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RUSH: I just saw Bobby Jindal on TV. You’ve got to hear this. Late yesterday afternoon in New Orleans, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal held a press conference, and he is ticked off.

JINDAL: We didn’t need another meeting. We didn’t ask for another meeting. On Friday with the president, we were very clear: It’s not the process that interests us; it’s the outcomes. So many may ask, ‘Are you happy with the meeting? Are you happy with the process?’ I could care less about the meeting; I could care less about the process. There were a lot of professors there. And I told them when I had a chance to speak at the end, I said, ‘To me this is not a multiple choice test. This is not an essay test. This is a pass-fail. This is a yes-no test. This is pretty simple: If we get approval to move forward on at least our first six segments, then this will have been a successful day. If we do not get approval to move forward, this will have been a waste of another day; we could have spent this day fighting the oil and doing other things to help safeguard our coast.’ So for us this wasn’t about process.

RUSH: So Obama comes in and hosts meetings — with professors! With professors! And Jindal has to go to the media and say, ‘We didn’t need another meeting! We don’t need no damn stinking meetings. We don’t care about process,’ but that’s all Obama is: A process guy. The ‘process’ is supposed to show action: The best and the brightest, the professor, sitting around thinking about things to do. Meanwhile, Jindal wants to go out and build his sand berms. If you call ’em ‘sand traps,’ Obama will think there’s a golf course going up and he may approve ’em.


RUSH: There were a lot of professors there. Yeah, there were a lot of professors there. Let me ask you a question here, folks. Say you are facing a bunch of thugs in a dark alley. Who do you want next to you, a bunch of professors? Bobby Jindal is in a dark alley. He’s got a genuine emergency, and I’m sorry, professors are not what’s called for in this emergency. You know, folks, it’s a sad day. It’s a sad thing. You know, given the nonstop, the nonstop stream of bad news, something good has to happen to this country. Things have gotten so testy, gotten so bad, so depressing with the press — you know, I fully expect that idiot Gibbs, the White House press spokesman, to start announcing some random good news at the beginning of his briefings just to lighten things up, ‘The president’s happy to report no train derailments today, every airliner landed on time, and no accidents, no books returned late at the El Segundo, California, public library.’ There’s gotta be some good news they can report. (interruption) Misery index? There’s no index capable of calculating the misery, Snerdley.

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