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RUSH: It’s time for our daily congressional laugh here, ladies and gentlemen. The ignorance is just stunning. Sheila Jackson Lee from Houston, member of Congress, who headed to floor of the House to denounce my being involved with the National Football League in any way, took to the floor of the House to give a speech on health care and the H1N1 virus and vaccine.

LEE: One does not have due process if your neighbor can have health insurance and save his children from the scourge of H1N1 or not losing their lives because they might have vulnerabilities as a child and you cannot. H1N1 is more widespread now than ever before. Health authorities say almost a hundred children have died from the flu and 46 states now have widespread flu activity. More than 5,000 people have reportedly died from swine flu since it emerged this year and developed into a global epidemic.

RUSH: And children are dying from the swine flu. What can save them?

LEE: In Houston, Texas, there were two swine flu deaths confirmed on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009, that have brought the H1N1 death toll in Houston up to 15. The state reported one new influenza associated pediatric death in the last week. What do we say to that child’s parents? I can only imagine that there might have been some difficulty in that child receiving that flu shot. So many are in that predicament, so many do not have access to doctors and clinics and health insurance or a vigorous, robust public option —


LEE: — which would help the millions of those who now languish, who may be working, but do not have the ability to access health insurance.

RUSH: The only thing that can save our children from the swine flu is a robust public option that will be implemented in 2014. The H1N1 virus, she said, will find the uninsured. This virus, it has GPS. The virus, swine flu has GPS, and it can tell who among us doesn’t have health insurance and who among us doesn’t have access to a robust public option, and swine flu can find those of us that don’t have health insurance and don’t have a robust public option. This from the same woman while looking at the Mars Rover asked NASA scientists, will it go over to where the astronauts planted the flag? Which happened to be on the Moon, not on Mars.

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