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RUSH: Dingy Harry Saturday in Las Vegas. This is at the Nutroots Convention, a portion of his remarks…

REID: We need to bring people out of the shadows. We need to have them get right with the law. Stay out of trouble, learn English, pay taxes, and then — then they don’t even go to the front of the line. They go to the back of the line. But remember: Well more than half of these people who are undocumented have American children. So we can’t do what Rush Limbaugh wants. There’s not a way we can fiscally or physically ship 11 million people back. So we have to do this. This is not amnesty. It’s fairness.

RUSH: So once again my name was invoked at a Nutroots Convention by Dingy Harry: ‘We can’t do what Rush Limbaugh wants.’ I don’t think he has the slightest idea what I want when it comes to this — and, of course, it doesn’t matter. The facts of this don’t matter. Have I…? Snerdley, help me out here. Have I ever demanded the deportation of 11 million? I have said they’ll deport themselves. Arizona’s an example. Come up with a law and enforce the law and they’ll deport themselves. What is it? ‘We have to have them get right with the law’? No, we don’t. We’re gonna give ’em amnesty! ‘We have ’em stay out of trouble.’ You don’t care if they stay out of trouble. You don’t even care if they vote 15 times.

‘You have to have ’em learn English.’ You don’t care about ’em learning English, Harry Reid! That’s a big laugher. When’s the last time you heard any liberal Democrat demand that anybody learn to speak English? It’s the people who say, ‘They ought to speak English’ that the left attacks. ‘Yeah, easy for you to say. You already speak English,’ and then, ‘They don’t even go to the front of the line. They go to the back of the line.’ There’s not going to be a line. ‘But remember while more than half of these people are undocumented, they have American children. So we can’t do what Rush Limbaugh wants.’ (laughing) We can’t do what Rush Limbaugh wants! At the Nutroots Convention. Here’s Dingy Harry, by the way, at the same Nutroots Convention on Saturday in Las Vegas. It’s a quick bite, eight seconds long…

REID: I wish we had a public option.

NUTS: Yeaaaaaaah! (applause)

REID: We’re going to have a public option. It’s just a question of when.

RUSH: The netroots are all upset. There’s anger geometrically multiplied out there over the fact that they haven’t gotten a single-payer health care plan. But they’re going to have it. If nothing changes we’re already on the road. We’ve had the stories here of all the small insurance companies going out of business, of all the businesses that are gonna slough off their coverage to the government because they can’t afford it. They can’t afford to follow the rules. They don’t even know what the new federal rules are. Obamacare is a pathway to public option. That’s its whole reason for being. These people at their convention are just a little impatient. They don’t realize how much success their people are actually having.


RUSH: To Las Vegas, James, great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, first I wanted to say that I’m truly honored to be speaking with you. I’m a first-time caller.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: You know, looking at the news reports around here as of late and polls and stuff, and it looks like Dirty Harry is getting a little closer to passing Sharron Angle in the race out here and of course I don’t know what size of a war chest she has, but I know Harry Reid has at least nine million in the bank and he keeps throwing out attack ads.

RUSH: She’s doing okay money-wise. She’s raised a decent amount of money. Why do you think she’s in trouble?

CALLER: I mean all the polls I’ve been saying lately, it doesn’t seem like she’s doing that great in the polls, and as soon as she won the election, Harry Reid started in with the attack ads and it’s just —

RUSH: All right, the reason I took your call is because there’s something interesting going on with this. Sharron Angle has talked a couple of times about privatizing Social Security and getting rid of the Department of Education. Now, these are two things that are fundamentally important to the Tea Party people. They are not just fundamental, they’re elementary. How many years have we been told we got an entitlement problem? We’re reaching the point where we’re not going to be able to pay these anymore; it’s getting out of hand. We’ve been told this for how many years? There’s an effort underway to fix this: privatization of Social Security. Now, that term is not liked. It is felt by many Republicans that Bush blew whatever effort he was making, every chance to reform Social Security with the word ‘privatization,’ particularly when there is a down stock market, which there isn’t right now, but when there’s a down stock market it’s easy for the issue to be demagogued.

Now, there are many Republicans who are expressing a little angst with Sharron Angle for daring to bring up the privatization of Social Security. Now, this to me is an interesting point. We all admit that we are at a crossroads in this country. We are now faced with the largest expansion of government, the greatest loss of freedom in 18 months that we have had, and you add that loss to what we’ve lost cumulatively in years prior. We’ve never had an administration this destructive. We have never had a president and a regime whose objective was to preside over America’s decline. As such we have never had such a great opportunity to contrast what conservatism really is, compared to all this. So here comes Sharron Angle and she talks about privatizing Social Security, meaning we gotta reform this, we gotta let people control their own retirements. Dingy Harry is exploiting the hell out of this in campaign ads the same way the Democrats demagogued it with George W. Bush. He decided to spend a lot of his political capital on it, and he caved on it after a while.

There are many Republicans, not conservatives, many Republicans going, ‘Oh, no, oh, no, this is why we don’t like the Tea Party people. They just don’t understand,’ when in fact they do. As we used to say on the football practice field, ‘This is nut-cracking time.’ We’re not playing games anymore. These are real problems. If the objective here is to get elected, well, that’s one thing. If the objective here is to ideally and truly face problems honestly, straightforward, and head on, then that’s another. These last 18 months, we could paraphrase Churchill on this: Never have so few done so much harm to so many in such a short period of time. There are a lot of people that are simply not willing to tolerate it anymore. So get rid of the Department of Education, or privatize or reform Social Security. This is what’s said to be Sharron Angle’s problem. And the ruling class Republicans are saying, ‘See, this is why we can’t go with the Tea Party because they really don’t know how to do things. They’re really not seasoned veterans in politics. This is going to kill the Republican Party,’ they’re saying. ‘Oh, no, we can’t have Sharron Angle saying stuff like this. We can’t have Sharron Angle saying we gotta reform Social Security.’

I would simply ask the question, at what point are we gonna get serious about facing these problems, being honest in identifying them, so that when we are elected we have a mandate to fix them? It’s a major problem, and you’re going to see that the Republicans who are not really crazy about the Tea Party in the first place, are going to use this as an excuse to drift away, because they don’t want to face this tough question ’cause to them Social Security is the third rail. They think they’ve lost on it every time it’s been brought up.


RUSH: I think Sharron Angle is walking the walk and I think she’s talking the talk. And I think if we cannot win in Nevada with one of the most disgraced liberal Democrats in the history of the nation, one of the architects of this nation’s demise, if we can’t win there by being who we are, then cash in the chips and let’s all join the ruling class and try to rise as high as we can in it, folks.

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