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RUSH: Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. Global Warming Update.(playing of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown)

All right, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, one of the four Global Warming Update themes. As predicted, (laughing) I love this (laughing) as predicted, ‘The Bali global warming conference will not result in any targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, now admits would be too ambitious to expect. Said Ban Ki-moon, ‘Realistically it would be too ambitious to set guidelines now,’ while urging Washington to be flexible. Later he added, ‘Practically speaking, this is going to have to be negotiated down the road.” But, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. See, I remember things. Bali was the last chance. The organizers at the UN said that the Bali conference was the last chance to solve the global warming problem. If you doubt me, let us go back to the New Zealand Herald. This is Sunday, December 2nd of this year.

Headline: ”Conference the World’s ‘Last Chance to Avoid Catastrophic Global Warming” — Rich countries are rapidly increasing the pollution that causes global warming to record levels — despite having solemnly undertaken to reduce it, three devastating new official reports reveal.’ Last chance, except they’re not going to do anything. The targets will be too ambitious, meaning they can’t get anybody to go along with this. So now will the environmentalist wackos leave us alone or were they just exaggerating? Will they stop pestering us on the issue now? By the way, folks, you know, these people, I think they’re beginning to panic now. They are afraid, as time passes, more time passes, more people are going to see the BS and doubt this. Every day that the world does not end is a losing day for the global warming crowd. All of this panic and this nonsense and these crazy — like global warming hardest hit on women — what’s the actual headline here? ‘Women Bear the Brunt of Climate Change.’ I thought it was animals? I thought it was poor countries? ‘Carbon Costs of Christmas.’ People see this stuff every day and they can’t take it seriously anymore because it’s all over the board. ‘Last chance to save the world.’ Think of that. Last chance to save the world. Ah, never mind, targets would be too ambitious. I guess saving the world is not really the agenda, then, is it?

Time is not on these people’s side. By the way, Ban Ki-moon, let’s tell you a little bit about him. ‘The UN secretary-general today called on world leaders for immediate action on climate change — before flying thousands of miles to the US for a music concert and then leaving in the interval to jet to Europe. Ban Ki-moon has been slammed for planning a round-the-world trip that will generate thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions just days after he leaves the UN meeting in Bali. The South Korean has organised a post-conference trip, starting on Sunday, that will see him fly to attend the concert in New York, adding more than 4,300 miles to his itinerary. When he leaves the island after the summit Mr Ban will fly to East Timor, and then to Japan where he will briefly stop before catching another flight to the US. The flight from Tokyo to New York takes him the wrong way around the world to arrive in time for the reception of a Korean concert at Carnegie Hall, where he is the guest of honour. The concert is titled Around The World In Eighty Minutes.’

So this guy is flying all over creation, around the world and doing so in the wrong direction to get where he needs to get and he’s telling everybody else to wise up and start reducing carbon emissions. More in the Global Warming Update stack today, however, I must take a brief time-out. Max Mayfield, I’ll just give you a little heads-up, Henry Waxman has just finished a 16-month investigation entitled ‘Political Interference With Climate Change Science Under the Bush Administration,’ and in it, Waxman claims that Max Mayfield was told to downplay the connection between hurricanes and global warming. And Max Mayfield has responded by saying, ‘Nobody told me to say anything.’


RUSH: By the way, folks — especially for you liberal Democrats out there who are unhappy with your presidential field. This is something that is never discussed, only the fact that there’s dissatisfaction on the Republican side with their field. You liberal Democrats, you know that secretly, a lot of you are hoping that Algore will cut to the chase and get in the race, with Hillary plummeting and Obama rising and so forth. I’m going to give you the definitive answer on Algore and his potential run for the president, and it is this: It ain’t gonna happen, and do you know why it’s not going to happen? There’s one reason — there may be more, but there’s one primary reason — why Algore will never, ever run for president, at least next year. It’s because he would be forced to debate global warming, and he will not, because he cannot debate that. He wouldn’t dare, ladies and gentlemen. He would not dare. I’m being serious here. I’m not throwing down the gauntlet; I’m not issuing a challenge. He will not debate it. None of them will because they can’t, and so that’s why they throw up this bunch of stuff about everybody being ‘deniers’ and just try to discredit them. ‘We don’t have time to debate it,’ he says, and yet every day the world doesn’t end is a disaster for these people.


RUSH: Hey, folks, try this. Try this headline. I had this story two weeks ago from Dr. Spencer, and I just didn’t get to it because there were other things that were more important. ‘Arctic Sea Ice Re-Freezing at Record Pace.’ They had a record melt this summer, and they thought, ‘Oh, gosh, Algore is right, it’s horrible.’ The ice, the size, the square footage of the ice cover, the Arctic Circle, has already reached what it would not normally reach until February. Arctic sea ice refreezing at record pace.

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