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RUSH: Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. We have some global warming news, and here is white satirist Paul Shanklin as Algore.

(Playing of Ball of Fire.)

One more time there, Algore, let ‘er rip.

(Continued playing of song.)

That’s former vice president Algore portrayed vocally by white satirist Paul Shanklin. This is pretty big news here. The NASA administrator, Michael Griffin, I don’t know if this guy is a dittohead or not, but if not, he could be. He appeared on National Republican Radio — you know the libs are starting to call it that? They think NPR has gone right, it’s getting less bold on the left. Some guy somewhere called it National Republican Radio. Where was that, Salon.com I think. My memory is vague, but anyway, Michael Griffin, NASA administrator appeared on NPR and he told them that while he has no doubt that a trend of global warming exists, quote, ‘I’m not sure it’s fair to say it’s a problem we have to wrestle with.’ In an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep that aired today, administrator Griffin said, ‘I guess I would ask which human beings – where and when – are to be accorded the privilege of deciding that this particular climate that we have right here today, right now is the best climate for all other human beings. I think that’s a rather arrogant position for people to take.’

That is a brilliant point. As long as the Earth has been around, billions and billions of years, who are we to say that the way it is right now is perfection for everybody on the planet. This drills one of the biggest holes in the whole hoax of global warming that there is. The vanity, the assumption that the Earth as it is now is precisely perfect, has been, should be, and that any change from this point is bad and that we are causing it, how do we know that the so-called perfect climate of the Earth is now, for all the people of the planet? How do we know that the climate 30 years ago or a hundred years ago — the point is, there is no perfect climate because it’s always changing. The Earth is constantly heating and cooling. To arbitrarily say, ‘Today,’ when we have this political/religious issue that we’re trying to infuse everybody’s minds with, ‘this is perfect, any change from here is bad,’ when nobody can possibly know this.

‘The comments come at a difficult time for the Bush administration, which is undergoing pressure from other members of the G8 club, which under the current chair of Germany is pushing for global action on CO2 emissions.’ Speaking of CO2. Get this. Roy Spencer sent this to me yesterday, Dr. Spencer, our resident expert, climatology, University of Alabama Huntsville. He said, ‘Rush, people try to scare you by saying that humanity pumps 30 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, and it sounds like a big number.’ You know, Gore’s out there saying this in his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, 30 billion tons of CO2. Thirty billion tons. That’s bad. Dr. Spencer’s writing a book that’s due out sometime in the fall about some of this, and he said, ‘I came up with the following illustration of how little CO2 there really is in the atmosphere and how little humanity produces. While Gore is out there saying that there are 30 billion tons of CO2 being pumped by human beings into the atmosphere each year, the current constitution of the atmosphere is this. It contains 38 molecules of CO2 for every 100,000 molecules of air.’ Folks, that’s nothing. ‘Thirty-eight molecules of CO2 for every 100,000 molecules of air, and it would take humanity five years to increase that number from 38 to 39. So every five years we add one molecule of CO2 to each 100,000 molecules of air.’ And yet this is how the left sells stuff, 30 billion tons, CO2, and now Germany and the G8, they’re saying, ‘Well, we gotta stop CO2 emissions. We’re pumping 30 billion tons.’ It’s not a factor. Thirty-eight molecules for every 100,000 molecules of air. Anyway, congratulations, Michael Griffin, great comment. There’s some other things that he said here as well. But that’s the main point. Who are we to say that it’s perfect now?

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