletion, because NASA is a government agency and NASA had to do this and that, look like they cared, and we ended up putting human beings — the shuttle crew — at risk. We subordinated their safety to environmental concerns that now turn out to be wrong, hugely wrong. We upset the whole air-conditioning business. We threw it upside down by having to get rid of Freon and come up with some new mixtures.

Now after all of this time, they finally admit that we can no longer explain 60% — I’ll bet you it’s even more than that, I say in a nonscientific comment. Even after they say that we can no longer explain 60% of the ozone depletion in the stratosphere, they, the scientists who came up with all this circle the wagons around a Freon ban, and they say as scientists, ‘We still think manmade chemicals are to blame.’ They just concluded their own research that shows 60% has nothing to do with what they first thought, (paraphrasing) ‘but we still think there’s still something going on up there, still.’ So even though they’ve discredited themselves, they will not discredit themselves. This is who we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with political ideologues and activists.

It’s like this James Hansen story with George Soros that the Investor’s Business Daily unveiled on Monday, and this story’s got some legs now. It’s starting to show up on the Fox News Channel. They’ve been hyping this all day. James Hansen accepted — while working for NASA, and I didn’t think this was possible, I didn’t think this was legal — James Hansen, who is the lone voice, the man the Bush administration is trying to censor and silence, because he’s out there preaching the gospel on manmade global warming and destruction of the planet. Well, it turns out he’s being paid 720 grand by George Soros to say it, and who knows what the $720,000 is paying for. Is it paying for access to shows for Hansen to get on? Is it paying for marketing lessons and strategy lessons for Hansen to utilize?

Now, I don’t know what the law is on this but Hansen needs to be drummed out of NASA today. It was back in 1971 through ’75 James Hansen was predicting global cooling, and the coming ice age. I am told with these models you can predict whatever you want and make the case because these models are so flawed. But make no mistake about this, even though James Hansen has been unmasked, and even though these people that read us the riot act and lied to us on phony science that Freon was destroying the ozone in the stratosphere, even though these guys run masked and even though Hansen is unmasked, there have been real economic damages that have already really occurred because of James Hansen’s academic dishonesty, while using his NASA credentials, and resources, I would bet, to coerce governments and pursue people that, unless socialism is instituted the world will burn up, and it’s all being bought and paid for by George Soros, about whom we must ask, what is his intent?

It appears that Soros has as his intent the destruction of this country and its traditions and institutions as we have known them. So while we’ve unmasked Hansen, he’s still done a lot of damage already. Sort of like a spy, a CIA double agent or an FBI double agent who’s been feeding damaging information to the Soviets: Catch him after 30 years, but how many people died in the process? How much gobbly gook BS has found its way into official government proposals around the world to attack the United States and the western societies, the wealthy ones, and say it’s up to you to come up with the money to pay for all this, to fix the planet because you have destroyed it.

If you think I’m making that up, right outta the AP today, Josef Hebert: ‘Dealing with global warming will be painful, said John Dingell, chairman of a committee in the House that deals with it. To back up his claim he is proposing a recipe many people won’t like — a 50-cent gasoline tax, a carbon tax and scaling back tax breaks for some home owners. ‘I’m trying to have everybody understand that this is going to cost and that it’s going to have a measure of pain that you’re not going to like,’ Rep. John Dingell, who is marking his 52nd year in Congress, said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press. Dingell will offer a ‘discussion draft’ outlining his tax proposals on Thursday, the same day that President Bush holds a two-day conference to discuss voluntary efforts to combat climate change.’

The whole thing is a hoax. It’s based on frauds. It’s based on people masking themselves as to who they really are, fraudulent science to boot. And now here comes the Democrats right on cue, and, I told you, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax. The UN hasn’t even gotten in on this yet. This is all about separating us from our money based on the fact that we’re causing this, we’re to blame, we’re trying to make everybody think that we are sinners and we need absolution. Accepting these tax cuts as an admission of guilt is the objective here.


RUSH: One more global warming story, folks. This is from ABC.net, Australia [and also reported worldwide by outlets like Reuters]. ‘Gaia Scientist….’ These are the wackos that think that the earth is goddess and that’s what they call it. ‘A series of giant pipes in the oceans to mix surface and deeper water could be an emergency fix for the Earth’s damaged climate system. Professor James Lovelock, whose Gaia hypothesis that Earth is a kind of super-organism composed of living and non-living elements has fuelled controversy for three decades, thinks the stakes are so high that radical solutions must be tried — even if they ultimately fail.’ In fact, in liberalism, the more you fail, the higher your awards, the more your accolades and honors, because you ‘tried.’ At least you cared. You want to rise to the top of the liberal movement in the Democrat Party, do something and fail. This guy says, look, it’s so drastic out there, we gotta try this — and, even if it fails, we gotta try it. ‘[H]e proposes vertical pipes’ that’s straight up and down, for those of you in Rio Linda, ‘100 to 200 meters long and 10 meters wide be placed in the sea, so that wave motion pumps up water and fertilizes algae on the surface. This algal bloom would push down carbon dioxide levels and also produce dimethyl sulphide, helping to seed sunlight-reflecting clouds.’

Wait a minute. I’ve gotta give you one more thing. ”If we can’t heal the planet directly, we may be able to help the planet heal itself,’ Lovelock, of the University of Oxford, and co-author Chris Rapley, from London’s Science Museum, said.’ Well, I don’t know that anybody has listened. Nobody has listened to this guy for 30 years; that’s the point. He’s been proposing this for 30 years. More interesting to me about this, is the idea is clearly lunatic. Where do we put these 100- to 200 meter long and ten-meter wide pipes? How many? There aren’t enough lead mines. The lead that would be necessary for this is… How do you anchor ’em? I don’t even want to get into that. That’s still not what interests me most. What interests me most is: ‘If we can’t heal the planet directly, we may be able to help the planet heal itself.’ Now, the vanity and the arrogance in that relies on this silly assumption that the climate as it is today is perfect, or it was a degree centigrade ago. ‘It was perfect, and we somehow have to hold onto this.’ Folks, it’s not in our purview. It’s not our job, and we have no control over it. The earth doesn’t need a bunch of manmade junk, pipes in the ocean to protect and heal itself, because the earth is not sick! These people are.

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