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RUSH: Before we get to the Eric Holder sound bites, in the last hour, a woman from Rockford, Illinois called, and she said, ‘Why buy a house?’ Obama is out there saying don’t expect it to increase in value, so why should we go out and buy a house? And I replied, ‘There are some deals to be had right now because of the foreclosures and you can probably get a fairly decent mortgage rate if you really try.’ California home prices have plunged a lot. There are some people getting into the market, because they want shelter, they want to own a home. Some people are not concerned about the investment aspect of it, they just want a house and they’re getting into them, and you can. Now, what happens, though, by subsidizing people who would otherwise be foreclosed on, the Obamas are destroying the foreclosure market, too. I mean they are destroying everything they’re touching, because when you subsidize what would otherwise be a foreclosed on home, then you’re establishing a floor on home value, and it won’t go below that.

All of this is freaking unbelievable! We’re going to be at one month tomorrow since the Bamster was inaugurated. Now, I made a prediction to you people all during the campaign. A number of you people called here, and some of you said, ‘It’s an interesting thing, Rush, I mean if we elect Obama, can’t we say the country is no longer racist?’ I cautioned you not to have that belief. I said it’s only going to get worse. With a black president, you’re going to have any criticism of him, or a lot of criticism of him, labeled racist, and I warned you what some of the civil rights leaders have said, that he doesn’t really represent the slave blood of American oppression. He doesn’t have any. His wife does, but she’s not the president. He’s not down for the struggle. They’re going to keep the race business alive, and it’s going to prosper during the Obama administration because that causes more chaos and it causes more division. There’s nothing about the civil rights movement that is healing. With that, let’s go to Eric Holder, the new attorney general, who yesterday said the United States of America is a ‘nation of cowards’ in terms of race relations.

HOLDER: Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as a ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and we, I believe, continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.

RUSH: Makes these remarks as part of African-American history month. Now, tell me, what is unifying about any of this? Obama, the great unifier, the great healer, instant love, going to get rid of all the old grievances that we’ve had, what in the world is Holder thinking here? A nation that has spilled more blood over this issue than any other nation on earth, a nation of cowards on race? Folks, do you think there’s not a chip on this administration’s shoulder? Do you think there’s not some anger underneath the surface here? Do you think there’s not some desire to get even? Here’s another portion of his remarks.

HOLDER: We, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about things racial.

RUSH: Stop the tape. Forgive me, Mr. Attorney General, but seems to me that’s all we do. I’ve been doing this program for over 20 years now, prior to that I did other programs. My whole life, after every racial incident in this country, real or imagined, we need to have a conversation on this, we need to finally have a national conversation on race. Mr. Attorney General, ‘cowards’? We don’t talk enough with each other about things racial? Have you talked to people like Justice Clarence Thomas? Have you spoken to Michael Steele? Have you spoken to any prominent conservative African-American and asked them what it’s like to have their lives targeted, their careers, their reputations? Only liberals are allowed to talk about race anyway, if conservatives or Republicans talk about race, it’s racist. Liberals can talk about race all day long without being racist. The racism throughout the primary season was totally in the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party was about nothing more, very little more than race, race, race.

So you guys can talk about it all day long and nothing happens to you. Everybody else starts talking about race and you start saying racism. Hell, Hendrik Hertzberg of some publication compared me to Bull Connor the other day on television, Mr. Attorney General, simply because I oppose Barack Obama’s policies. He compared Obama to Martin Luther King, and I’m Bull Connor, according to a white elitist liberal. This is patently absurd. It’s designed to shut people up. It’s designed to stifle conversations about race, Mr. Attorney General. Cue that back up to the top. Everything that you people on the left do with race is designed to shut people up about it. You want more conversation? People are scared to death to talk about race in this country, Mr. Attorney General, for fear of what’s going to be said about them. In some cases, people were afraid to vote the way they really wanted to vote, because they were afraid if people found out what would be said about them. This is unbelievable. It’s beneath you, Mr. Holder. To start preaching to the people of the United States this way, as cowards. You who were involved in pardoning Marc Rich for President Clinton, you with the clean spotless record, you, a cut above everybody else can sit, look down from your lofty perch at Justice and call this a nation of cowards? Let’s listen again.

HOLDER: We, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about things racial. During work hours, such as this, or shortly thereafter, we socialize with one another fairly well, irrespective of race. Outside the workplace, the situation is even more bleak in that there is almost no significant interaction between us. On Saturdays and Sundays, America, in the year 2009, does not, in some ways, differ significantly from the country that existed almost 50 years ago.

RUSH: That is an out-and-out lie. That is 100% BS. He knows it. This is outrageous. Outside the workplace the situation is even more bleak, there is almost no significant interaction between us. Mr. Holder, you can go to college campuses, you can go to businesses, and there may be segregation, and guess who’s behind it? The civil rights leaders. Civil rights leaders want segregated schools, segregated classrooms. Civil rights leaders want segregated everything these days. They want in the door, they got in the door, then they start re-segregating once they get inside. There is no difference in ’09 from 1959? Maybe you need to get out of Washington and start hanging out with the rest of us, Mr. Attorney General. Maybe you need to try actually living where Americans live and where Americans work, proving once again here, by the way, that the obsession with race in this country is found on the left. Here’s more of what he had to say.

HOLDER: We in this room bear a special responsibility. Through its work and through its example, the Department of Justice, this Department of Justice, as long as I am here, must and will lead the nation to the new birth of freedom so long ago promised by our greatest president. This is our duty; this is our solemn responsibility.

