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RUSH: Bill in Long Island, nice to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yes. How are you, Rush?

RUSH: Fine.

CALLER: First let me preface by telling you I’m a liberal.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: And I want to say that I think it is a little ridiculous that you would take a rumor that’s on the Drudge Report and assume that the Clintons are so stupid that they would actually tell Wolf Blitzer not to question Hillary. It doesn’t make sense. Why would they do that?

RUSH: Well, wait a second. A top Clinton insider has explained it to Drudge.

CALLER: Yeah, but why would they even try and do that? They’re not stupid people.

RUSH: Well, they did it after the debate. They went out and they ripped Russert to shreds after the debate.

CALLER: Well, they may have ripped — after everything that’s happened to them for the last two weeks, do you think they would take any chance at all? First of all, if they got in touch with Wolf Blitzer, how did they know that Wolf Blitzer is not going to say something about that? It would make her look stupid.

RUSH: Well, they’ve been looking stupid the past three weeks, Bill. I don’t mean to insult you as a liberal. I don’t know where you stand on Mrs. Clinton’s campaign or candidacy —

CALLER: Well, I’m going to vote for Hillary.

RUSH: Well, I’m sure you probably still will. Look, when I first mentioned what’s on the Drudge Report front page today, I myself asked the same question, ‘What in the world do they think they’re doing?’ I said, in the first place, did they call Wolf and issue this personally or did they just try to put it out there via the Drudge Report so Wolf would hear about it? With my knowledge of the Clintons, this is how they think. They have upbraided reporters in the past and we’ve had just a number of details today about how they have done it in the past. Bill Clinton got a GQ cover story killed that was going to be very unflattering to him. The way he did it was by going to Conde Nast and saying, ‘Look, you want me in the rest of your magazines like Vanity Fair, then you kill the story,’ and they killed it! So the Clintons think they can do this kind of thing. They think they can intimidate the media into getting it done. I think it’s arrogance and a sense of power that makes them think they can get away with this stuff.

CALLER: Yeah, but they’re not dumb people. Hillary’s not a stupid woman. She wouldn’t — she wouldn’t —

RUSH: No, she’s the smartest woman in the world.

CALLER: Well, I don’t know whether she’s the smartest woman in the world, but I know that she wouldn’t put her signature on doing something like this.

RUSH: Bill — Bill. You know and I know, Hillary doesn’t even know about this. Some staffer did it and she’s going to say her campaign will not tolerate this kind of treatment of the press later in the day today.

CALLER: Yeah, we’ll see.

RUSH: You know she can’t possibly know about it. She doesn’t know about anything else, so she can’t know about this.

CALLER: Well, she certainly wouldn’t do something like this, after what’s happened —

RUSH: Oh, of course not. I’m sure she’s shocked. She’s probably more surprised than you and I are.

CALLER: Really. Okay.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: Good-bye.

RUSH: Bye.

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