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RUSH: This headline, I can’t believe that they can write this story with a straight face. It’s by our old buddy Anne Kornblut at the Washington Post, who has been marveling at how brilliantly clever Hillary is at avoiding reporters so she doesn’t have to take tough questions.

The headline of this story: ‘Clinton Cites Lessons of Partisanship.’ The story says that because she’s been smeared with the best of them, she can unite America and build a centrist coalition because she’s been smeared by the — no, no. No, no, no. That’s the summation of what she says here. The political battles that she’s been through make her uniquely equipped to bring the nation together and build a centrist governing coalition. There is nothing centrist about this woman other than her public persona. Even that, if you look at her policy proposals, there’s nothing centrist about any of them. By the way, I hit the nail on the head, or very close to it, in telling you why Hillary pulled that $5,000-per-baby trick off the table. It does have to do with Social Security. Guess who’s talking about perhaps privatizing a portion of Social Security? Mrs. Clinton. Yes. Yes. I kid you not. It’s coming up in the Stack of Stuff here.

‘In an interview aboard her campaign bus…’ by the way, do you know she’s got the Middle Class Express? She’s got a bus tour going on out there in Iowa called the Middle Class Express. ‘In an interview aboard her campaign bus, Clinton (N.Y.) acknowledged that she has contributed to the divisive politics of the past decade but said she has learned from those experiences. She said that if she becomes president, she will attempt to assemble a broad, centrist coalition on such key issues as health care, energy independence and national security.’ She says that Social Security’s not in a crisis. ‘She was vague about how she would handle special interrogation methods.’ Of course, she’s vague about everything. On the one hand, she said she’s all for the nuclear time bomb use of torture, just like with her entire flip-flop on her position on the war every day. Now, this quote from Mrs. Clinton — pardon me, folks, for making this about me. As you know, I very rarely talk about myself on this program. I do my best to keep this program focused on the issues. But I must admit when I read this next quote I actually considered whether or not Mrs. Clinton was talking about me.

‘You can’t just wake up and say, ‘Let’s all just hold hands and be together.’ You’ve got to demonstrate that you’re not going to be cowed or intimidated or deterred by it, and then you can reach out and bring people who are of good faith together.’ You have to learn from the criticism. You can’t just wish it would go away and you can’t run away from it and you can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. You have to learn from it and fight back, and when you do that, you’re able to bring people together in a centrist coalition.


RUSH: By the way, a lot of people sending me e-mails, ‘Rush, what is Mrs. Clinton talking about when she talks about ‘centrist coalition’?’ You know, I’m sorry for not explaining that. There are certain things that I just assume people know. So I thank you for the question. ‘Centrist coalition’ for Mrs. Clinton means a coalition of Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists, and socialists, pure and simple. So when you hear her talk about a ‘centrist coalition,’ think of it in those terms.

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