RUSH: That is Eric Holder, the attorney general of the United States. This is the key, by the way, to the speech. The Drive-Bys ignored this. He thinks the workplace is integrated because of laws and government that made it so. He wants, thus, to use the Justice Department as a tool for racial equality. He wants government to come into your neighborhood and your home the way it did in your office and make sure that you are living life the way he envisions it. I listened to this and I said, how dare this guy, an elitist, self-righteous, bigoted liberal Democrat snobbishly tell everybody else how to live and maligning once again and impugning the people of this country, no matter who it is that speaks for this administration, the people of this country get trashed, the country’s policies get trashed, the country itself gets trashed. It doesn’t matter who in the president’s administration opens his mouth. Would you like to hear a typical Drive-By defense of this? Gloria Borger on CNN, Campbell Brown’s show last night, question: ‘Gloria, one of the things I know you said that made his comments all the more surprising was that Eric Holder’s pretty much the consummate Washington insider.’

BORGER: He’s a careful man. He is a lawyer and the attorney general now. You talk to a lot of white people today, and in response to the word ‘coward,’ okay, and they will say that it was needlessly provocative, that maybe he should have used the word ‘fearful.’ And then you talk to a lot of African-Americans, as I did around our office today, who said, well, that’s exactly the word that he should use because he was trying to get people to pay attention and we wouldn’t have paid attention if he had used the word ‘fearful’ because that’s a word we use all the time.

RUSH: What in the hell is the grievance anymore? If somebody would have told me the grievance or series of grievances and then he says we’re a bunch of cowards not dealing with them, okay. What’s the grievance? Gloria Borger says black people in their newsroom feel it’s like it’s 50 years ago. She’s talking about where she works. Cowards? Folks, you have to understand here, this is Gloria Borger, accredited member, Drive-By Media, and liberal clique, Eric Holder, this is how they see us. They see us as cowards. They see you see — conservatives, Republicans — as cowards. It’s not just, you know, Eric Holder says Americans are cowards. Michelle Obama says that we are ignorant. You remember this? In the speech, Michelle Obama said, (paraphrasing) ‘We don’t like being pushed outside our comfort zone. You know it right here on this campus, you know people sitting at different tables, you’re all living in different dorms. I was there. You’re not talking to each other, taking advantage that you’re in this diverse community because sometimes it’s easier to hold onto your own stereotype and misconceptions; it makes you feel justified in your own ignorance. That’s America. So the challenge for us is, are we ready for change?’ That was Michelle Obama during the campaign saying the same thing Eric Holder said.

What are we supposed to talk about? What would they have us talk about? All of this wonderful diversity. Let’s go to a college campus and we’re in the student union and we got people from all races, sexes, creeds, and backgrounds, what are we supposed to talk about that is satisfactory to them? No, no, no, I’m serious. Somebody tell me. What are we supposed to talk about that would satisfy these people? Are the black students supposed to sit with the white students and ask the white students what it’s like being white? Are the white students supposed to say to black students, ‘What is it like being black?’ Do you compare notes and figure out which you’d rather be? What is it we’re supposed to talk about? Do the gay students talk to the straight students, find out what it’s like to be gay, find out what it’s like to be straight, why somebody shouldn’t be what they are, what do you do, what do you talk about? ‘No, Mr. Limbaugh, as usual, you don’t get it. It’s about understanding.’ This is the voice of the New Castrati, the people with no onions. ‘That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh, it’s about understanding people.’ What am I supposed to understand? How tough life is? How disadvantaged we all are? What are we supposed to understand?

We want to sit around and share sob stories about how difficult it is to get through the day? What in the name of Sam Hill are we supposed to understand? What are we supposed to talk about, that these people would approve of so that we’re no longer called cowards? So Michelle Obama whines and moans that nobody is talking to each other, taking advantage of diverse communities. Eric Holder calls us cowards. Michelle Obama calls us ignorant. So the attorney general says we need to talk about how race divides us. On what, issues like health care, economic disparities, how race divides us on the attorney general? What are we supposed to talk about? I’m telling you, folks — and I don’t like saying this, I really don’t. In, fact I worry about saying this, but there is anger in this administration, and it has found an outlet now. Barack Obama calls rural Americans
bitter clingers. Michelle calls Americans ignorant. Eric Holder calls Americans cowards. You tell me they’re not mad? You tell me that they aren’t seething with rage? They’re the ones with unresolved issues of race. They’re the ones who have problems with it, and so they accuse the rest of the country of putting them in positions of suffering, ’cause they can’t reconcile the problems they have on their own.


RUSH: I am not a coward. And I, frankly, resent the attorney general of the United States — from his position — calling this nation a bunch of cowards. But I, El Rushbo, am not a coward. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, I show bravery on race. I am totally willing to discuss it openly and honestly. How does one show bravery on race, on race as I have? It’s very simple. You talk about media bias. You talk about slavish media coverage of black quarterbacks in the National Football League, and then see what happens. Then watch all hell descend upon you from every quarter of this nation’s media, from print to broadcast to Internet. Don’t call me a coward on race or anybody else a coward on race unless you’re talking about the left.

How many racial cowards voted for President Obama because of race, Mr. Holder? That would be an interesting speech. Mr. Holder, you’re the attorney general of the United States. I have a suggestion. In your next speech, the attorney general, tell us what you like about the country. President Obama — I know somebody in the White House is listening here. Please pass on to him that we in America would like to hear a speech about what he likes about America. Now. Right now. Not Abraham Lincoln. Not FDR. Not all this garbage he’s trying to emulate. Now. What do you like about America? And then, as part of the same speech, come clean and tell us what it is you don’t like instead of hiding behind a bunch of policy proposals to fix it. Tell us what it is you don’t like. I assume that would be a much longer speech than the speech consisting of what you like. I show bravery on matters of race.

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