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“We, the little people, are about to be hosed again while the elite continue their lifestyles with righteous indignation for all that do not worship at the feet of the Earth Mother Gaia.”

“I wonder if there is serious mental instability and perhaps potential suicides waiting to occur on the kook-fringe left. George Soros has recently purchased two million shares of Halliburton stock. You have to wonder what the little nerds at MoveOn.org are doing today.”

“Charlton Heston called here one day and asked to read a chapter from Jurassic Park on the air, and, you know, when Moses calls you and is really passionate about something and wants to read the tablets to you, you get out of the way and let him do it.”

“I just love the effect this new nuke is going to have on these little limp-wristed, linguini-spined socialists on the left. They’re going to be in utter panic over this, and I am honored to bring this happy news of a brand-new nuclear weapon to you via the EIB Network.”

“There’s hardly any evidence at all that Gore’s money is going to purchase carbon offsets. And even if it was, that’s a scam! Planting trees? You know, putting corks in the tailpipes of cows to block the break of gas… ‘farts,’ for those of you in Rio Linda.”

“If you get turned down because of ideology, you get turned down because of ideology. But don’t go into something with this negative attitude that you have to sell your soul. Don’t sell your soul. Be who you are. Let your work speak for itself. If it’s good, somebody will find you.”

“Did you know that your husband was a commie before you married him? You know, love is blind. What? He’s a liberal and he works? Well, you just keep adding cherries to the top of this ice cream cone!”

“I have a piece somewhere that talks about the Millennial Generation and their desire to make every aspect of their lives public with MySpace and YouTube. They’re starting to get hammered even more than the Baby Boomers got hammered — and that’s saying something.”

“Wall Street Journal headline: ‘House Democrats Set to Retreat From Effort to Cap Troop Levels.’ If I were writing headlines today, they would read: ‘House Democrats Cut-and-Run From Murtha.'”

“We can all go nuts every day pondering the notion of how many idiots in this country buy hook, line, and sinker what’s in the Drive-By Media, but you have to take solace and comfort in the fact that they are a minority. And that they’re idiots.”


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