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RUSH: Dadelut dadelut dadelut, a brand-new global warming update, Paul Shanklin, song stylist portraying Algore.

(playing of global warming song)

Vice president Algore and In a Global Warming Wonderland, our latest in a series of rotating global warming update themes. Before we get to the global warming news, we actually have an audio sound bite from Algore. This is yesterday on CNN in Oslo. Correspondent Jonathan Mann of CNN interviewed Algore after he got the Nobel Peace Prize that should have been mine. Mann says, ‘The Associated Press, among other sources, is reporting that your family home near Nashville, Tennessee, used $1,200 a month in electricity, which is 10 times the average for homes nearby. It’s been widely disseminated, and I think that’s what he’s getting at. Is it true? Are you a little less green than you seem?’

ALGORE: There’s a global warming denier group that put out misleading information.

MANN: The Associated Press is not that kind of organization.

ALGORE: No, they reported what that group said. And the — the — look, when you try to make a case like this, you are going to have — you’re going to have people try to attack the messenger in order to get at the message. They have not been able to succeed. But the most important element of this is the message. And part of what they — part of what these deniers try to communicate is that the only way to solve this crisis is for individuals to make changes in their own lives.

RUSH: This is the biggest stonewall I’ve heard all week. That was absolute gobbledygook. He didn’t answer the question. First place, $1,200 a month in electricity, that’s for pikers. But still it’s a lot of money for him, and, in fact, he’s gone out and he set up these carbon offset outfits. He’s not reducing his lifestyle at all. That’s the whole point. He wants you to, but he’s not, and he’s going out and buying carbon offsets and carbon credits, which is another hoax, designed to let him not cut back and all these other environmentalist wackos are doing the same thing. And the deniers, we’re deniers, you see. They’ve not been able to succeed, but the most important element of this is the message, and part of what these deniers try to communicate is the only way to solve the crisis is for individuals to make changes in their own lives. We’re communicating that? We deniers are making no such effort to change anybody’s life, the way they live, not in the sense that Algore means it here. It is Algore and his bunch that doesn’t even want to give us a choice in the matter. They want more power invested in fewer people and government to be able to tell us what we can and can’t eat, when we can’t eat it, what we can and can’t smoke, where we can and can’t smoke it, et al. So I think the question rattled the guy. The Clinton News Network comes up with this. Well, actually it makes sense the Clinton News Network would be after Gore. You never know what the guy might do.

All right, the global warming news. ‘The worldwide forum on climate change marked the 10th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol on Tuesday but the celebrations were shadowed by doubts on a new pact to tackle global warming. A giant birthday cake was unveiled on the sidelines of the talks in Bali to commemorate December 11, 1997, when the world’s most ambitious environment treaty was born in the eponymous Japanese city. Two parties followed in the evening, one hosted by Japanese green groups and the other by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). … In its present form, it will not do enough to stem the surge in pollution, which scientists say is badly damaging the Earth’s climate system. Worse droughts and floods, rising sea levels and more violent storms lie just decades away, they warn.’ You know what I take away from this? Ten years ago, let’s go back to 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. They had another one of these things, they didn’t call it Kyoto, but they had their climate meeting there.

In 1992, we’ve got 15 years, in 15, 20 years, if we don’t fix it, we are dead. Then in 1997, we got ten years to get working on this, ten years, and by the way we’re still prospering, pollution is coming down. The Earth is warming, no question about that, but not a whole lot. So the magic ten years has gone by, and the world has not ended, and it’s nowhere near ending. ‘Penguins Now Threatened by Global Warming.’ This is from the UK Telegraph. ‘Four species of penguin are facing a dual threat from loss of nesting sites and a shortage of food. The environmental conservation group WWF is warning that rising temperatures and the resulting loss of sea ice is robbing the emblematic birds of the nesting grounds they need to breed successfully. At the same time climate change and over-fishing has led to a reduction in the availability of krill — tiny crustaceans — which they rely on for food.’ But there’s problem with this. It says here, by the way, ‘Global warming is happening much more quickly in some parts of the continent, particularly the north-west area of the continent known as the Antarctic Peninsula.’

