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RUSH: Now, William F. Buckley Jr. once wrote a piece for Playboy — I actually read Playboy — and the title of the piece, it was brilliant. I read Playboy, I actually did. The story in Playboy was: ‘How Do You Define Smart?’ And I think it is a brilliant question. And the answer to it — well, obviously the answer would be multifaceted. But just on the surface, how in the world can a guy who’s gotten everything wrong for 15 years in any way, shape, manner, or form be called smart? How does that compute? He’s educated; he can string a couple sentences together; proper syntax. What the hell is smart? This has always been something that has bugged me. Common sense is smart. Education does not mean you’re smart. In fact, education, depending on where you get it, can corrupt you. There are idiots with degrees all over Washington, DC.

Now, as another exhibit, I have this story from USA Today: ‘After Climate Talks, Scientists Worry About Enforcement,’ by Brian Winter, USA Today. Now, listen to this. ‘Ray Weiss looks at the chanting protesters –‘ by the way, 68 climate protesters have been arrested over there in Copenhagen. ‘Ray Weiss looks at the chanting protesters, harried delegates and the 20,000 other people gathered here for a global warming summit and wonders: What’s the fuss all about? Weiss, a geochemist who studies atmospheric pollution at San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography, says the numbers at the core of the debate in Copenhagen are flawed.’ Well, duh! We know it’s all made up. The e-mails prove it. We’re in the midst of a hoax here, the Universe of Lies has doubled down on it all and is just flooding the field with even more BS in an effort to confuse people even more. ‘Specifically, he says the cuts that countries including the USA are proposing in greenhouse gas emissions are difficult to measure and highly susceptible to manipulation by government officials and companies.’ Again, well, duh!

See, if you go over there thinking this is about climate, if you go over there thinking this is about emissions, if you go over there thinking it’s about anything other than wealth transfers from rich countries to poor countries, if you think it’s about anything other than establishing a global government you’re going to miss entirely what’s going on. The numbers don’t matter. The numbers are jimmied from the get-go. The numbers are plugged in; the numbers are faked; it’s a hoax! ”I don’t see the point in doing all this if the numbers are so far off,’ Weiss said, shaking his head as he watched conference attendees hurry by Thursday. ‘When you hear politicians tell you that they can measure these things, just because they passed a deal in Copenhagen, I think you should take that with a few grains of salt.” I don’t see the point in doing all this if the numbers are so far off? You won’t see the point in doing it if the numbers are so far off if you’re looking at it as a climate conference, if you’re looking at it as a global warming conference, if you’re looking at it as an emissions conference.

It is precisely these facts that nobody knows what they’re measuring, that the results are highly susceptible to manipulation by government officials. Of course they are, and who is going to be right in the middle of trading all of these carbon emissions? Wall Street people, Goldman Sachs and others, you name it. This is the whole point. They’re not going to pass it this year, but if they pass it at some point, the numbers don’t matter, they’ll be able to make it up, they’ll be able to accuse you or me of emitting more carbon than we are permitted, more pollution, without any numbers, they’ll just be able to do it. They’ll have the power and then they’ll be able to exact punishment in the form of higher taxes or making you roll back your lifestyle or getting a different car. It’s all about power and control. The people behind all this, folks, are self-loathing, miserably unhappy people. Nothing will ever make them happy.

‘Most of the summit’s attention has focused on exactly how much countries will commit to cutting emissions of gases that data suggest are causing the earth to warm.’ Oh, I thought it was settled. I thought the science was settled. Oh, really? ‘Yet some scientists, legal experts and delegates say the hardest part of any deal in Copenhagen will be measuring — and then enforcing — whatever politicians decide.’ I read this and I think, ‘When are people going to wake up?’ That’s precisely the confusion they want. It’s what Obama’s doing to this country, the confusion, the chaos, the tumult that exists already in our country. Every day there’s something new that’s going to wipe us out, going to destroy us. See, I’m at a disadvantage here, and it leads me to being frustrated. Let me explain my situation to you this way by asking you a question. Have you ever been in a situation, you’re arguing or not even arguing, you’re just discussing things with a group of people, and you know you’re right, and you know you can prove it, and it doesn’t matter to them. And the reason that you know you’re right is that you know things they don’t know. And because they don’t even have that baseline of knowledge to chat with you, they can’t even understand where you’re coming from.

