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RUSH: I got a note during the break from a friend of mine out in California. “Dear Rush: You know, Wilson could possibly be indicted for lying under oath to that bipartisan intelligence Senate committee, in my opinion.” That’s if he was under oath. I don’t know that his testimony was under oath before the intelligence committee, but it was so long ago. They’re worried about unionizing these airport screeners, now. But the second point is interesting. The guy said, “I’d love to interview Joe Wilson and ask him one question: ‘Did Valerie ever tell you that you had ruined her career?'” You know, I had never thought of this. Here we are sitting here incredulous, trying to understand the behavior of Joe Wilson beyond the fact that he’s a sixties liberal political activist. Beyond that fact we’ve always assumed here that the Wilson-Plame marriage is one of hunky-dory, never-ending love, and they get along fine and they’re this unified team and they’re out there working to destroy the Bush administration and so forth and so on.

But the question is a valid question. “Did Valerie Plame ever tell you, Mr. Wilson, you had ruined her career?” Meaning — the import behind the question is — that Wilson had a role in uncovering her. Wilson is the guy that went public. Wilson is the guy that was driving around town with his wife in the picture with sunglasses on the cover of Vanity Fair and so forth when all this broke down. You know, marriages are marriages. The question really is: I wonder if Valerie really chewed this guy out for destroying her career, and he’s on a mission now to try to make amends? It’s interesting — only to me, perhaps, but in the sense that we just assumed these two are a unified couple here, more of a political operative couple than they are a traditional American married couple. The point is: Who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

We know that many different things motivate husbands and wives in relationships and marriages to behave in a certain fashion. We know this guy is not innocent in disclosing his wife’s existence. He was out there lying through his teeth about all this, and they had to mount a campaign here to cover it up — and the Drive-Bys? I don’t know if they love Wilson personally, or it’s just that Wilson allows them to continue with their whole charade that all of this is about the pre-war intelligence being cooked and made up and manipulated, and therefore the whole Iraq war is unjust, was a lie, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

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