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RUSH: I got, ladies and gentlemen, a nice letter from the mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Tom Henry, dated February 18th. It takes a while for snail mail to reach us here at the EIB Southern Command.
Dear Rush Limbaugh:

The people of Fort Wayne are still chuckling about your send-up of our community, our former mayor, Harry Baals, and our search for a name for our new local government center. We love the joke. We appreciated the attention and we’re having great fun sharing it with the world thanks to your creative genius. Still, we felt that you overlooked a whole lot that’s wonderful about Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Mayor Tom Henry
That’s why we’re sending along some information about our fabulous city and all the exceptional attractions and amenities that make Fort Wayne one amazing place to live, work and play. So you can experience it all firsthand we’d like to invite you to come visit Fort Wayne and enjoy our hospitality at any time. Just say when. We’re enclosing a little something so you’ll remember us. We think this T-shirt says it all.

And I got the T-shirt over here, and the T-shirt has printed on the front: ‘You already know Fort Wayne has Baals. Come see our other assets.’

Sincerely yours,
Tom Henry, Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

What a great letter. It’s a great T-shirt. We’ll snap a picture of it and send it up to Koko Jr. Koko’s out sick today. Koko Jr. will post it up there at RushLimbaugh.com. Mayor Henry, I have been to Fort Wayne. It was back sometime in the mid- to late nineties. I went to Fort Wayne with Fuzzy Zoeller. There was a charitable Pro-Am golf tournament there. I can’t remember the name of the place, but it was a great, great golf club. And was a great bunch of people that came out. We went and had dinner at someplace the night before. We just had a great time. I was there for a couple days. Well, one night, parts of one night and the next day to play golf at Fort Wayne. I wish I could remember the name of the club but I can’t. But I want to thank Mayor Henry for the T-shirt: ‘You already know Fort Wayne has Baals. Come see our other assets.’ Might take him up on it. You never know.

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