That’s exactly how I feel talking to people who believe this global warming crap. I’ve mentioned this earlier in the week. To me, this is ideology. We know that there’s no science involved here. We know it’s fake science. We know people pretending to be scientists — in fact, they may have educations and degrees that say they’re scientists and they may wear the requisite white coats and write their requisite equations and so forth, but they’re not. They’re political hacks and they’re leftists. So I know exactly who these people are. And to get caught up in the numbers, to get caught up in how we gonna measure the emissions is to fall prey to the trap that they lay. So I, El Rushbo, I have no doubt, none whatsoever, about what Obama and Geithner and anybody else, Dingy Harry and Pelosi, I’ve no doubt what they’re doing, ’cause I know who they are. I know what they believe. And here comes the question, as Bill Shatner asked, ‘How do you know?’ I just do. Do I not have a track record of knowing? Twenty-one years. Do I not have a track record of predicting precisely, in advance, what these people are going to do and then they do it?

I even make jokes about what they’ll do and the jokes come true. The only way to understand what’s going on in Copenhagen, or what’s happening with Harry Reid’s health care bill or what’s happening with cap and trade, or any other legislation, raising the debt another $1.8 trillion, the only way to truly understand what all this is about is if you understand the differences in various ideologies: liberalism, conservatism. See, a lot of people don’t want to go there because they don’t like partisanship, they say. And I think they’re being truthful. It’s confrontation to them, a lot of people don’t like confrontation, and a lot of people think that they’re really smarter than everybody else by not having firm opinions on things. I’m open-minded, I study both sides of the issue, and then I make an informed decision. If that’s you, you are one of the biggest dupes, because you are sitting around judging both sides while one of them is lying through their teeth with everything they say to you.

So you’re gonna take lies, in this case the numbers and the emissions, the targets, the goals, whatever, at Copenhagen, it’s not even about that, but you’re gonna look at it that way, ‘Oh, these people say we’re destroying the planet, we’re going to warm it up so much and have trouble living in 50 years, it’s bad news. The other side said this is not going on, and they’re being called deniers and so forth. I’ve seen an Algore movie, and my kids have been made to watch the Algore movie in school, and I’ve heard all about the population explosion that’s going to wipe us out. So I have to consider these things very seriously, the nature of the evidence, the seriousness of the charge, these people are saying we really are destroying the planet and so forth.’

So you get caught up in that, and if you accept any of that because you don’t want — and a lot of people also look at being ideological as being judgmental, which it is. I am more than happy to judge the left. So the definition of how do you define smart, what is smart? Well, I’m going to just tell you, ladies and gentlemen, I know liberalism, I know what its objectives are, and it’s there for anybody to see. It does not take anything more than the average brain. All you gotta do is look at Cuba to see where liberalism will take you. If you don’t want to do that, look at Detroit. Look at New Orleans and Louisiana before Katrina and afterwards. Look at any major city that has been run by liberals. Take a look at it. Go to the old Soviet Union, you look at any country that is run by liberals or leftists. It’s right out there for you to see. Everywhere you go it’s a disaster.

So I know I’m right because I know who liberals are. And if people like this guy, this geochemist, he’s a scientist so he’s gonna look at this in scientific terms. He will not look at it ideologically and the only way he’s going to be able to answer his questions that he asks, ‘What are we doing here? The numbers don’t make sense. It’s a total waste of time here. I don’t see the point in doing all this if the numbers are so far off.’ That ought to send all kinds of red flags going up in the mind of Ray Weiss. Okay, if the numbers are wrong and they’re purposefully wrong then what are we really dealing with here? Is this really science that we’re dealing with? But a scientist by definition will not want to go the ideological route because that is to pollute science. The left wins in that case because they’ve already corrupted science, it’s one of the Four Corners of Deceit in the world.

But I’m just telling you, folks, the only way to understand this with certitude, with confidence, and then to be able to explain it to others is to understand what being a conservative means, what being a liberal is, what a leftist is, socialist, Marxist, communist, they’re all derivatives of a leftist. Once you understand that it is so easy, because all you have to know is that everything they say — I know this sounds extreme — everything they say is a lie. That’s basically it. Once you come to accept that, then rest is easy. It’s sort of a derivative of J.R. Ewing. Once you take care of the ethics, once you don’t worry about the ethics the rest of it is easy. In this case once you understand that everything you hear from Barack Obama or Harry Reid is a lie, it’s easy. It’s easy to understand. You might not want to accept that, might be too tough, ‘Oh, my gosh, I don’t want to think half the country is lying.’ We gotta face it, folks, because this is, as they say in football training camp, nut-cracking time.


RUSH: Now, look, here’s another way of looking at this, folks. If the whole global warming movement, if Copenhagen, if the UN’s IPCC was based on science, then the IPCC leaders and these clowns at the Climate Research Unit would be thankful that new evidence was showing that man-made global warming’s a false alarm. They would be happy. Instead of being receptive, they are hostile. They are hostile. If this were about science, the head of the UN’s intergovernmental planetary climate commission would be a climatologist, but he’s not, he’s an economist. It’s about redistribution.

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