I received a reaction to this today from the official climatologist of the EIB Network, Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama at Huntsville, former NASA scientist. It says, ‘Dear El Rushbo, I’m sure you’ve seen the WWF report about penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula in decline based on the fact that the sea ice is melting. Yet sea ice around Antarctic has been running one million square kilometers above normal for the past couple of months,’ and he has sent me the charts, and there’s the chart. Those of you watching on the Dittocam can see it. Sea ice is expanding in the Antarctic. Greenland is not melting. None of the things that they say are actually happening. I don’t even believe that the penguins are threatened. They make all this other stuff up, too, and the reason they do is to get to the hearts and minds of little kids. ‘Mommy, mommy, the penguins are going extinct, and the polar bears. What are you and daddy doing to kill them?’ That’s how this stuff works. You have the Gore movie in school that shows these polar bears running around, supposedly deserted and stranded on ice that is melting all around them. It’s obscene. And, again, what allows it to succeed? Ignorance. Ignorance of the people is the most expensive thing we pay for in this country.


RUSH: Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sarah, thank you for your patience and welcome to the program.

CALLER: It’s an honor to speak with you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I just wanted to tell you, last week I was not surprised because I listen to you and I’m informed, but I was appalled when on Saturday morning I sat down to watch cartoons with my five-year-old son —

RUSH: What channel?

CALLER: It was one of the national networks. I don’t even know which one.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: We were not on it long enough for me to even figure out which one it was. But the cartoon had the good guys were these little blue guys and the bad guys were these red guys with flames coming out of their head. And they were watching —

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Oh, it gets better. They were watching a movie in a movie theater, and in the movie, of course, it showed all the typical things, you know, the ice caps melting, and it was all about global warming and, you know, all of the polar bears are losing their homes and, you know, your house is going to be flooded and all of that. And then they said, ‘Well, there are some scientists who don’t believe that global warming is a problem.’ And I actually thought, ‘Wow, they’re going to, you know, show the other side of this.’ Well, instead, they showed the epitome of the caricature of a professor sitting behind a desk in the desert, sipping a tall glass of iced tea, and he said, ‘Global warming really is a good thing because the warmer it gets, the better my iced tea tastes.’ That was his comment.

RUSH: But, you know, it’s these little characters, blue guys and the red guys —


RUSH: — with flames coming out of their heads?

CALLER: Yeah, the flames —

RUSH: As in blue state versus red state?

CALLER: Yeah. I mean basically, and then it kind of switched up and they said, ‘Well, you know, what’s causing global warming?’ And of course they said, ‘We are.’ That was their entire answer, ‘we are,’ and it showed gridlock, you know —

RUSH: I’m glad you switched it off. This is the kind of propaganda that is taking place, as I so eloquently referenced earlier. But, you know, this is not new stuff.

CALLER: I know —

RUSH: Do you remember Captain Planet, the Ted Turner cartoon on —

CALLER: Yeah, yeah.

RUSH: Guess what that was?

CALLER: The funny thing is, I turned it off and I told my son, ‘We’re not watching this.’ And he said, ‘Why, it’s not scary.’ You know, because that’s typically why I turn things off and don’t let him watch something. ‘It’s not scary.’ And I looked at him, I laughed, and I said, ‘It might not be scary to you, buddy, but it is very scary to me.’

RUSH: Oh, good!

CALLER: We’re not watching it.

RUSH: Mommy was scared by a cartoon, Daddy.

CALLER: (laughing) Yeah.

RUSH: How old is your son?

CALLER: He’s five.

RUSH: Oh, he’s too young to start talking to about this stuff in great detail, but —

CALLER: Yeah. It was just — I couldn’t believe it.

RUSH: Ah, ah.

CALLER: Even as informed as I am —

RUSH: Believe it. He’s only going to get it every day when he starts grade school and gets into junior high. I am warning you, this stuff is pervasive, it’s out there. I have to take a break. I’m really up against it on time. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m really glad you called, Sarah. By the way, Sarah is one of my all-time, top-ten female names. You should know that.

CALLER: Excellent.

RUSH: You got it.

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